Watermelon diet for weight loss – minus 10 kg pera week

Watermelon diet is a tasty opportunity to quickly get rid of a few extra pounds. But it is suitable only for those who truly loves juicy berries. The diet on watermelons is considered simple, cheap and effective, during which it is easy to lose weight before 8 pounds. In addition, watermelon cleanses the body of toxins and slags, therefore, fasting days are spent with him and people with normal weight.

Арбузная диета


What is the benefit of losing weight on watermelons

Low calorie watermelon (38 kcal / 100 g) every year attracts more and more people who want to lose weight on this berry. Hold out it is simple, because food enriched with fiber for a long time provides satiety. Watermelon is good for the heart and kidneys, because 100 g of berries contain daily rate of magnesium. In its composition contains vitamin B, folic and ascorbic acid, carotene, Riboflavin, antioxidants. Watermelon removes excess liquid from organism, as it has a diuretic effect.


Description and rules of diet

Doctors do not advise sitting on a monodiet for more than 2-3 days, and if you want to lose a lot of pounds, then find out what you can alternate watermelon on a diet so that the body gets the right amount beneficial substances. The amount of watermelon pulp during the diet is defined as follows: one kilogram per 10 kg of human body weight. Drink only non-carbonated water is allowed. Eat watermelon preferably not later than 4 hours before sleep, due to diuretic properties of the berries. So that lost kilograms do not come back, it is necessary to leave this diet gradually – during the subsequent days to comply with calorie restriction.

Diet and menu options < / h2>

If health allows, then during a three-day watermelon diet other products are better not to use – this will lead to a loss of 3-5 kilograms. With the help of watermelon will improve the appearance of the skin, the condition of the nails and hair, thanks to the content of the antioxidant lycopene. Если 7 дней соблюдается арбузная диета – минус 10 кг за a week гарантировано, а еще происходит насыщение организма железом, что избавляет от риска малокровия и анемии.

Watermelon Diet for 3 days < / h3>

During a short three-day diet, only watermelon pulp is allowed to eat. It should be divided into 4-6 equal parts and eat every 1.5 – 2 hours. If it is difficult to withstand such a diet, then add a few pieces of rye bread to breakfast or dinner. Only water is used as a drink.

Watermelon diet for 5 days < / h3>

This option contains a more extensive menu. Watermelon pulp accompanies the main meals and is used as snacking (up to 5 kg per day). Guaranteed weight loss for 5 days will be up to 3 kilograms.

Approximate menu of watermelon diet:

  • Breakfast – 200 grams of low-fat cottage cheese, tea. < / li>
  • Lunch – 250 g of boiled buckwheat. < / li>
  • Snack: 100 grams of hard cheese, tea. < / li>
  • Dinner – 250 g of boiled rice. < / li>

Арбузная диета на 7 дней (a week)

During the weekly watermelon days, it is allowed to consume foods that will be described below, but not go beyond the permissible calories. В течение 7 дней сидеть на арбузной диете не составит труда, ведь рацион разнообразный, а резульат ошеломляющий – минус 10 кг за a week.

Sample menu:

  • Breakfast – boiled egg or porridge on the water or low-fat cottage cheese and coffee. < / li>
  • Lunch – a portion of chicken breast or fish or lean meat without fat and vegetable salad, seasoned with sour yogurt or olive oil. < / li>
  • Dinner – only watermelon pulp (up to 3 kg). < / li> < / ul>

    Contraindications < / h2>

    Watermelon diet for losing weight is not suitable for everyone, so listen to your body so as not to harm it. People should refuse it with:

    1. Язвой двенадцатиперстной кишки.< / li>
    2. Врожденными аномалиями мочеполовой системы.< / li>
    3. Камнями в почках.< / li>
    4. Послеоперационные спаечные процессы.< / li>
    5. Болезнями ЖКТ.< / li>
    6. Сахарным диабетом.< / li>
    7. При упадке сил или бессоннице.< / li>
    8. Пожилым людям с хроническими заболеваниями кишечника.< / li> < / ol>

      Exit from the diet < / h2>

      How to lose weight on a watermelon, we have already figured out. It remains to learn how to get out of the diet correctly in order to fix the result. Within a few days after the watermelon diet, eat carbohydrate-protein low-fat foods: chicken, fish, kefir, eggs, cereals, cottage cheese, greens, fruits, vegetables. It is advisable to observe and drinking mode – up to 1.5 liters of water every day. Reviews and results of losing weight < / h2>

      Angela, 25 years old < / strong> : “An effective watermelon diet caught my eye on the Internet: people had stunning feedback and results. She also helped me to lose 3 kg in three days, but I couldn’t withstand more days because I couldn’t cope with the feeling of hunger. ”

      Catherine, 19 years old < / strong> : “I first sat down on a watermelon diet 4 years ago, since then every summer I clean the body with watermelon for 7 days in a row. Losing 4 to 7 kg in a week without feeling strong hunger. True for breakfast and lunch I eat extra porridge and boiled chicken without salt. ”

      Julia, 33 years old < / strong> : “I’m not keeping more than one day watermelon, so this diet is useless for me. The benefits are only in cleaning the intestines, and I lose kilograms by calorie restriction. ”


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