Treatment of fungus on the feet folk remedies:herbal medicine, soda and vinegar. Recipes treatment of fungus on the legsfolk remedies

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Микоз ногтей и ступней, в народе именуемый
�”Fungus” – a disease provoked by microscopic fungi
different species.

To destroy these microorganisms is not necessarily treated
pharmacy ointments and creams, you can resort to the methods of folk
medicine, the recipes are below.

Лечение грибка на ногах folk remedies на основе

Baking soda is a substance that negatively affects
vital activity of fungal infection. It is part of many
means of alternative medicine, helping from the fungus legs. Here is
some of them:

Ванночки для ног с содой. In the warm (40-45 ° C)
water dilute soda in proportion one tablespoon to two liters
water. Pour the solution into a basin or any other container and immerse
feet to liquid. In these baths, you can also add marine
salt. The duration of the procedure is about 30 minutes. Then wash your feet
warm water, wipe dry and put on clean socks. To repeat
the procedure follows each night until the signs of infection disappear.
or healthy nail plates will not grow.

Содовая паста. Pour a small amount
soda, например, в чашку, и понемногу вливать к ней теплую воду,
stirring constantly. Fluids need quite a bit to
formed a kind of pasta. The resulting tool to process
feet and toenails, and other infected areas

Ванночки с содой и марганцовкой. For
preparation of the solution for the bath will require a rug tea
spoon of potassium permanganate (potassium permanganate), one table at a time. a spoon
тертого мыла (хозяйственного) и soda, а также две стол. spoons
mustard powder. Dissolve all components in warm clean water.
Baths do daily before going to bed.

Лечение грибка на ногах folk remedies на основе

Споры грибковой инфекции чувствительны не только к щелочи soda,
but also to acid. The most affordable acid found in any
farm can be called vinegar. This substance is the most
effective and popular with fungal diseases.

Ванночки для ног с уксусом. One liter
теплой (40-45°С) воды взять примерно полстакана столового vinegar
(can and apple). Pour the solution into the basin and lower the legs into it.
less than half an hour. If you feel tingling or tingling
кожи, концентрацию vinegar стоит уменьшить, добавив в тазик еще
небольшое количество water.

Компрессы с уксусом. Dilute 9% vinegar with
water (1: 1), moisten the resulting solution matter (you can gauze) and
Attach to the affected areas of the feet. Wrap the top
polyethylene and wear clean socks. Compress best
will work if you leave it overnight. Morning feet carefully
wash with soap or tar soap.

Мазь из vinegar и глицерина. Mix glycerin
with natural apple or any other fruit vinegar and
Treat such ointment to the affected skin and nails. Apply
means is necessary only on the washed up feet. Efficiency depends
on the regularity of the procedures.

Products that contain vinegar can be used,
only if there are no injuries or wounds on the legs. Besides
they are not suitable for people with sensitive skin or dermatological
diseases such as psoriasis, dermatitis or allergies.

Herbal baths for the treatment of fungal infections of the feet

• Ванночки из прострела лугового и вероники
. Take a mixture (1: 1) of these herbs in the dried
in the amount of two tablespoons, pour one standard
glasses of boiling water and warm another 15 minutes on the steam bath.
You can take the roots of these plants, but then you need to cook them twice
longer. Cool the product to about 40 ° C and hold your feet in it
about half an hour.

• Ванночки из чистотела. Cook the decoction
celandine (about 100 grams of dry raw material per liter of water),
настоять его 7 минут, процедить и остудить до температуры body.
Foot bath to take half an hour. The course of treatment is three weeks,
and the procedure should be carried out daily.

• Baths of “marigold”. Сухой цвет календулы
– 250 grams – pour a liter of boiling water and insist for half an hour.
A quarter of the received means to part with one liter of clear water,
Pour into a container and immerse in her legs. The rest of the infusion can be
Keep refrigerated. The treatment lasts about 4 weeks.

• Ванночки с отваром коры дуба. 3 table. spoons
boil bark in quarters of a liter of water, strain and mix with one
литром частой water. Keep your feet in such a bath need 15 minutes.
Procedures should be carried out twice a week, for a month.

• Сбор для ванночек: сирень, кора дуба, календула,
. Take all the components equally and 2 tables. spoons
such a collection pour a liter of water, boil. Boil a few
minutes, let it brew and wash your feet with this decoction.

• Отвар или настой молочая. Cook the decoction
simple: take 4 table. spoons сухой травы и сварить ее в литре water.
Take the bath hot.

Treatment of fungus on the feet folk remedies: необычные

For приготовления противогрибковых средств могут использоваться
rather unexpected components. Here is некоторые из таких

• Ванночки со стиральным порошком. Fungal
the infection is afraid of aggressive detergents, which can be called
the most common washing powder. To take a bath with him
dissolve 100g of detergent in two liters of water and hold
in this solution legs for 10 minutes. Procedures
continue for the next 5 days. Attention! For такого лечения подходит
only hand wash powder. Besides, если у человека есть
allergy or intolerance to powder chemicals, best
refuse to use this remedy in favor of more

Клей БФ. This tool needs to be lubricated
affected areas of the feet and nails. The procedure is performed once.
per day (overnight) for two weeks.

Уринотерапия для ног. Against fungal
infections, traditional medicine recommends the use of its own urine,
collected in the morning. Foot baths do one or two times a day,
the whole week.

Such tools are very specific and not suitable for many. The
more need to be careful with their use during
pregnancy or in the presence of chronic skin diseases and
internal organs. As for urinotherapy, the representatives of medicine
the official does deny its effectiveness and expediency.

Means based on components from the refrigerator

Чеснок. For прикладывания к пораженным частям
skin cook gruel of garlic and vegetable oil. One more
a variant of this product – cut a clove of garlic into two
slices, dip into the salt and wipe your feet with this pulp.

Сметана. Lubricate your feet with sour cream before going to bed
(better high fat). The fungus will disappear after a week.

Лук. Fresh gruel from this vegetable impose
on the areas of the feet, which struck mycosis. In case you have
there are cracks or sores on the skin, this substance can be mixed with
Vaseline or liquid paraffin, in equal quantities. Besides,
You can use pure onion juice to treat the fungus.

Кофе. You need to make a strong drink and make
from it trays, pouring into the basin and the liquid and thick. Caffeine
will destroy the fungus, in addition, the skin of the feet will be smooth and
tender. If you suffer from hypertension, this remedy
does not suit you, as caffeine can penetrate the skin and
provoke an increase in pressure.

Куриное яйцо. Pour fresh egg 9% food
vinegar (so that the liquid covered the egg with the top), soak in
darkened place until the shell dissolves. After dissolving
remove the remaining film on the egg, mix the vinegar, which stood
egg, yolk and white with one teaspoon soft cream
oils. Grind all the ingredients into a homogeneous mass and apply it on
foot, in places of defeat. Такую мазь Keep refrigerated.

Сок цитрусовых. Fungal инфекция «боится»
acid, as mentioned above. Therefore, for its treatment can
apply fresh citrus juice, but best
Lemons and tangerines are suitable. In addition to acid, they also contain
active ingredients that not only destroy mycosis, but also
restore the skin, promoting cell regeneration

Traditional medicine is rich in various means of foot fungus.
We hope you will be able to pick one from our list
A recipe that will help you!

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