Treatment of ingrown nail at home: howquickly cope with the disease? Doctor’s advice for treating an ingrown nailat home

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The disease is common.

Almost always due to the fact that a person is wrong
trim your nails or wear the wrong shoes.

In the medical language, the ingrown nail sounds like onychocryptosis.

Treatment of ingrown nail at home – is it possible?

Many people sooner or later there is such a problem as
ingrown nail. And rather than go to the specialists,
We are trying to fix the problem by ourselves. Treatment of ingrown
nail at home is really possible, but in that case
if there is no improvement in a week, you need to
Rather, consult a doctor. But for starters, I would like to find out
The reasons why the disease may occur. Before you start
looking for remedies is important to understand what caused the inflammatory

So, the probability of ingrowing a nail is great in the following

1. Shoes worn by a person are too narrow and made of
rough material. High heels will contribute to ingrowth,
as the pressure on the toes increases.

2. Patient has flat feet.

3. The nail plates were affected by the fungus.

4. The person has a congenital abnormality – on the subungal
pillow a large amount of excess soft fabric.

5. There is a valgus deformity of the feet.

6. Manicure done wrong – the corners of the nail is not cut.

7. Failure of personal hygiene.

The fact that the nail grows almost always leads
several factors at the same time. That is why, in order to
there was no recurrence, it is necessary to prevent all possible
the reasons.

Treatment of ingrown ногтя в home conditions: лекарственные

Methods for the treatment of ingrown nail quite a lot. TO
conservative methods include:

• tape technique. This is the most aggressive way that
involves the removal of the ingrown portion with tape.

• Dental floss. By the same technology as the tape is removed
corner of the nail.

• Antibiotics. They are used to stop
inflammatory process and also to prevent ingress

• Hygiene. For the feet you need to hold the bath, handle nails
special tool.

Если у вас уже запущенный случай, и
the inflammatory process progresses greatly, then of course on the first
The place is worth medication, namely antibiotics. Use
they can be in the form of injections, or use ointments with antibiotics.
And just ointment, because the pills will not have any

Гентамицин – это раствор, который вводится
intramuscularly. But it is important to correctly calculate the dose – by one.
a kilogram of the patient is taken 3 mg of the drug. If necessary
high, you can apply the tool up to three times per day.

After that, apply gentamicin in the form of ointments. TOак только
necrosis and purulent masses will be removed, anoint the affected area 2-3
times a day. If the affected area is large, the dosage should not
be above 200 grams per day. The period during which you
It is necessary to apply the tool, it determines only the treating

Левомеколь. Ointment can only be used
outwardly. Take a bandage and spread on it a means of a thin layer,
then attach to the place where the nail is ingrown. To make it more convenient
walk, you can band your finger. Daily change such compresses,
to keep skin clean You can enter the ointment with a syringe, but
before that, it should be heated to a temperature of 36ºС, dial into a syringe
and enter the place of accumulation of pus.

There may be adverse reactions – allergies, but only
if the person has individual intolerance
данного facilities.

You can use other ointments, which by their properties
also effective. For example:

1. Ихтиоловая мазь. If you notice that
the nail began to grow, then without ichthyol ointment, you simply do not
get along. Fold the gauze several times, and apply ointment on it,
then wrap a finger with cling film, and secure with a toe. It is better
just perform this procedure at night, every day attach
new compress. TOурс лечения одна неделя. No contraindications
for applying ointment no, the only thing that can arise is

2. Левомеколь. The drug is well suited not
only for treatment, but also as a preventive measure. TOрем обладает не
only antibacterial property, but also cleansing. As well as
other ointments, it is applied to gauze and applied to the patient
site. Regularly change the bandage, until the problem
completely disappear.

All medicines and ointments are prescribed only by a doctor, use them
It is not recommended on your own, as you first need to determine
degree of ingrowth. If after applying the above, no
improvements, surgical intervention is prescribed.

