Under the lantern at the crossroads – how to spend timeprovincial men

Пн, 02 мар 2015 Автор: Екатерина
В каждом городе есть особые места: там парни
have dates, and old friends have time to see each other after
long separation. There, people rejoice and cry, wait for hours. There
get to know and part forever. And also, they meet there to
drink up. No matter what, the main thing is to be with whom.

There is one remarkable crossroad in our town. No if
you think there is something important next to it or on it
something special happened – then you are mistaken. It is quite a
ordinary intersection. The place of meetings and dates of all who like to drink
local population.

My path to the school went precisely through this intersection, another
there was no road, and I watched him for 11 years. Almost daily
and in any weather they stood on it. Local alcoholics: sometimes
companies of 5-10 people, sometimes in couples, sometimes missed
alone It’s like “under the clock” in a big city, only here – under
dim, rickety lantern.

From year to year I followed the development of their lives. Winter. Spring.
Summer. Autumn. Winter … all the same fuels brew, bought from local
samogony. Time passed: I studied, lived, did something, somewhere
went back. And they continued to meet in their
unchanged place “under the lantern at the intersection.” Ragged. Dirty.
Sometimes with shaking hands. Different ages: someone younger
someone older, but the essence is unchanged.

I even met some of them (I don’t see anything
shameful is to talk to a man who, by
public opinion is “beyond the line”). Some of them i
knew even before their close acquaintance with a transparent flammable liquid.
And I know some just in the face. But more often come across new

People coming to the intersection, mostly nowhere
they work, and if they work, then until the first paycheck, after which
There is always a period of universal joy and boundless
happiness – hard drinking. Still, as an additional source of income, they do not
they disdain to use the retirement pensions of their old parents. And sometimes
earn additionally: for a bottle or two of cheap vodka, they will build a barn,
will clean the hay, scatter the manure, etc. Sharp-witted local hosts
use them as cheap seasonal labor, which even
feed is optional.

In Russia, they always drank a lot. On occasion and without incident. But still
for drinking, at least a little bit, but need a reason. Same not
tea that you can drink all day long simply because
the apartment turned off the heating and terribly cold.

But why do these men drink constantly? From day to day.
Alcoholism? Is it boring No light to go to? Is everyone drinking?
Comrades will not understand? I know the causes of drunkenness of some of them (or
just guess). Someone went through Afghan and Chechnya, and when he returned,
then there were no funds for psychological help ex
the serviceman. And even more so in such a provincial town. Them and
not now. But in the midst of these “gathering” there is a completely
ordinary people – “unaffected.” What is wrong with them? �”Wife spree
– I’ll go better drunk! “? �”There is no money forever, it’s all the same from this mud
не вылезешь – I’ll go better drunk! “? �”The work is not sensible, on
In this plant, you work for 12 hours, and you and the good word no one
скажет – I’ll go better drunk! “? �”There is nothing – go better
get drunk! ”? �”Mother saws:” people have children like children, and you, that I have
so my eyes would not see you. ” Aw, listen to it all forever –
пойду лучше get drunk! ”? �“I’m still an alcoholic. I’m not from this
выбраться, что зря стараться – I’ll go better drunk! “? So they
live Sometimes whole families.

One generation replaces another: a holy place is never empty. AND
the eternal lantern at the crossroads attracts young lovers
�”Something just for no reason to drink.” AND они туда приходят.
Before, when I went to school through this intersection, I saw
one “adult” company of drinkers. Now it has become a meeting place.
two companies: the intersection is divided between the former group
old-timers and a group of newcomers – local high school students and young
the guys. More often they occur at different times (hmm … probably they
there is a schedule – for each company its time), and sometimes
integrate into each other (probably, to transfer experience). Me
similar mass meetings are alarming.

Yet I am not one of those who love to read the “moral” and for our morals
I don’t worry about the younger generation, but … Yes, as long as they are on
the sivukha was not crossed, but they were interrupted by cheap beer. But! And they will come
time (it sounds terrible, but it’s like in surgery: it hurts, but nothing
change it). Sooner or later one of them will not find it anyway
more strength to cope with problems (and in the province there are many) and
will come under the lantern at the crossroads. With a bottle hidden under its bosom
vodka or moonshine to wait for at least someone with whom you can
it would be a drink and pour its bitter share.

PS: If you think that in our country the situation with general
alcoholism is changing for the better – then you, sorry for
rudeness, blind metropolitan retardation.

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