Training program for girls

programma-trenirovok-dlya-devushekAlthough most people from
financial considerations can not afford to staff
a full-fledged home gym, but buying just a few
simple equipment will allow you to conduct effective training
even in terms of your own home.

Here is a 7-day fitness workout program for girls,
the implementation of which will be quite capable of even an absolute beginner,
who had never taken a dumbbell before.

The program includes both aerobic exercise and
performing strength exercises, and is very effective and
comfortable for those girls who do not want or do not have free
time for regular trips to the gym and decided
play sports at home.


Training program for girls: основные моменты

Your weekly schedule:

  • Day 1: Strength training “A”
  • Day 2: aerobic activity 45 minutes,
  • Day 3: strength training “B”
  • Day 4: aerobic activity 45 minutes,
  • Day 5: Strength training “C”
  • Day 6: aerobic activity 45 minutes,
  • Day 7: 60 minutes walk / bike ride (pace depends on
    current level of fitness).

The order is in the form of faceless numbered days, not
tied to specific days of the week so that you have the opportunity
do it yourself, based on your own preferences.

Since the seventh day is the only one when you should
to exercise outdoors, it is best to
clearly fell on a day off.

What you need to purchase:

  • Adjustable set of dumbbells (weighing 3/4/5/6/7 kg.)
  • Step platform
  • Exercise Bike (preferably, but in return you can use the usual
  • Fitball


Note: if the table indicates “3 sets of 20 repetitions,”
this means the following sequence – 20 repetitions, short
pause (about thirty – 45 seconds), another 20 repetitions, again short
pause and finally the last 20 repetitions of the exercise.

If you are not physically able to fulfill the required amount,
do not worry, there are several gentle ways to fix
situation: choose a lighter weight, do so many repetitions,
how much you can in this session, and then take a 5 second pause and
finish the exercise to the end.

Do not use the same set of dumbbells for all exercises.
take higher weight for stronger and more durable groups
body muscles.

Strength Training “A”

Exercise Approaches Repetitions
Dumbbell squats 3 20
Dumbbell bench press 3 20
Dumbbell lifts around 3 15
Bending arms with dumbbells for biceps 3 20
Arm extension with dumbbells from behind the head 3 20
Dumbbell lifting on socks 2 thirty
Hyperextension 3 20
Straight twists 3 20


Strength training “B”

Exercise Approaches Repetitions
Dumbbell lying layout 3 20
Thrust dumbbells in the slope 3 20
Standing dumbbell bench press 3 20
Simultaneous bending of the arms with dumbbells for biceps 3 20
Arm extension with dumbbells back in the slope 3 15
Internal leg lifts 3 20
Dumbbell lifting on socks сидя 2 thirty
Cycling twists 3 20


Strength Training “C”

Exercise Approaches Repetitions
Hyperextensions 3 20
Dumbbell lifting on socks 2 thirty
Pushups 2 15
Pullover 3 20
Back up dumbbell lying 3 15
Concentrated biceps lifts 3 20
Arm extension with dumbbells from behind the head 3 20
Oblique twisting 3 20


* – для повышения эффективности программы тренировок все
exercises from a sitting position or standing must be performed on the ball
for fitness (fitball).

Cardio part of the training program

Adjust the step platform height that is convenient for you and follow
exercises in the following sequence (duration
each of them 8 – 9 minutes):

V – steps. This exercise is one of the basic in
step aerobics. To do this, stand in front of the platform
расстоянии 20 – thirty см, колени сомкнуты. Step forward right
foot and place the foot on the rightmost edge of the platform, then
Repeat the same with your left foot. Return to the original
position in the same manner, first right after left leg. In
time of movement of the legs slightly bent at the knees, hands perform
swinglike rotations.

Lift the knee. Stand in front of the platform, the feet are close to each other.
to a friend. Step forward with your right foot and, holding your balance,
pull your left knee to your chest, then go back to the starting
position. Perform several lifts and continue the exercise with
other leading foot.

Lift the legs. This exercise helps to strengthen the muscles of the hips and
buttocks. Technically, it looks like the previous element of your program.
workouts for girls, but the main difference is that
the right leg is not bent at the knee, but a straight leg is retracted – as much as possible
back and up.


Lunges back. Using the platform to perform backward
attacks requires attention and proper skill. Get started
exercise, standing in the center of the training platform. Bend over
slightly forward, simultaneously bending the left knee and pushing the right
leg behind the torso to make the deepest possible reverse
lunge Return to the starting position and repeat the lunge with another

Overwhelm shin. The next step element is well toned.
leg and lower back muscles. To do this, stand up straight.
перед платформой, стопы расположены близко друг к to a friend. Step
forward with the left leg and then overlap the shin of the right leg
back, trying to heel touch the buttocks. To reduce the risk
the occurrence of injury during exercise the abdominals
constantly keep in suspense.

In the first lesson, practice the maximum possible time, and
then with each training day add 5 extra
minutes, until you reach the required 45. Periodically force the pace
doing exercises, moving clearly in time with your loved ones
music tracks.

In the same exact principle, build your workout plan on
exercise bike (or bicycle), gradually increasing the intensity
and the duration of classes.

Exercise videos for girls

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