Violations of correct posture: causes, stages,exercises

boremsya-s-narusheniem-osanki-luchshie-uprazhneniyaYet another
the working day you spent lazily hunched over
computer keyboard or steering wheel, contributes its small
лепту в плачевное состояние вашей posture.

AT результате, постепенно округляющиеся плечи и верхняя часть
your backs rather quickly create an image of a “sedentary person” even in
that moment when you just stand.

But posture violation looks not only aesthetically
unattractive, but also due to the fact that the spine loses its
former muscle support and balance, begin to develop
numerous health problems.

These are pain in the back, neck, shoulders, head, numbness
fingers (due to compression of the vertebrae), the appearance of weakness and rapid
fatigue, increased stress on ligaments and joints, decreased
respiratory efficiency.

However, all is not lost! ATы можете легко исправить осанку,
properly stretching tight areas and strengthening weak muscles
along the spinal column, using a special complex
exercise. But before proceeding to its implementation, let’s
Let us examine in detail – how does the bad posture affect
human health?


The main stages of the violation of human posture

  • Muscle aches. Initial and most characteristic signal
    poor posture are pain in the back. it
    due to the fact that when you slouch on the muscles falls
    increased load to maintain optimum position
    spinal column that ultimately leads to increased muscle
    density and development of chronic fatigue. Two main groups
    The muscles that are primarily affected are flexors and
    extensors of the back that allow a person to lean forward and
    pick up items.
  • Rachiocampsis. The next stage of development problems
    incorrect posture is the curvature of the spine.
    The human spine has four natural bends, according to the structure
    Recalling the Latin letter “S”. AT результате несвойственного
    body position an excessive pressure is formed which leads to
    slow curvature of the spine lines relative to their
    normal positions. AT итоге утрачивается его способность
    absorb shocks and maintain proper body balance.
  • Subluxations of the vertebrae. After activating the curvature processes
    spine significantly increases the probability of formation
    subluxations of vertebrae or their distortions relative to the axial line
    spinal column, which affects the overall integrity of the latter.
    These distortions ultimately lead to chronic problems with
    health, including spinal irritation
  • Vasoconstriction. AT результате изменения расположения позвонков
    and their subluxations quickly develop problems with a number of passing
    blood vessels. Their squeezing and constriction worsens
    blood supply to muscle cells, limiting nutrient intake
    substances and oxygen. And also increases the likelihood of education
    blood clots that leads to deep thrombosis problem
  • Защемление nerves. As degenerative changes
    spinal column due to curvature or subluxation may
    occur a physical impact on the surrounding spinal cord
    nerves that causes the appearance of acute pain in the neck and
    back, as well as radiating pains in remote areas of the body.

Daily set of exercises for posture

zhim-u-oporyBench support. Squeezed chest and front
deltoid muscles pull your shoulders forward, creating an effect
lower back and even more aggravating the appearance of bad
posture, so it is important to periodically take time out and perform
растягивающие exercises.

ATстаньте в дверной проем, согните руки в локтях под 90º С и
rest your forearms in support. Gently bend forward to the point
mild discomfort and hold the muscle strain for 30 – 60 seconds.
This exercise can also be performed for each hand.
in isolation (separately).

poza-angelaAngel pose. Muscles located between the shoulder blades
(rhomboid and middle part of trapezoid), are involved in abduction
shoulders back and straightening breasts. But they can easily lose their
strength and tone, if you spend a lot of time in an uncomfortable position,
for example, hunched over in front of a computer. Achieve the most
effective strengthening of this muscle group can be
angel poses.

ATстаньте возле стены с гладкой поверхностью и упритесь в нее
buttocks and upper back. Bend your elbows at an angle.
90º С and press firmly to the wall, maintaining constant pressure
using the back bundles of the shoulder muscles. Begin to slide your hands
up down. ATсего 15 – 20 повторений в 2 – 3 сетах.

naklon-golovyHead tilt. The natural position of the head,
in which the ears protrude significantly forward relative to the plane
trunk, says about the tightness of the muscles of the front of the neck. AT свою
turn it can cause the formation of significant discomfort on
its back surface, often leading to the appearance of head

To balance the muscles of the neck, lie on your back, legs bent.
in the knees, feet pressed to the floor. ATытяните шею и прижмите
chin like can be tighter to the chest. Hold at the point
most resistance for a few seconds and then
relax Slowly repeat another 8 to 10 times. Also given
static exercise for straightening posture you can perform and
standing up poza-parashyutistaPose parachutist (or superman). The bad
posture affects not only the functional state of the neck and upper
parts of the back, but also on its lower region, causing a gradual
rounding. As a prevention of this phenomenon regularly
perform the parachutist pose.

