Treatment of obesity: from diet to plasticsurgery

lechenie-ozhireniya-chto-predprinyatPerhaps today is not
you will meet a woman who has not gained at least once in her life
extra kilogram or two.

Many are trying to get rid of overweight one way or another.
in a way. What kind of sacrifices do not go “losing weight” people! This and
all kinds of diets, nutritional supplements, medications and
other “reliable” and “proven” means.

Is overweight really that bad? Can he really
harm to health or is it just a “cosmetic” problem? let’s
to understand.

The problem of obesity in the modern world

Experts say that in the world suffer from overweight
millions of people. The most common obesity classic appears
due to the mismatch of calorie intake and expenditure.
The population of the planet overeat, while there is a significant
decrease in physical activity.

Canadian scientists have proven that mental work contributes
the emergence of excess weight. And it’s not just that the sedentary work
does not require special physical costs. While the brain is active
glucose is consumed, so after a while, many feel
severe hunger and as a result, consume more food than
necessary for the body to work.

Serious struggle with obesity is currently being conducted by doctors
and nutritionists. However, the main thing is the awareness of the patient himself
problems and the desire to do everything necessary for weight loss.

Unfortunately, many obesity drugs that offer nothing
not doing, just lying and losing weight at the same time will not help. Otherwise, how
explain that pop stars and movies, despite enough
the amount of finance to purchase any drugs, however
less, spend many hours in the gym and carefully
control your diet?

Obesity treatment – what will help solve the problem?

Getting rid of obesity is the dream of many. To begin with
determine what exactly contributed to the appearance of excess

There are three types of completeness:

1. Extra volumes are already available in childhood, with age
the body is still obese – such a body constitution is usually
is inherited.

2. Obesity is associated with endocrine changes – pregnancy,
menopause or puberty.

3. Excess weight arises from living or working conditions.
for example, cooks, pastry chefs, beer merchants, bakery
products, etc. Often obese people who are fond of

Treat obesity in different ways. For many people,
having significant body volumes, the only way out is
appeal to the surgeon. For those who are not ready to act like that
Radically, you need to develop an individual comprehensive program
losing weight

It may include low-calorie diets, regular homemade.
training, medications that reduce and suppress appetite,
as well as accelerating metabolism, medicinal herbs and fees.

Well-designed weight loss complexes allow
to treat obesity at home.


Medical nutrition in obesity – the basis of success

Various therapeutic diets for obesity are based on
reduce calorie intake. In the day menu, the proportion decreases
digestible fat and maintains the normal amount of protein.

The amount of salt is limited – up to 3 gr., Liquid up to 1.2 liters.
It is necessary to divide the total amount of food into 5-6 receptions. For creating
saturation needs to be entered into the menu a large number
fiber. Animal fats need to be replaced by vegetable.

Diet 8 for obesity

This diet helps a person to lose weight, restore lipid,
water and salt exchange. Diet number 8 includes:

  • liquid, 1-1.5 l;
  • fats, of which 70% are animals, 70-80 grams;
  • carbohydrates, 150 g;
  • squirrels, of which 60% are animals, 80-90 grams;
  • salt 5 gr.

The diet contains 1600-1700 calories.

Sample menu

Breakfast number 1. Fat-free cottage cheese, vegetable salad, seasoned
vegetable oil.

Breakfast number 2. Fresh apples.

Dinner. Vegetarian borscht (half) with sour cream, stewed
cabbage with vegetable oil, boiled meat, dried fruit uzvar.

Tea time Milk and low-fat cottage cheese.

Dinner. Boiled fish, vegetable stew, tea.

Before bedtime. Kefir.

Diet number 8 prohibits the use of cooking and meat fats.
Sweet juices, such as grape or
banana. Cocoa and chocolate are prohibited. Allowed to replace sugar

Per day is allowed to use 100-150 grams. wheat (coarse
grinding) or rye bread. To exclude from the diet pastries from flour
Premium, muffins and puff products.

Twice a week it is allowed to use low-fat meat soup.
broth, on other days you should cook the first dishes in vegetable
broths. Banned cereal, bean dairy and potato

In day relies the use to 150 gr. veal, rabbit,
beef or poultry meat. You should choose non-greasy products.
Occasionally lean pork or lamb is allowed, preferably in
boiled. It is allowed to use jelly and sausages from
beef Canned food, fatty meats and smoked sausages
must be completely excluded from the menu.

