Warm-up before training: use, program,video

razminka-pered-trenirovkoyOf course, the warm-up is
very important step absolutely any type of training.

And although some people do not give it such a significant value, but
practice shows the opposite, that by spending only a few
minutes to perform simple exercises, you can significantly
increase the efficiency and the final performance of your
sports activities.

�”Perfect” warm-up before training, according to the leading
professionals in the field of fitness, must solve three
main tasks: increasing cardiovascular activity,
getting aerobic exercise and doing exercises on

Its duration can vary considerably in
depending on the level of physical fitness involved,
age, ambient temperature and type of activity
which is being prepared.


The main advantages of warm-up before exercise

Productivity increase. In a relaxed person
state, like, for example, you have now, when you are comfortable
settled down in the chair and read this article happens
relatively low (up to 15 – 20%) blood flow to skeletal muscles,
and most of the small blood vessels (capillaries) are in

But after 10 – 12 minutes of simple exercises, the picture
changes dramatically – blood flow increases by 70 – 75% due to
maximum expansion of capillaries.

Heat generation. Along with the acceleration of blood flow occurs and
increase in body temperature. This is because hemoglobin
it is easier to carry oxygen molecules at a higher temperature,
thus, abundantly supplying working muscles with oxygen for
maintain their high performance.

An increase in temperature also contributes to faster
muscle contraction and relaxation, nerve transmission and
speeding up the metabolism in the human body, which will help to make
your workout is as effective as possible.

Prevention of injury. Research on effects
warming up on the level of injuries is difficult to implement, as few
of the athletes will agree to take the test for maximum
muscle load to track the time interval possible


However, there is one interesting study in which
The impact of a sudden, high-intensity load on
heart health. It involved 44 men with no obvious symptoms.
coronary artery disease who needed to run on a treadmill
track 10 – 15 seconds as fast as possible without

The results of an electrocardiogram after the fact showed that 70%
subjects detected abnormal ECG changes that are associated
with low blood supply to the heart muscle. Pathological changes
were not related to the age of the subjects or the level of their physical

In the next stage of this experiment, 20 men before
get down to fast running, spent a warm-up on a treadmill in
moderate pace for 2 minutes. According to the results of ECG in 10
a person from this group showed a positive trend of changes
the performance of the heart, the rest of any changes
it was not noted.

It would be interesting to see the final results.
investigated if scientists had increased the duration of the preliminary
Warm up to 10 – 12 minutes.

Moral preparation. Another significant advantage of warm-up
is the opportunity to psychologically prepare for the upcoming
physical activity.


Kinds and features of warm-up

There are various ways to warm up before physical exercise.
exercises that can be divided into three main categories:
passive, general and specific.

  • With a passive approach, you increase body temperature using
    things like taking a hot bath or a shower.
  • General warm-up implies the implementation of any simple
    exercises that are able to raise the level of cardiovascular
  • Specific – the implementation of certain warm-up movements,
    similar to those you will do during the main

Each of these categories can be effective, but only with
taking into account the type of activity for which you intend to prepare.
For example, a passive warm-up (hot bath) can be good.
the choice for such “gentle” events as stretching or yoga. For
other types of workout you can choose a more intense

For example, before aerobic training it is better to perform the same
load, but in a lighter version. Before power – you can
conduct a general warm-up that will include how cardio
exercise, in order to keep warm, and work with the lungs
weights, be it small dumbbells or reduced level
burdens in the simulator.

The difference between stretching and warming up before exercise

Although warm-up and stretching are often combined and
performed simultaneously, for example, in a free dance or
elements of aerobics, but they profess two different principles, both
из которых весьма важны для оптимальной workout.

Proper warm-up raises the temperature well. of your body
slowly preparing the body for the main load. Stretching same
makes the main emphasis on stretching the muscles.


Often people confuse these two concepts, and then the person immediately
begins to stretch the muscles without raising the temperature
body using walking, running on the spot or working on a stationary bike
easy pace. This can cause injury, because your muscles
need heat to achieve optimal stretching.

