Urticaria – causes, symptoms, diagnosis,treatment

Sun, Mar 27, 2016

Крапивница — это заболевание аллергического
nature, it is characterized by education on the skin and mucous membranes
blisters, this in turn is a kind
the response of the patient to a variety of stimuli. By
a lot of the allergic reaction of the immune system is usually
appears due to improper immune
response to a certain type of bacteria, parasites and viruses that
Chronically located in the body.

By the way, those allergens that allegedly cause such
disease like urticaria are one of many factors
immune response. So the additional pull factors to
urticaria is: any infection, household allergens, genetic
predisposition and more. So urticaria is not
separate skin disease, but a certain signal of your body.

Urticaria – causes

There are a lot of reasons for urticaria and allergen provoking
such a disease can be anything, starting with pollen and
products and finishing with various microorganisms. T calculate
true causes are sometimes very difficult, sometimes they can help
ordinary observation, and sometimes you need to pass a number

As for acute urticaria, it is caused by medications,
infections, food or insect bites. Concerning
chronic urticaria, it is often associated with some
pathological processes in disorders of the central nervous
system and internal organs. There is also a hives, which
caused by cold, pressure, physical exertion, sunlight
and so on.

Urticaria – symptoms

For such diseases as urticaria such
formations on the mucous membranes and skin like blisters that
very dense, edematous, bright red. Such blisters
there are different shapes, sizes and shapes, often there is a zone
blanching in the center of such a blister.

When acute urticaria appears, and very sharply, strong
itching, rash on absolutely any parts of the body, burning. Byмимо
this, in addition to blisters may be a deterioration
health, it is called nettle fever. In general, everything will be
depend on what kind of hives you begin to manifest. So
which is very important correct and competent diagnosis of the disease.

Urticaria – diagnosis

Diagnosis of the urticaria is usually not difficult and will be carried out
allergist-immunologist. If the reaction will occur on
taking medicine or certain ingredients, then there will be
perform a provocative test. Soже могут проводится кожные
test. In addition, experts may recommend donating blood and
other analyzes.

Крапивница – treatment и профилактика

The most effective way to treat and prevent urticaria
is the elimination and timely identification of all factors
which can cause urticaria. Although there are cases when
chronic urticaria allergen fails to detect.

Acute urticaria can sometimes pass by itself, without
advice and treatment. But chronic urticaria can not
disappear without careful study of your body and without
competent consultation of a dermatologist. Обычно, treatment крапивницы
is that prescribed antihistamines, in more
severe and difficult cases need to use corticosteroids.

The main thing is to consult a specialist in time so as not to launch
disease, as it further develops into a chronic form.
Only after the diagnostics are carried out will they find
the true causes of urticaria, the specialist will appoint you
верное и эффективное treatment.


Alena 06/19/2016 Our daughter is diagnosed with a urticaria, and I gave
her mulberry and cancer! What could she have caused?

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