Veins are scratched on the legs, what to do and how to removeis itching? Scabs on the arms – why is this happening?

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Diseases of the veins can bring discomfort to each person.

The most common occurrence in this disease is
constant itching and burning in the limbs. Unfortunately today
pathology of veins, occur even in young people. The thing is that
people lead an inactive lifestyle.

Gradually, the veins lose their elasticity, serious

Veins are scratched on the legs, veins are scratched on the arms: the causes

Diseases of the veins are always accompanied by certain
symptoms, unfortunately, not everyone knows what exactly needs to be turned
attention and when to consult a specialist. So, the main symptoms
which need to pay attention to the following:

1. In the afternoon, strong in the arms and legs area
pain, possible swelling.

2. Feeling heavy.

3. In the area of ​​the veins on the arms and legs appear the so-called

4. In the case of neglected diseases, ulcers and nodes are formed.

Among the reasons for which itching can be distinguished veins

1. Varicose veins. The disease occurs due to
strong blood stagnation in the vessels, the walls gradually begin to lose
former elasticity. As a result of slow circulation
blood clots form, they in turn clog the lumen. If a
the formation of blood clots lasts for a long time, then
around them fibrin will begin to deposit, and inside will occur
lime buildup. All this will lead to the formation of a venous stone.
Most often, varicose veins are found on the arms, legs,
testicles. The patient constantly wants to scratch his veins, and not even
suspects that inaction leads to dangerous consequences.

2. Thrombophelitis. There is inflammation of the walls of blood vessels,
at the same time blood clots form. As a result of this may
damage any superficial vein in the arms or legs. She is
will constantly pulsate, the vessels in this place are compacted, in
feet will cause burning and pain. All this is accompanied by a strong

3. Deep vein thrombosis. Distinctive symptoms of the disease
not. There is a slight swelling, temperature in the limbs.
increases feeling of itching. Most often, the disease occurs in those
who is bedridden for a long time.

4. Postphlebitic syndrome. Develops after suffering
thrombosis. Most often, patients go to a medical facility with
complaints of severe pain, itching and heaviness in the legs.

Veins are scratched on the legs, veins are scratched on the hands: the mechanism of development

As a result of stagnation of venous blood in the affected veins,
broken tissue nutrition. Moreover, all products of metabolism and decay
begin to stand out in violation. In poorly functioning tissues
lactic acid and other harmful toxins accumulate. it
causes skin tone to change, arise
dryness, skin flakes and itches.

Important! Due to deformation of tissue vessels
are compressed, while there is an aggravation
pathological changes.

Veins protrude above the skin, and they remove small vessels, and
begin to provoke their tension. This all further enhances
irritation and makes you want to scratch your legs.

Veins on the legs what to do

Severe itching with varicose veins or other diseases seems to many
safe symptom. But in fact it is based on its availability.
врачи ставят диагноз, степень развития diseases. In most
cases, itching is a kind of signal to the body that
the disease begins.

With constant itching, it is difficult to do the usual things and keep
former way of life. All this can lead to
trophic ulcers, infection in open wounds. That is why
сразу после возникновения сильного itch и жжения нужно обратиться в
medical facility for diagnosis and receipt
appointments from the doctor.

Phlegbologists for the treatment of diseases associated with veins and
устранения itch назначают следующие средства:

1. Antihistaminic drugs – phenystil, cetirizine, zyrtek. Under
their action can remove a strong attack of pain and reduce itching.
The permeability of copilars decreases, the swelling decreases. After
taking drugs may cause side effects – strong
headache, nausea, drowsiness. In order to prevent
the development of such an unpleasant symptom is not recommended to use
drugs alone, without prior
consultation with your doctor.

2. sedatives, always with a sedative effect.
(valerian, motherwort, novopassit). Under действие препаратов у
the patient’s sleep is normal, the irritated skin calms down.

3. Wound healing ointments and antibacterial agents. Here you can
include drugs such as – bepantin, zinc ointment, boro plus.
A kind of protective barrier is created on the skin through which not
harmful and dangerous bacteria can enter. The skin heals faster.
In addition, the realization that the skin ointment reminds the patient of
that feet cannot be scratched in this place.

Good soothing action have such means as:
fish oil, vitamins B and C.

Folk remedies

For diseases that are accompanied only by pain and itching,
but there are no open wounds, you can use the treatment of folk
means. But of course, you must first agree everything with
by your doctor.

The first thing to do is change your diet
и former way of life. The development of many diseases, including
varicose veins can occur over the years, and all due to the fact that many of
we are led the wrong way of life.

There should be enough products on the menu containing such
substances like: zinc, magnesium, vitamins. From salt, fried and greasy
food is best to refuse, or to eat in limited quantities.
Pay special attention to the drinking regime. If a больной ведет
sedentary lifestyle, while it is monotonous, it is necessary
walk daily.

To strengthen the walls of blood vessels and tempering the body each
evening arrange a contrast shower for arms and legs. Take
medical baths made from medicinal herbs. Legs and
hands can be rubbed with a special tincture of Kalanchoe, decoction of
birch buds, rinse everything in a series.

Thanks to this symptomatic treatment, a strong one can be removed.
itchiness Do not forget that even after such treatment is necessary
consult a doctor for an examination.

What you should never do

With a disease like varicose veins, the patient has to
constantly comb your limbs. Do this in no way
the case is impossible, as in the cracks formed from scratching,
germs can get in, the disease becomes complicated and will pass into dangerous
stage. Severe burning, itching, and pain force the patient to take
at least some action. Unfortunately, not everyone knows what to do,
and what is not, therefore, make gross and dangerous mistakes. So what
can not be done with varicose veins and other

1. Do not self-medicate without prior consultation.
with the attending physician. The use of folk remedies is permissible, but
only if you know what to treat.

2. Even with a strong desire to avoid combing the feet.

3. Do not apply a heating pad to sore feet and hands, in any way.
In case of not going to steam bath or sauna.

4. Taking a sitting position, position your legs comfortably, not
allow one leg to be thrown over the other.

5. Carefully approach the selection of things and shoes. Clothes should
to be free, give up on tight jeans and pants. Footwear
buy in size, if the patient is a woman, then for a while
give up heels.

6. Active sports will have to be abandoned.

The best prevention that helps prevent development
many unpleasant diseases – it is a healthy diet and the right
Lifestyle. The best you can do for your health –
it is the rejection of all bad habits, moderate exercise,
exclusion from food of harmful products.

You need to constantly monitor your condition, when
возникновении сильного itch сдерживайте себя и ни в коем случае не
scrub. And the frequent occurrence of such symptoms should alert
you and become a good reason for prompt treatment to a doctor.
Watch your health and then you will be healthy!

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