Another example is when a person warms up well, but misses
or ignores stretching exercises, which can also lead to

How much should the optimal warm-up before

There are currently no clear recommendations, how many
should last a full warm-up. Most specialists
agree that the optimal is 10 – 20 minutes
range, although some athletes have noted the need for
more time to warm up.

Athletes with a high level of fitness usually
it takes more time to warm up before moving on to
high intensity training. Athletes with lower level
less time is correspondingly required for preparation, but rather
all, due to their lower pace of employment.

The general recommendation is: always start your workout from a low
intensity levels, such as leisurely swimming, driving
cycling or running while maintaining a pulse rate in the first aerobic
zone (45 – 55% of the maximum). Gradually begin to increase
intensity of execution as the thermal effect appears.

You can include short stretches of increased load.
in the 30 – 60 second range, alternating it with the intervals of the phase
rest until you reach the required pace.

An example of a simple warm-up before exercise + photo

This workout contains aerobic and stretching exercises and
It will take you no more than 7 – 8 minutes. You can always increase it.
duration if you feel the need.

beg-na-meste1. Ходьба на месте – 2 минуты. Get started
march in place, and then move in army steps
back and forth around the room. Hands move up and down in sync with
with your legs, elbows bent, palms clenched in fists.

davlenie-pyatkoy2. Давление пяткой – по 60 раз за 60
seconds with each foot. For выполнения упражнения вытяните ногу перед
yourself and press the heel of the foot to the floor, arms straightened forward.
Press the heel for one minute,
keeping a slight bend in the supporting leg.

podem-koleney3. Подъем коленей – 30 раз за 30 секунд.
While holding the abdominal muscles in tension, straighten your back and
Begin alternate kneeling for 30 seconds.
Maintain a slight bend in the supporting leg.

krutim-plechami4. Вращение плеч – 2 подхода по 10
repetitions. Get started совершать вращательные движения плечами,
simultaneously marching in one place. Do 5 repetitions ahead
and 5 back. Hands hang loosely at the sides of the body.

prisedaniya5. Приседания – 10 repetitions. Legs
set shoulder-width apart, arms stretched out in front of you. Get down
down no more than 20 cm, bending the legs at the knees.

tyanem-bedro6. Растяжка бедра – от 8 to 12 seconds.
For выполнения возьмитесь за вашу лодыжку и осторожно потяните
heel up and back until you feel a stretch in the front
parts of the thigh. Stand up straight, keep your knees together and avoid
tilts on the sides. As a support you can use the wall.
Repeat with the other leg.

tyanem-koleni7. Растяжка подколенного сухожилия – от
8 to 12 seconds. To concentrate the load on the popliteal
tendons, sit down slightly and put your foot in front of you, fingers
feet look up. Then begin to lean forward until
feel a stretch in the hamstring. Repeat with another

tyanem-golen8. Растяжка голени – от 8 to 12 seconds.
Step forward with your right foot. Holding the left foot bent,
lean forward slightly. Keep your left leg straight and try
press the heel as hard as possible against the floor surface. Repeat with
другой legs.

tyanem-grudnie-mishtsi9. Растяжка грудных мышц – от 8
up to 12 seconds. Rest your palms in the back and try to reduce
shoulder blades together, feeling the tension in the pectoral muscles.

tyanem-spinu10. Растяжка верхней части спины – от 8
up to 12 seconds. For выполнения следующего упражнения сложите руки в
lock in front of you and turn your palms out. Then slowly
start stretching your arms as far forward as possible, feeling the tension in
muscles of the shoulders and back.

tyanem-ruki11. Растяжка трицепса – от 8 to 12 seconds.
Bending the arm at the elbow, place the palm on the upper back. WITH
using the second hand, pull the bent elbow closer to the head,
feeling a stretch in the muscles. Repeat with another рукой.

Video warm-up before basic exercises

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