Water diet for 7 days or how to lose weight by 10 kgduring the week

  • 1 Water diet for 7 days for weight loss per 10 kg
    • 1.1 Rules of the weekly diet
    • 1.2 Menu by day

Water diet is the most harmonious for a person, because
The main body consists of water. Method effectiveness
losing weight is to cleanse the body of harmful toxins and
slags, forcing the internal organs to work properly. AT
As a result of the establishment of digestive processes, you can lose to
10 кг веса за 7 дней. Among nutritionists, diet is considered lazy.
method of losing weight. Но весьма эффективной, так как during the week можно
not only bring the figure back to normal, but also significantly improve
health, cleansing the body of toxins.

Главное правило диеты: пить минимум 2,5 литра
clean water per day, and the food should be in liquid form – cream soup,
smoothies, juice. The principles of a protein diet guaranteeing
during the week потерю до 6 кг.


ATодная диета на 7 дней для похудения на 10 кг

So, leading nutritionists have come to the unique conclusion that
overweight accumulates as a result of lack of clean water in
the body. ATедь при обезвоживании нарушаются естественные процессы
cleanse the body of harmful impurities. Wrong work
kidney and liver, plus a passive lifestyle, lead to an accumulation
excess body fat in human tissues. AT результате чего
a person suffers not only obesity, but also diseases such as
diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol, arthritis of the joints
And so on. This is noticeable in older people who have a feeling of thirst.

In order to determine how much you need to drink clean water
each person, there is a certain formula for calculating, and
namely: – for every kilogram of weight you need at least 30 ml of water in
day, that is, a person with a weight of 50 kg should drink at least 1.5
liters, and a person weighing 100 kg – 3 liters.

If a person is not used to drinking water in general or in very small ones
quantities, you need to properly prepare for the water diet, not
overloading the renal system. To water supply method gave
эффективные результаты,  заранее скорректируйте рацион. BUT
Exactly exclude the following products:

  • fatty meat, fish;
  • flour products, especially yeast;
  • cakes, cakes, chocolate;
  • sweet soda.

ATодная диета рассчитанная на 7 дней с применением чистой воды и
promotes cleansing of the body, weight loss. Need not
overload it with excess fatty acids and calories, so the menu
must be properly balanced.

In addition to the positive factors of the universal method, there are
contraindications: sustained hypertension, pathologies of the kidneys and
bladder problems with heart activity.

Rules of the weekly diet

Правило недельной диеты, помогающая похудеть за 7 дней на
10 кг — запрет на употребление твердой пищи. ATсе супы
перемалываются в блендере, из фруктов и овощей делается смузи
or make fresh juice.

That the water diet helped to cope with extra kilos
It takes 7 days to drink water before or after meals. After many
исследований было установлено, что пить чистую воду нужно
натощак и до приема пищи
, но не сразу после, так как
violated the principle of fast digestion. You can drink
after an hour after the meal.

Many people from childhood are not accustomed to drink clean water, replacing
tea, coffee, compote or other liquid. And up to 30 years old organism
cope with this shortcoming on its own, but after that
age, the saddest part begins – metabolism slows down,
drying of the tissues occurs, dryness appears, forms
stones and cholesterol rises, and most importantly, a person is not
feels the need for clean water. Therefore, before
решиться на водную 7-дневную диету, необходимо during the week до ее
began to gradually drink at least one glass in the first half
day and the second.

The essence of the aquatic diet for 7 days is simple

  • drink a glass of clean water on an empty stomach in the warm
    the form;
  • выпивать 250 гр воды перед каждым употреблением пищи за
    20-30 minutes;

Using a properly balanced menu in a short time, and
именно during the week, можно хорошо похудеть без изнурительных диет. WITH
the first days of the application of the water method should get used to another
toilet schedule, as urinary tract begins
work actively. In addition, remember that an excessive amount
water removes not only harmful substances, but also useful, therefore
additional intake of vitamins and trace elements is simply necessary in
this period.

Menu by day

Sample menu for 7 days for a water diet:


  • liquid oatmeal on water or low-fat milk, green tea.
  • apple and orange fruit smoothie.
  • pumpkin soup, fresh juice from celery stalk, cucumber and
  • kefir.
  • cocktail from a glass of milk, 100 grams of dietary curd and
    half a banana.


  • Коктейль — 350 г молока, 6 ст.л овсяных хлопьев,
  • Apple juice.
  • borsch with chicken meat, mors.
  • fresh carrot juice.
  • vegetable smoothies – tomatoes, spinach, cucumber, parsley.


  •  buckwheat milk soup with 150 gr granular curd,
    unsweetened compote.
  • Smoothies from parsley, spinach, tomatoes.
  • vegetable soup with turkey, tomato juice.
  • kefir.
  • pumpkin soup, tea with lemon.


  • rice milk soup, lime decoction.
  • Apple juice.
  • грибной крем суп на говяжьем бульоне, несладкий
  • juice from carrots and apples.
  • cocktail – 350 grams of milk, cottage cheese, banana floor.


  • cocktail – 350 grams of milk, 7 tablespoons oatmeal, banana, black
    weak tea
  • kefir.
  • tomato soup, mors.
  • Smoothies – beet, apple, orange.
  • vegetable soup in chicken broth, chamomile broth.


  • buckwheat soup, mors.
  • smoothies – apple, orange.
  • squash soup, carrot juice.
  • kefir.
  • chicken soup with vegetables, green tea.


  • творожной коктейль с овсянкой и изюмом, ромашковый
  • свежевыжатый juice from carrots and apples.
  • гречневый суп, томатный сок.
  • kefir.
  • cottage cheese cocktail, green tea.

When the water diet, designed for 7 days, you need to focus
buckwheat and oatmeal, beets in any form, lemons, apples,
as they additionally contribute to the gentle disposal of unnecessary
kilograms. With the right approach, water diet in combination with
a well-formed menu helps not only to lose weight,
но улучшить цвет лица,  общее состояние кожи за счет насыщения
each cell, gain vivacity and well-being.

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