Vulvitis – causes, symptoms, diagnosis,treatment

Sat, Mar 19, 2016

Вульвитом называют воспаление наружных женских
genital organs (vulva), accompanied by itching, burning,
copious secretions, hyperemia and swelling of the labia,
painful sensations after urination. This disease
dangerous the possibility of infection to the internal genital organs;
in girls of early childhood it can lead to splicing
small labia.

Vulvitis may be primary when the cause of infection
is trauma or non-compliance with the cleanliness of the genitals, and secondary,
when an infection develops from other organs (vagina, uterus,
tonsils, bladder, kidney).

Depending on the source of infection, there are vulvitis
specific and non-specific. Specific are presented
diseases of the lower genital organs, caused by
viral infections, chlamydia, candida, trichomonads, etc. The reason
nonspecific vulvitis are staphylococci, streptococci,
E. coli.

Vulvitis – causes

Most often, vulvitis occurs due to such reasons:

– non-compliance with the rules of personal hygiene, especially during
monthly; – wearing tight and coarse clothing, long
use of sanitary pads, or injury when
sexual contacts; – irritation of mucous secretions from the vagina,
accompanying existing genital infections, or incontinence
urine; – taking certain medications (for example,
antibiotics), or radiation therapy; – hormonal and metabolic
disturbances in the body, as well as allergic reactions;
pathological passages (fistulas) of the intestines, urinary tract; –
combing the external genital organs that are caused
vegetative neurosis or helminthiasis.

Vulvitis – symptoms of the disease

Symptoms of vulvitis are acute or chronic. Acute
vulvitis is accompanied by pain, burning, severe itching of the outside
genitals. With a gynecological examination, you can visually
to determine the swelling and hyperemia of the external genital organs, on which
Often there are discharge or bloom.

The chronic stage is characterized by the presence of only a small
itching, burning, and pain in the vulva. Untimely
treatment вульвита может привести к его хронизации и частым
exacerbations that are difficult to treat.

Vulvitis – diagnosis of the disease

The gynecologist can diagnose vulvitis based on data.
anamnesis, gynecological examination, colposcopy (by
necessary) and laboratory results. To
highlight the causative agent of inflammation, smears are carried out and
culture culture to determine sensitivity to

In addition, it is important to determine the accompanying vulvitis
diseases that contribute to the development of infection or decrease
the immune status of the body.

Вульвит – treatment и профилактика

For treatment вульвита прежде всего удаляют его причины –
chronic extragenital and gynecological diseases, and
carry out the correction of immunity in combination with local
противовоспалительным treatmentм. Sometimes antibiotics are prescribed, including
including locally. Vulvitis having a specific nature (gonorrhea,
Trichomonas, chlamydia, tuberculosis), is treated with
выявленного возбудителя и его чувствительности к antibiotics.
Candida vulvitis is treated with antifungal drugs. For
treatment of allergic vulvitis apply antihistamines.
medications, as well as diet, which excluded
sweet, spicy and salty foods.

Prevention of the development of vulvitis is timely
treatment of common diseases and elimination of foci of chronic infection;
personal hygiene; healthy lifestyle and
strengthening immunity. It must be remembered that proper hygiene
girls is the key to their future women’s health. Vulvitis,
unfinished in childhood may in the future cause serious
gynecological problems, including infertility.

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