Treason in response: what will it give?

Treason in response: what will it give?

Trial of loyalty – one of the most difficult tests.
Life together is a common relationship building, living,
parenting. It is very important to go near a person who does not
only attentive, caring, but also reliable. Treason is comparable to
a sudden blow that causes severe heartache knocks out
the ground from under your feet and it begins to seem that the world will be gone
the same.

In the heat of passion man rushes, commits various
acts, clarifies the relationship, trying to somehow establish mental
equilibrium. This is natural, because when problems come up, then all
trying to find a way out of the situation, ask themselves the question: “How to live
farther?”. Everyone acts differently: someone ends
relationship, and someone changes in response.

This kind of revenge is most often used by women, considering that
�”fight fire with fire”. Men act more radically –
break off relationships. And it’s not just about feeling offended.
virtues, just men are owners to the bone and think,
that their possession should not belong to anyone else.

As for the woman, then discovering a betrayal,
she feels flawed, insecure, questions her
appearance, mind, thrift.

These kinds of thoughts cause pain, suffering, and develop
inferiority complex”. Deciding to change, a woman wants to inflict
equal pain in response, assert oneself and prove to oneself that she
still attractive and desirable.

Men can justify their “sins”, but for women
treason are iron and unshakable.

Infidelity clings to the depths of the soul, they remember this act
for a long time and forgive very rarely. You should initially decide which
the result you want to achieve, as often women at the end
In the end, they do not get what they expected. No matter how a man is
painfully and sorrowfully, he most likely will not want to repent, and
make you guilty. In addition, you need to be prepared for the fact that
others can learn about this story and then we can assume
reputation lost.

A man, presenting what happened with his pitch, “priim”
actuality. Of course, time will pass, and all conversations will die down,
but this will not be easier, and the “sediment” will always be with you.

Will treason benefit in return?

If you decide to change for your assertiveness, and hide it
from a partner, then be prepared for the torment of conscience. Torment will bring
before the truthful conversation, after which, most likely, there will be a quarrel and
the end of the relationship. This is only the most likely course of events in life.
everything can be different. Yet before taking
Any decisions worth studying statistics and facts.

Never has betrayal benefited the family, and this is necessary
remember. Even if you achieve a result, and your man is aware
guilt, then trust will be very difficult to restore. When both
partner will agree, everyone will think that betrayal can
to repeat Necessarily begin jealousy (albeit without foundation),
suspicions, conjectures, which in turn will lead to divorce.

Response betrayal pulls the irreparable consequences
therefore, one must first ask the question to oneself: “Do such
coups? ”,“ Am I ready for them? ”. Making a decision follows
think carefully about everything, weigh the pros and cons.  If you believe
psychologists, then change for the sake of revenge is not worth it. Physical proximity
without feelings and attraction will lead to emotional “burning out”, which
only aggravate the situation. The conclusion suggests itself: revenge
bad option for action.

What to do immediately after …?

After you have learned about your spouse’s infidelity, do not give in
emotions. Better to pause, understand yourself, your
relationship, calm down and think about what to do next.

In families, where reigns unhealthy situation, anger,
screams, jealousy, lack of mutual respect, kindness and understanding,
sooner or later happens treason.

A person, not receiving at home the necessary emotions, feelings and energy,
starts looking for them on the side. It happens that a woman stops
take care of yourself or behave in no way ladies: screaming
humiliates, criticizes, and after all the man is needed next to first
woman. It would be nice to look at her husband, evaluate his qualities and
dignity. Did you spend little time on your relationship? Not
have you seen a man in your partner? Only you can fully
exalt and humiliate your partner!

Betrayal deeply offends, oppresses.

Of course, getting rid of the negative is difficult, but it can and should be.
Go shopping, meet friends, get new
hobby finally. If emotions overflow, spill them out:
cry, break the cup, shout (but not with her husband or children).
A good option for entertainment will be traveling, going to the movies,
to the concert. A visit to a beauty salon will definitely lift your spirits and
self-esteem.  It is very important to direct your energy to the right
the mainstream, so you can focus on work, play sports,
dancing start learning something new.

It is time to look into your soul, to think that it has more
– love or contempt. If cheating is repeated regularly,
think about whether to endure humiliation again. Sooner or later
the situation will repeat, and the man again will exchange you for someone
other. If a man stumbles for the first time, he can better forgive and
start all over again? Not necessarily for the sake of children, but in general for your
relationships, all that was before. Very good at influencing relationships
trips to nature, they allow not only to have a good time
together, remember the old days, but also look at each other
in a new way. Simple human communication and sharing
pastime work wonders.

If you have decided to continue living together, then
further, do not remind the partner of treason. Learn again
trust, love, respect, the only way to return the former passion and
harmonious relationship. Strong relationships are not just
only by overcoming difficulties (and also temptations) can one build
real family.

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