Treatment of ingrown ногтя в home conditions: народные

No one is immune from the occurrence of such a disease, therefore
It is important to know how to treat an ingrown nail at home.
Use народные facilities можно только в том случае, если
the inflammatory process is not running. To provide “first
помощи» дома
, существует много способов. Below are
the most effective:

1. Take a medical fingertip and place a creamy in it
butter. TOаждый день перед сном одевайте его на тот палец, где
ingrowth begins. For two weeks every day
repeat this procedure. As a result, the nail plate should
to become softer, and the sensation of pain will not bother so much.

2. After the pain has completely disappeared, take
sterile knife and lift the upper corner of the nail. Under it to you
need to put a flagellum of gauze. She will fulfill the role

3. The overgrown skin area will gradually decrease, and the wound will begin
drag on

4. To ensure that such problems no longer arise in the future,
try not to wear narrow and poor-quality shoes.

Foot baths are quite effective, but with
mandatory addition of pharmaceutical chamomile. In order to
cook them follow the instructions:

1. Pour two liters of boiling water into the jar and pour six tablespoons.
spoons of grass.

2. Carefully close the container.

3. Let the broth stand for an hour, then open and

4. Start taking baths (water should be hot) until
until the liquid begins to cool.

5. After 15-20 minutes, remove the legs and dry well.

In ancient times, people knew recipes for ingrown
nail at home. It was from those times that such a thing came to us.
a way to treat lamb fat. For this, they took his piece and
all night they would fetch them to the sore spot.

Another effective way to treat an ingrown nail
home conditions:

• take a small onion, clean it and finely

• one tablespoon of honey mixed with onions;

• Before going to bed, well steam your feet in hot water with

• after that you need to put the resulting mass on the gauze, and
attach to the sore spot;

• to make it comfortable to sleep, you can wind gauze
bandage. Waking up in the morning, remove the bandage and wipe your finger.

TOак лечить вросший ноготь: алоэ

This is a good way, which is used for more than a dozen years. You
need a leaf of the plant, pre-cleared from the skin.
Cut it into small pieces and place in a bowl. Boil some water
cool, pour aloe. Apply the compound to the affected area and
bandage. Remove the compress need in the morning.

Treatment of ingrown ногтя в домашних условиях – рекомендации
the doctor

Many for some reason believe that the legs, this is just an aesthetic
value. It is enough that they look good, well-groomed and
beautiful But in fact, few people think that the edges
our fingers are very sensitive and don’t have nails, feet
permanently exposed to injury and infection. Therefore, it is important not to
just in time to wash and carry out such procedures as a pedicure. Such
pathology as an ingrown nail, is dangerous. And best of all
treat it in medical institutions, according to the recommendations and
советам the doctor. After all, if you start a disease, it can
switch to other fingers. Sooner or later everything will lead to
that the disease will escalate.

Bad enough that pathology does not always manifest itself on
early stages, and the person may not even suspect that with him
something is wrong. But after a while, there will be discomfort,
pain, redness around the nail. This is the moment you need not
just go and run to the doctor.

If this is not done and no action is taken
independently, in the area of ​​the finger will periodically appear
swelling, inflammation will begin to progress, and the pain will be all
more intense. This will cause the patient to limp.

The inflammation will be stronger every day, it will become noticeable.
externally, and during infection, pus will form under the nail.

Try to find time and still give preference to treatment.
in the hospital, rather than self-healing. In the clinic you will pass full
examination, the specialist will identify the cause of the lesion, as well as its

In order to подобрать правильное лечение, назначить лекарства
will have to pass certain tests. This will help determine the level
sugar in your blood.

Since inflammation is always manifested by a high content of ESR and
leukocytes, then you need to take the sowing scraping from the affected place, for
in order to identify or deny an infection.

Only after all the necessary analyzes are ready, and
inspection carried out, we can talk about the method of treatment. It is possible that
специалист сам назначит вам ванночки и прочие народные facilities на
based on medicinal herbs. But in this case, you can be
sure that in this way no harm will be caused.
Self-medication, unfortunately, does not always end well and sometimes
leads to irreversible consequences. So think carefully,
before starting treatment.

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