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  • 1 What is triceps and how to properly swing it?
  • 2 Exercises for triceps at home
  • 3 workout back and triceps in the gym
  • 4 Exercises for girls

The figure of the athlete – inflated, athletic body – the dream of many
men. Slender, taut figure – the desire of many girls and
women In order to reach your cherished goal worth paying
special attention to physical loads that can be performed as in
the gym and at home. In this article, we
Consider exercises for pumping triceps – a muscle that
improves the look of the hand even in the lowered position.

What is triceps and how to swing it?

Triceps – triceps muscle of the shoulder. Consists of three heads:
long, medial, lateral and occupies the entire back side
shoulder. It is the triceps that emphasizes strength and the sporty look of the arm,
therefore, it is necessary to pay due attention to the exercises and
training your muscles to look athletic.

To increase the mass of any muscle group or individual muscle
necessary complex, which includes the right choice
exercises with a certain intensity of performance in combination with
The correct mode of recovery and nutrition.

Training for triceps training should be intense,
include a basic program and a pair of auxiliary
exercise. The number of trainings should not exceed 1-2 times per
week for a competent recovery, as frequent repetition
exercise will bring the opposite effect – overtraining triceps
and muscle loss. Exercises for triceps training should
perform on a clear technique, otherwise the effectiveness of training
decrease due to the involvement of other muscle groups.

You need to pay special attention to your diet for growth.
muscle mass. It is recommended to consume 2 grams of protein daily
per kilogram of your weight. This is about 30 grams of protein at a time
food. You should also eat creatine before and after exercise.

Exercises for triceps at home

Pumping triceps at home is no less effective,
than in the gym. Basic training complex consists of 5-6
occupations on a horizontal bar and with burdening (dumbbells). Basic complex
It is recommended to perform no more than 6 weeks.

Exercises with dumbbells for the triceps:

  • French bench press. Lie down on the bench, tight
    pressed his back and buttocks to its surface. Stand with your feet on
    floor. Take the bar straight grip, palms should be shoulder-width apart.
    Extend the upper limbs with the bar, inhaling to lower the bar to
    the forehead so that the forearms and shoulders form a right angle.
    Hold for a few seconds in this position. Exhale
    fully straighten the upper limbs. Do not take breaks when
    inhale to repeat the exercise. Reverse grip hold the bar
    prohibited for security reasons. Projectile weight should be
  • Arm extension in the slope. Stand next to
    bench. Bend, resting his palm on the bench. In the other palm
    take a dumbbell, bending the limb in the elbow so that it forms
    there is a right angle between it and the body. Dumbbell should hang down
    free. While inhaling, fully unbend a limb with a projectile
    backwards Hold for a couple of seconds in this position, then return
    in the original. Repeat the exercise for triceps 10-12 times, first one
    hand, then another.
  • The extension of the arms from behind the head. Sit on a stool,
    straighten your back, slightly bending it in the lower back. Feet pressed to
    the floor. Raise your arm above the head with a dumbbell, straighten the elbow. Second
    limb to wrap the torso. Follow the immobility of the shoulder
    the joint. Inhale and slowly lower the arm with the dumbbell down.
    Do not pause. Repeat the exercise with one arm 10-12
    once, then on the other.

Exercises on the horizontal bar for the triceps:

  • Tightening straight narrow grip. Grab hold of
    behind the horizontal bar with both palms (straight hands), as close as possible
    them to each other. Make pull-ups, legs crossed for
    increase the load.
  • Pull-ups with narrow grip. Clasp
    турник обеими ладонями, максимально приблизив them to each other.
    Make pull-ups, legs crossed.

Workout back and triceps in the gym

Exercises for triceps in the gym for

  • Thrust of the upper block. Thrust of the upper block.
    Auxiliary training for beginners using a simulator,
    reminds pulling up.
  • Traction on the simulator. Allows you to work
    latissimus dorsi muscles and recommended for beginners due to minimal
    load on the spine.
  • Thrust dumbbells with one hand. Body parallel
    the floor. Emphasis on the left upper limb and the knee of the left leg. Right
    upper limb with a projectile down. Raise hand with
    dumbbell up, feeling the contraction of the muscles of the back and not turning
  • Thrust lower unit. This training reminds
    rod pull. This simulator should be dealt with at the very end
    training for fixing the result of pumping all groups

Beginners are encouraged to do 6 repetitions of each exercise with
easy burdening. After learning the right technique and mechanics
movement, you can increase the number of repetitions to 8, as well as weight

Exercises for girls

One of the most problematic areas for women is the triceps. Exactly at
this area accumulates fatty deposits, creating not
attractive look. In order to remove fat one
diet is not enough. Stretched skin will look flabby, and
to prevent this, it is necessary to perform exercises for the triceps
with dumbbells in both home and gym.

Exercises for women on triceps with weights

  • Arm extension in the slope. Stand up straight
    putting his legs shoulder-width apart and bending them at the knees, fold the pelvis
    back and tilt the body forward slightly. Take the dumbbells, bending
    upper limbs in elbows, pressing them to the body. Perform
    extension, watching for a flat back and elbows.
  • Extension of the upper limbs due to the head.
    Stand up straight ноги на ширине плеч. In the back should not be
    deflection, for this you need to retract the press. Raise the top
    limb with dumbbells up, bend behind your back in the elbow, pressing
    elbow to ear, then straighten it up. Repeat with another
    by hand.
  • French bench press. Lie on your back,
    согнув ноги в коленях и прижав ступни к the floor. Clasp обеими
    palm dumbbell and straightening the upper limbs. Bend your hands on
    15-18 degrees to the side of the head. Bend your elbows, touching
    dumbbell floor. The position of the elbows must be unchanged.
  • Extension of the upper limbs lying down. Lie down on
    back, legs bent at the knees. Raise your arm with the projectile up
    turning the elbow out. Bend and straighten the arm while pressing
    projectile to the opposite forearm.

Repeat each exercise for triceps 10-15 times.

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