Training program for men at home

  • 1 Training for home for men
    • 1.1 Easy training
    • 1.2 Circuit training
  • 2 Circuit training for men in the gym for
    fat burning

Many men wonder if literate systematic
playing sports at home without special equipment
worthy to replace workout at the gym? For those, who
never worked before, they can. And for those who have
perceptions of power loads will help restore
endurance and prepare for more powerful workouts in the gym
the hall.

The main reasons that motivate men to start
занятие спортом считаются

  • overweight – especially difficult for men
    It is considered the excess weight of the abdomen, back, chest, mass of fat in
    these sites are recruited quickly enough;
  • gaining muscle mass, improving relief;
  • the return of skin tone – as a result of losing weight with
    diets, many men face the problem of loss of elasticity
    skin, flabbiness of the skin, if you want, you can remove
    systematically performing workouts at home.

Also, regular exercise performance requires men
Revise your home diet – food should be
high-grade, exception of sweets, carbonated drinks, mayonnaise,
excessive drinking. All this can be called
The main rule of success in burning fat.

Also important is the familiar home lifestyle, its
also need to rethink: set the sleep mode, try to free
spend time actively (housework or a walk worthy
pastime options).

Home workout for men

Lack of a gym, financial or any place near the house
another opportunity to visit is not yet a reason to refuse
playing sports. There are many home programs that
will give a good start to the transformation of a clumsy body into your body

Basic recommendations for training at home to
achieve better results for men:

  • make an individual training schedule;
  • Close up on your diet (at least a program:
    homemade fat soup and fried potatoes, change to boiled meat and
    fresh vegetables);
  • each workout should begin with a warm-up;
  • the amount of each exercise at least 12 times.

There are thousands of video training examples on the Internet, like
for beginners and for professionals, all of them, to a greater extent,
aimed at young and slim men, although to a greater extent
спортом больше заинтересованы люди с лишним весом. Besides
main benefits at home can be combined with listening to your favorite
music, watching TV shows and movies.

Easy training

The training program for men develops individually and
depends on what the man wants to focus on.

For weight loss optimal workout program for home
for men:

All exercises should be performed at least 15 times in 3 sets.

Mon – cardio;

  • Squat Jumps
  • Climber
  • Burpy
  • Jumping rope (at least 50 times for 3 sets).

W. – power (back and arms);

  • Deadlift
  • Thrust rod in the slope
  • Lifting dumbbells for standing biceps
  • French press
  • Bench press

Wed – relaxation;

Thu – cardio;

  • Explosive push ups
  • Sumo squats
  • Jumping rope

Fri – power (legs);

  • Squats
  • LungesSide Lunges

Exercises for the calf muscle

Sat – relaxation;

Su – power (press).

  • Planck (1 to 5 minutes)
  • Twisting
  • Scissors
  • Упражнение  «велосипед»

As a cardio can run running, jumping on
jump rope walking on a bike.

If the program is aimed at drawing the relief of the muscles of the arms, torso
и пресса, то упражнения на группы мышц ног можно заменить, при
this condition for cardiovascular exercise remains.

After several weeks of systematic training, the program may
be supplemented or modified by your own, new exercises. If a
вы занимаетесь с целью fat burning, при правильном питании,
do not give obvious results, it is a reason to turn to the endocrinologist
and nutritionist, they will help to find an objective reason for the lack
program effectiveness.

Circuit training

One of the most effective and popular workouts for home,
and for the gym, is considered to be circular. This training
involves the implementation of a certain number of exercises in
a few laps.

As with any exercise, the circuit must begin with a warm-up.
Best exercise before home weight training
are: head turns (left, right, in a circle), circular
rotation of the shoulder, elbow joints, and wrist
(carpus) joint (inward and outward), sheepskin tilts (forward
back, left, right) circular turns pelvis, lunges (forward and
side), raising from heels to toes.

The success depends on how well the warm-up is performed.
and performance.