Lie on the floor, face down, legs straight. Put your hands behind your head
or pull in front of you. Tear off the upper body from the floor and
legs and lift them as much as possible upwards, keeping the body balance in
lower abdomen. Hold in this position as much as possible.
Rest for a while and then rest a bit and repeat the exercise again. AT
peak load moment do not hold your breath as this may
lead to an undesirable increase in blood pressure.

poza-goryPose mountains. This position (correctly called asana)
borrowed from yoga. Despite the very deceptive simplicity
execution, it is quite effective for correcting

Bare feet stand on the training mat, thumbs
touch each other, heels slightly apart. Bend your legs slightly
knees, feeling a slight tension in the muscles of the thighs.
ATыпрямитесь, втяните живот, отведите плечи назад, поднимите грудь и
lengthen the neck, as if a balloon is attached to the head. Arms
hang down on the sides, palms forward. Breathing through
nose. Stay in this position for 30 – 60 seconds.

mostBridge. The following exercise for beautiful posture is also
stretches the muscles of the abdomen and the front of the thigh,
at the same time strengthening the buttocks, calves and lower back.

Lie on your back, legs bent, feet on the floor like
possible closer to the buttocks. Rest your hands and heels on the floor and lift
hips as much as possible up to the ceiling. If you can, squeeze under
a hand that will help further stretch the chest and shoulders. Or
just keep them shoulder width apart. Stay in that position
на 30 – 60 секунд, медленно вдыхая через nose.

Place a soft towel or exercise mat under your neck and shoulders.
for extra comfort.

How to straighten posture: tips and tricks

Go in for sports

Regular work in the gym is capable of significantly
improve your current state of affairs. Strengthening the muscular system
lower back, abdomen, neck and shoulders allow you to get
perfect posture.

Also in this case, yoga and
pilates that focus on strengthening the muscles of the cortex (torso)
while maintaining a neutral position of the spine.

Use the reminder system

A simple way to correct posture is simple reminders.
These can be regular alerts in a smartphone, laptop, or
sports watch, it’s time to check your position
body or take a break, as long sitting has
negative pressure on the spine that can serve
catalyst for the formation of slouching and back pain.

For example, you can set a signal every 3 to 5 minutes to
watch your posture (sit up straight and straighten your back), and every
30 minutes for a short time out (walk around the room).

Adjust the place of work and rest

Pay special attention to your workplace. Chair should be
installed at a height so that you do not have to constantly
lean forward towards the monitor. In this case, the foot must be fully
touch the floor surface, knees bent at right angles. Angle in
elbows while working on the keyboard should be about 90º

As for your night rest, the correct body position
is key. When you sleep, then ear, shoulder and hip
must create one straight line. It is also important to choose a comfortable
pillow and use a roller from a towel that fits between

Out of habit!

Some of your bad habits may be the main cause
нарушения posture. For example, carrying heavy bags frequently or
backpack leads to slouching and chronic pain in

Another source of problems may be the use of
unsuitable shoes. Prefer orthopedic models with
support the arch of the foot and limit the wearing of heels, flip flops and
any other unfavorable shoes up to two hours a day.


Prevention of posture disorders during sleep

Night sleep in the “wrong” position weakens the muscles and
stretches the ligaments of the lower back, which in turn leads
to deterioration of posture, health problems and the appearance of chronic
aching pains. How to avoid this fate?

  • Head position. From the position of the head during sleep or felting
    on the couch in front of the TV depends on how much load will be received
    your spine and back muscles. The perfect pillow should not be
    bulk or too soft. This will help maintain the line.
    spine in the same plane. Place a pillow under
    head and neck, no need to lay down on her shoulders!
  • Back position and knees. Sleeping, bent over the letter “C”, not
    quite right, as this can stretch the lumbar ligaments
    spine and weaken the muscles of the lower back. Preserving
    back during sleep less rounded, or even slightly arched
    forward, will help you avoid problems with posture and cool to strengthen
    muscle corset. Lying on your side, do not tighten your legs to your chest, better
    try to put a small cushion between your knees to level
  • Lumbar support. Using a special pillow under
    lower back or rolled towels help you maintain
    natural curvature of the spine, reducing the load on the lower muscles
    parts of the back that will significantly improve the quality of your sleep. Those who
    often changes body position at night, you can use special
    rollers that are fixed to the waist with a belt around
  • Full body support. AT мягких некачественных матрасах могут
    sagging occurs in its middle part, which means that it cannot
    provide enough support for the whole body and keep
    correct posture during the night. So try
    purchase a mattress that would satisfy all these requirements,
    or put a solid foundation under the old one (boards,
    metal plates).

Exercises to improve posture: video lesson

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