Water aerobics – everyone dances!

It doesn’t matter where you are – in a resort hotel in the Canaries, or
houses in snowy Russia. Wherever there is a pool, look for lessons on
аквааэробике – ритмичным танцам в воде, с помощью
which can lose weight, tighten muscles and even reduce cellulite,
moreover, to do it much faster than those who remained on the shore.

Water training is much more effective than land training, because

– body temperature is much higher than water temperature, and the body
trying to keep warm generates more energy, and therefore spends those
calories that you ate, once again not refraining from
the temptation to break the diet.

– if you are in the gym, then unwittingly compare yourself with
others, alas, comparisons are not always in your favor. And in the pool,
the bulk of the body is in the water, everyone looks equally wonderful, and
This is a very important psychological moment. Fat people in the pool
more comfortable, they are liberated, no longer shy of their
fullness and as a result, they are engaged in full force, receiving from
practicing positive emotions.

– being in water, you naturally feel the effect on yourself
hydromassage. The skin becomes supple and elastic plus
hydromassage helps in the fight against cellulite.

– since school time we remember the pain and discomfort in the muscles during
time and after physical education lessons, this is a completely natural phenomenon,
of course, if the whole lesson you were not hiding in the locker room or not sitting
on the bench for non-existent physical reasons. If not, you must
to know that the lactic acid that accumulates in the muscles during
exercise, soon begins to leave the body, while delivering
discomfort. The scientific details about lactic acid we
Let us leave it to chemists-professionals and take their word for it, the main thing is that
water massage does not accumulate in the muscles of the milk
acid, so after training in the water you will have nothing
to hurt In addition to hydromassage, water has a lymphatic drainage effect,
stimulates blood circulation, and as a result – relaxed
condition, no tension and stress.

– water resistance is several times higher than air resistance, and this
This means that doing the exercises requires a lot of effort. One thing
occupation in the pool replaces at least two occupations in the hall, i.e.
You can be lazy twice as often.

– It seems Archimedes, proved that in water the weight of the body decreases, and
hence the load on the spine decreases, so
aqua aerobics are well suited for overweight people

– and in the water you can do exercises aimed at
correction of certain areas of the body: abdomen, thighs and other parts
bodies you are not very happy with. But it is real only if
you are a competent, professional trainer, the choice of which is necessary
approach very responsibly. 45 minutes of instruction, instructor
should be your main person in life. During training
Be focused only on doing the exercises.

– so, fashionable swimsuit, good mood, keep the spine
direct, we follow the correct rhythm and breathing and is engaged,
we are engaged, we are engaged – Two weeks of occupations, and at least 2 kg
Down with.

P.S. Little secret. Water aerobics are usually held in
a common pool, and men swim along adjacent paths, perhaps
there are idle. Go for it.

Important. There are contraindications before buying a subscription
check with your doctor.

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