Circuit training для мужчин в домашних условиях —
basic exercises for beginners:

  • Classic pushups, for beginners you can perform
    упражнение с колен — при необходимости, привычный домашний
    way allows exercise exercise: legs throw on the sofa or
    a chair and hands on the floor;
  • Push up with narrow arms;
  •  Lunges in walking – if possible with dumbbells;
  • Squats с гирей — основное условие: колени не выходят
    over the line of the foot;
  • Turning torso with a fixed pelvis;
  • Top and cross twist;
  • Raising the pelvis with legs extended upside down;
  • Straight on straight arms.

If a имеется домашний спортивный инвентарь, например фитбол,
bodibar, rubber loop and other, training program for
Slimming is easily expanded with new exercises. At full
the absence of weighting, it is necessary to acquire dumbbells or
weights, they are not much clutter up the home life, but they do
assortment of exercises for weight loss is much wider.

The weight loss program will be most effective if approached
to perform at least 3 laps.

Circuit training для мужчин в тренажерном зале для сжигания

If a домашний быт мешает сконцентрироваться на тренировках,
load at home does not cause any difficulties or desire
engage on professional equipment with modern
shells and various bouncers and dumbbells, then it is weighty
причина что бы заниматься в тренажерном the hall.

Занятия в тренажерном зале также лучше всего начать с
warm up If a программа рассчитана на прокачку спины, мышц
press or hands, then 10-12 minutes walk on the orbitrek or 7-10 minutes
jogging on a treadmill will help warm up your muscles before exercise.
If a же запланированная программа предполагает прокачку ног, то
it is better to start with a 10-15 minute warm-up on a stationary bike.
Training program in the gym must be chosen in advance, and
perform it systematically.

General circuit training for beginners in the gym –
the main goal is fat burning, increasing overall endurance.

Разминка: ходьба на орбитреке не менее 10-15

Circuit training — упражнения:

  • Lifting the sheepskin coat – hyperextension (10-12 times);
  • The upper block wide grip (10 times in front of you, 10 times
    Per head);
  • Pulling up with an average grip – at least 10-15 times, if
    you can not perform the exercise yourself, you can perform
    pulling up on the gravitron, putting the counterweight as small as possible;
  • Поочередный подъем гантелей — по 10 раз на каждую руку,
    for men – beginners, it is enough to take dumbbells weighing up to 10
  • Thrust rod in the slope — 10-12 раз, начинающим рекомендуется
    carry out the throat with a neck, its weight is no less than 7-10 kg;
  • Leg press on the simulator – 12-15 times before starting
    performance, it is necessary to check the weight
  • Bending the legs on the simulator in the prone position (10-15
  • Поднятие туловища на римской скамье (20-25 time);
  • Plank elbows (45-60 sec.).

The complex of exercises is performed in 3 circles, with rest after
каждого 5-7 minutes

Circuit training для fat burning у мужчин в области
abdomen – the basic goal: fat loss, drawing muscle relief

Warming up – 15 minutes jogging at a moderate pace on a treadmill

The main exercises of the program of weight loss:

  • Twisting – raising the shoulder blades in the supine position (20-25
    fold, neck when performing relaxed);
  • Скручивание на тренажере (10-12 time);
  • Oblique twisting in the supine position (15 times for each
  • Подъем ровных ног до угла 90 градусов (10-12 time);
  • Incline of the body with a fixed pelvis and dumbbells in hand (12 each)
    times on each side);
  • Side bar (90 seconds per side);
  • Elbow strap (60 sec.).

The number of complete complex – at least 3 times.
Программа рассчитана на время 45-60 minutes

Regardless of the type (circular, common, on specific muscle groups
), тренировка для fat burning требует выполнять условие:
it must end with cardiovascular exercise (running, jumping on
jump rope, etc.). The optimal duration of cardio exercise for
losing weight for at least 15 minutes (for beginners – at least 7-10

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