Vibropoyas for weight loss: opinions, tips,solutions

vibropoyas-dlya-pohudeniya-vsya-pravda-otzyvyMost so
called panacea for weight loss are
it is quite ordinary things. Take, for example, a vibrating belt for
losing weight This is an electronic device that needs to be wrapped.
around the waist and … and after going about your business.

Advertising claims that during the period of wearing the belt abdominal muscles
actively working, sensitively reacting to vibration and weak current discharges.
As a result, the press gets a full workout even when you
lie comfortably on the sofa.

Miracles, isn’t it? Progress does not stand still: today is not enough
Who will surprise with new devices “for the lazy.” However the topic
the use of the device has overgrown with so many myths and legends,
that the question of whether a vibrating belt is effective for slimming the abdomen,
worth considering in more detail.

5 myths about vibrating belt for weight loss

Of course, if your body weight is much higher than normal,
Vibro-belt is unlikely to save you a dozen extra pounds. Not
It will pump up and “steel” press cubes. The rest of the device
can be considered as a good addition to the diet and regular
sports activities. And that’s why.

Myth 1: When using the vibrating belt, very little is burned

Let’s say right away – this is not so. Studies have shown that when
ношении вибропояса организм расходует ровно сто�”ько calories,
how many when performing full exercises on abdominal muscles

Moreover, regular use of the device speeds up
metabolism and contributes to the rapid burning of fat.

Myth 2: Muscles work exclusively when wearing a vibro belt

Also not true. Many athletes know that in isolation
it is almost impossible to pump a single muscle. Organism
– one system.

Therefore, while performing the most targeted exercises
not one but several muscles are involved. So it is with the belt.
Vibrations and weak current discharges not only affect the abdominals,
but also on the hips and buttocks.

Wearing a device also contributes to improved performance.
endurance of the body, gives tone and forms beautiful
body outlines. Myth 3 (absurd): wearing a belt can
get a perceptible electric shock

Tests and tests have shown that
Vibration belt for weight loss is safe for human health and life. AND
You should definitely not be afraid that the weakest current discharges can
lead to no sad consequences.

On the contrary, the use of the device according to the attached instructions
virtually eliminates the possibility of side effects.

Myth 4: All that can be obtained from the vibrating belt is weight loss and
muscle tone

On the one hand, getting rid of excess weight and elastic taut
muscle is not such a bad result. On the other hand, many say
that after wearing a vibrating belt chronic pain in the back,
work of the cardiovascular system improves, normalizes
blood pressure and sleep.

Verify the veracity of these statements can and you, buying
в магазине и�”и заказав вибропояс д�”я losing weight

Myth 5 (important!): Vibrating belt can be used along with electr.

Notт, и еще раз нет. It is better to forget about vibrobelt those who
cardiac pacemaker installed. Device operation can
affect the functionality of the medical micro-device and
lead to very undesirable consequences.

In addition to the indicated, specific contraindications to the use
there is no vibrating belt. But before you put the device on for the first time
waist, you should carefully read the instructions for his

AND не скупитесь, приобретайте вибропояс от известных
manufacturing companies. So you protect yourself from cheap
Asian fakes and faster achieve the intended results.
Speaking of efficiency. Is the device really that good?
eliminates the extra pounds? This is what women and men say
about vibrodistrict for weight loss – reviews and opinions are given below.

Anna, a housewife: “… Many people think that the belt can replace
exercise and diet. This is not true. I immediately realized that
vibration miracle will not help me, so I used it as an addition
to fitness and nutrition. I wore a belt every day and
doing light exercise. And after the preheated fatty
прос�”ойку в об�”асти belly смазыва�”а кремом д�”я losing weight
The result is minus 5 cm. At the waist per month. Not много, но и уси�”ий бы�”о
attached a little bit … “

Vitaly, a truck driver: “… my wife and I use a belt
almost a year, but a clear weight loss has not yet been found. However can
to say that the skin on the abdomen has become more elastic, taut and
pleasant to the touch. For us, rather important is the fact that the vibrobelt
perfectly relaxes muscles and restores strength. After heavy
shifts you come home, put on a belt and in half an hour you feel
one hundred percent. Good thing, we are satisfied! �”

О�”ьга, мама двоих детей: « … Покупа�”а пояс в надежде похудеть
пос�”е родов. Однако понима�”а, что действует он ровно насто�”ько,
наско�”ько возможно д�”я подобного прибора. Поthisму испо�”ьзова�”а
vibro belt along with diet. Да, я похуде�”а, но считать �”и this
зас�”угой пояса – бо�”ьшой вопрос. Я бы посоветова�”а купить его тем,
кто не может и�”и категорически не хочет заниматься фитнесом. Yet
вибропояс – this �”учше, чем ничего… �”

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