Nutritionists distinguish three the degree of obesity. How to calculate your
body mass index (BMI)? Use the formula – weight of a person (kg) /
square of height (m). Normal weight varies in the range of 18.5 –

Diet for obesity 1 degree

If body weight exceeds the prescribed rate by 15-29 percent –
This is a classic first degree obesity. With this disease
fatigue and weakness are observed, overweight can
provoke the occurrence of diabetes in humans. Highly
often in women with high body mass, dysfunction is observed

For obesity of the first degree should adhere to a special
therapeutic diet. This diet implies a reduction in
calorie daily (daily) diet. It is necessary to limit
digestible fats, as well as carbohydrates. It is recommended to eat
fractional, reduce to 8 gr. salt intake, and liquids up to 1.2 liters.
Replace animal fats with vegetable oils.

Better results can be achieved by combining limited
food with daily physical activities. Diet for obesity 2

At this stage of the disease, the BMI reaches 34.9, while the body weight
above the norm by 30-49%. При такой degrees ожирения показана диета,
сходная с диетой для пациентов с ожирением 1 degrees.

Food should be eaten in stew, baked, boiled, and
raw. Moderate exercise is also recommended.
active lifestyle.

Диета при ожирении 3 degrees

At this stage, BMI is 35-39.9, weight is above normal by 50-100%. Man with
ожирением третьей degrees имеет стабильные жировые отложения,
which leave only with the help of complex complex therapy. Such
the patient suffers from shortness of breath, pain in the heart, heaviness in
feet, headaches, etc.

Among the complications was atherosclerosis, hypertension, diseases
internal organs, diabetes. Often the only solution
problem is surgery.

Self-treatment at this stage of obesity is better not to engage, and
confide in the hands of doctors. Food with such a diet does not exceed 1300
kcal, is a fasting day (once a week).

Основные продукты питания при диетах 1,2 и 3 degrees:

Name 1 and 2 degree of obesity 3 degree of obesity
Meat (lean) 200 gr. 150 gr.
Fish (low-fat varieties) 100 gr. 100 gr.
Kefir and milk 400 ml. 300 ml.
Chicken eggs 1 PC. 1 PC.
Butter 20 gr. 15 gr.
Cottage cheese 200 gr. 150 gr.
Sour cream (low-fat) 20 gr. 15 gr.
White cabbage 400 gr. 250 gr.
Potatoes 200 gr. 150 gr.
Different vegetables 400 gr. 250 gr.
Green apples 200 gr. 200 gr.
Rye stale bread 150 gr. 0 gr.

Pills for obesity – an alternative solution to the problem?

People who are overweight are looking for a solution to their problem in
pharmacy. Indeed, the pharmaceutical industry produces
various drugs for the treatment of obesity. They are all conditionally divided.
into three subgroups.

1. Drugs that help reduce food intake – this is Teronak
(Mazindol), Phentermine, Minifage (Fenfluramine), Prozac (Fluoxetine) and

2. Drugs that help increase energy consumption: Sibutramine,
Ephedrine / caffeine.

3. Drugs that reduce the absorption of nutrients
for example, Xenical.

Before you buy any drugs for
treating obesity, it is imperative to consult with
by your doctor. Otherwise, you can harm your health – all
These drugs have many side effects.
The appropriateness of the use of a pharmacological
means should be determined by a specialist.


Coding for obesity – is it all so simple?

Such способ похудения как кодировка от ожирения подходит тем,
кто уже не надеется сбросить лишний вес другим in a way. The
The method is a special impact on the human psyche. WITH
coding suppresses unnecessary desires, decreases
appetite. The patient has a persistent aversion to
high-calorie food, and he stops to use it.

The метод похудения позволяет снижать вес очень быстро – до
20 kg per month. However, it should be remembered that such a manipulation
is temporary, after a certain time, the person is again
begins to control his eating behavior and there is a chance that
taste preferences again take over and the volume of the body will return.

If the patient is going to apply on himself a slimming coding
he must carefully select a specialist who will be his
to heal. WITHледует помнить, что за пару дней такую болезнь как
obesity does not win. If you promise such fast results –
you have an ordinary charlatan and entrust your health to him
extremely undesirable.

Treatment of obesity folk remedies

Herbs for obesity: the main list

Herbalists usually include herbs for weight loss
that swell or form mucus in the gastrointestinal tract.
At the same time the feeling of saturation comes quickly. To such plants
includes flaxseed, spirulina, root of Althea vulgaris and
some others.

