Turnip – healing properties and use inmedicine

Sun, 17 Jul 2016

Repack – General Description

Репешок (лат. Agrimonia eupatoria) — это широко
известное в народной medicine растение. It has a lot of names, in
including burdock, burdock, strawberry, leptilator, love spell
an ordinary and even forty-man student, that is, a remedy for forty
ills. The agrimony is a perennial plant of the family.
Rosaceae. It has a straight strong stalk height from 50 to 100
cm, covered with shaggy hairs, and a straight thick root.

Agape leaves intermittent, pinnate dark green with grayish
shade. Flowers – small, yellow, collected in long
spike inflorescences. Flowering occurs in the summer from June
to August. In August, fruits are formed having a spherical shape and
tenacious bristles.

Turnip – types and places of growth

The plant hash has a very wide area of ​​distribution. is he
occurs everywhere in the middle zone of the European part of Russia,
It can also be seen in Central Asia, the Caucasus and western
areas of Siberia. Abroad, agrimony grows in the Balkans, in
central and northern regions of Europe. is he растет на опушках лесных
arrays, along roads, on urban wastelands, etc. To soils
Agrimony unpretentious, can not tolerate only a thick shadow and strong

Turnip – healing properties

Cashew-based drugs are in folk
medicine средством от огромного числа заболеваний. is heи используются
as anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, expectorant,
diaphoretic, choleretic and diuretic.

In addition, they are noted hemostatic and
blood purifying effect. Cashew-based drugs also
used as anthelmintic and allergy medication. To number
diseases that traditional medicine offers to treat with
fever, include: diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver (hepatitis, cirrhosis, etc.)
and gallbladder rheumatism, sciatica, kidney disease and
urinary tract (stones, urinary incontinence, etc.),
gynecological diseases (tumors, erosion, etc.), asthma and
other pulmonary diseases.

In addition, the stirrup can be used as a light sedative.
remedy because it has the ability to calm the central nervous system and
lower blood pressure. Such an extensive range of possibilities
drug on the basis of agrimony is in direct proportion to its
chemical composition. It includes: tannins, essential
oils, glucose, fructose, polysaccharides, citric, malic,
oxalic, tartaric and quinic acids, steroids, nitrogen compounds,
catechins, flavonoids and phenol carboxylic acids.

Turnip – Dosage Forms

В официальной российской medicine рекомендовано использование
only the aboveground part of the plant in a dried, ground form.
Traditional healers also use roots. Harvesting plant materials
should be carried out during the flowering period, best in July. Drying
herbs are produced naturally or in dryers, but when
temperature not higher than 40 degrees.

Repache – recipes

A decoction of the leaves of agrimony for the treatment of all sorts of bleeding
prepared from 2-4 tablespoons. spoons of raw material, filled with 500 ml of water. Decoction
should be boiled for 5 minutes, then cool, take 100 ml 4
once a day, slightly sweetened.

Infusion of agrimony prepared from 20-30 g of crushed
dried raw material, filled with 1 liter of boiling water. Reception – 100-150 ml
three times a day. Infusion is effective for liver and stones.
in the gallbladder.

The powder is prepared from dry leaves, crushed in a mortar or
ground in a coffee grinder. Used in disorders of the gastrointestinal tract 2-4
g per day in small portions.

Decoction листьев для полоскания горла при ларингите, фарингите,
stomatitis, etc., as well as for compresses for burns, eczema,
dermatitis, hemorrhoids are prepared from 100 g of raw materials and 1 liter of boiling water. Decoction
evaporated to 1/3 of the volume, cooled to 36-37 degrees, then

Decoction из корней растения применяется при онкологических
diseases of internal organs and is prepared as follows: 1
Art. spoon boiled dried shredded roots pour 200 ml
water, hold for 30 minutes in a water bath, then insist for 10 minutes and
strain. Reception – 70-80 ml 3 times a day, half an hour before meals.

Reposhka – contraindications

The cue is not recommended for individuals with individual
intolerance to any of the components in its composition. Other
absolute contraindications to the use of drugs based on
Repeshka not identified. Caution should be applied when
propensity to constipation and hypotension.


Nastya 06.05.2016 I am well acquainted with this grass. My aunt was treating her
a whole bunch of diseases. I will not list, but my aunt’s health
noticeably improved. And before that, she was treated with traditional
drugs that just drowned out the disease. Angelica 05/06/2016
If everything that is written about this grass is true, then the prices are just
not. It turns out that she treats almost everything.
common diseases! At least – an attempt, not torture.
If you have any illnesses, you can try the treatment.
repeshkom. Zhanna 05/06/2016 I treated with this grass, inflammation
like a woman Naturally, it helped me unconditionally. About agrimony, how
A therapeutic tool, I heard a lot of good things. This grass,
were treated, several of my friends. The spectrum of diseases is very
extensive. Rita 06.05.2016 So such grass is full in our open spaces!
I never knew what it was called, and the fact that such a rape
healing, for me the news. Even from cancer
helps I think that few people know about this, such information
very useful. Lily 05/06/2016 The national name of the turnip –
love spell ordinary – makes you wonder how
often used))) And the list of diseases from which you can
get rid of with the help of this plant really

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