Verona: the city of romantic love

Wed, Dec 28, 2016

Everything in the world happens in the name of love, because love is
creative power.

And if other cities can boast monuments and buildings,
created by this light feeling, then the city of Verona
wholly and completely is a monument of pure and faithful
love, the one we are looking for all our life and which no fear
barriers and obstacles.

After all, it is in Verona that lovers come from all over the world, for
to further strengthen their feelings. According to belief,
Juliet’s kiss under the balcony is the key to a strong relationship
until death.

Due to the successful location of the city in the north of Italy,
surrounded by the river Adige and Lake Garda, the city of Verona has reached its
heyday in Roman times. Verona was sung by many
famous poets, but this city went down in history thanks to the play
W. Shakespeare about the beautiful love of Romeo and Juliet.

Today, the city authorities are diligently guarding places associated with
the story of their tragic love.

Here you can see the houses that belonged in the eighteenth
century two warring families – Dal Capello (Capuleti) and Monticoli
(Montecchi) Juliet’s house is one of the most symbolic
buildings of Verona. It is his desire to visit girls around the world,
to touch the beautiful and mysterious tale of two

Also found is Romeo’s house, which is an old
castle, enclosed by a battlement.

Tourists always try to visit an ancient monastery,
котором проходило венчание двух lovers. Not far from the courtyard –
underground crypt where, according to legend, is the tomb of Juliet.
Lovers join hands over her sarcophagus and kiss, getting
thus a blessing from juliet.

Loving couples from all over the world leave their confessions to
special stands installed in the courtyard of the house of Juliet.

The whole city is filled with a pleasant, romantic atmosphere,
waiting for a miracle and fulfillment of desires. It is in Verona in the souls of people
the best impulses are born and the most extraordinary come to life

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