Some herbs help expel excess fluid from the body. TO
such medicinal plants include horsetail, knotweed,
bearberry, silverweed goose, burdock large.

Herbs with choleretic effect, such as dandelion officinalis,
immortelle sandy, tansy, corn stigmas,
have a laxative effect. As a laxative can
use buckthorn bark or zhoster.

Obesity treatment with baking soda

Пищевая сода давно известна как средство для losing weight Her
used as an additive when taking baths. For this glass of soda
should be dissolved in a small amount of boiling water, after which
the mixture was poured into a bath.

The initial water temperature is 37 degrees. TOогда тело к ней
gets used, you can add more hot water, bringing the temperature to
39оWITH. The duration of the soda bath is about 25 minutes. After her
It is advisable to lie down and rest for about an hour.

Leech for obesity or hirudotherapy

Leech therapy allows you to remove fat deposits. These
�“Cosmetologists” inject hirudin and lipase into tissues, as well as

Such “injections” are practically painless, while from fatty
excess fluid can be easily removed from the sediment, it rushes to the tissues
fresh arterial blood. After the procedure, the volume of the body in
problem areas are reduced by a few centimeters.

WITHолевые ванны в борьбе с лишними объемами

Plain salt can work wonders. Her следует
dissolve in the bathroom with warm water. Accept the procedure should
so that the chest in the region of the heart is above the water level,
otherwise, the heart will experience too much stress.

To enhance the therapeutic effect, you can use sea salt.
However, it should be remembered that to abuse this technique is not
worth it. It is advisable to first consult with your
a doctor.


ЛФTO при ожирении: начинай с малого!

Overweight people should consider increasing
motor activity. However, often obesity is accompanied by
�”Bunch” of diseases in which you can not do very

1. The best solution would be walking. Begin with 10
minutes per day (for non-trained individuals). WITHо временем занятия можно

2. For those with the first and second stage, jogging is suitable. To start
You can make a short run, just a few minutes.
You can alternate running with walking.

3. Perfectly proven cycling. Her можно
alternate with walking and running. In winter, suitable ski

4. Raise mood and strengthen muscles all kinds of team games
– basketball, football, volleyball.

5. If you can, go swimming. This kind of sports
promotes weight loss, and it also helps to strengthen over time
stay in water spine and joints.

6. In the fight against extra pounds, master the respiratory
gymnastics oksisayz. It will not only get rid of body fat, but
and help improve the functioning of your internal organs.

Massage for obesity – does the method work?

During the massage the specialist pays attention to the problem
zones, warms and breaks up accumulations of subcutaneous fat. it
helps to remove toxic substances through the skin, saturating it with
this nutrient. However, significant changes
контуров тела ожидать не worth it.

Can recommend this method for women suffering from cellulite
– cosmetic effect is guaranteed.

Obesity homeopathy

Гомеопаты не оставили без внимания проблему лишнего weight. They
have developed a lot of drugs to lose weight. For persons
suffering from excessive appetite created by Ignacy, Anacardium, Nux
vomica Усилить дренаж и лимфоток помогут WITHолидаго, Хелидониум,

If you have “related” diseases, before
использованием гомеопатии следует проконсультироваться с a doctor.
Choose drugs that will help not only lose weight, but also
cure diseased organs, only a specialist can.

Surgical treatment of obesity or last chance

If the patient has a BMI of more than 40kg / m2, and the weight is above the norm by 45-50
kg, you should think about surgical intervention.

WITHледует знать, что лечение ожирения в стационаре – это не просто
�”Cutting off” excess fat. Often, in addition to weight loss, there is treatment.
associated diseases. Today, among surgical
methods for treating obesity can be called vertical
gastroplasty, gastroshuntirovanie, bilipancreatic
shunting, gastric banding.

TOак бороться с ожирением: видео

And what about the rest?

To prevent the appearance of excess weight is necessary with
childhood itself to know and adhere to the basics of a healthy lifestyle.
For the prevention of obesity, choose the appropriate mode for yourself.
power, increase your physical activity – exercise by
in the morning, walk more. WITHоблюдение этих несложных правил будет
препятствовать набору лишнего weight.

Summing up, we can say that obesity can be defeated. but
next time putting another piece of cake in your mouth or a huge
a piece of fried meat with fatty sauce, think about whether
a few minutes of pleasure from eating, months of struggle with fat? Wish
all stay healthy and beautiful!

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