Training program for beginners: strength indetails

novice athletes are faced with a mass of questions: “How
to make a training program? ”,“ How to eat right? ”,“ Where
look for motivation for sports? “.

When a novice does not see results or begins to make his
first mistakes, his hands fall, and often he just throws
to do Sometimes a full-fledged training is not enough strength. For
to replenish energy reserves and speed up processes
recovering and building muscle mass is necessary correctly
to eat

To avoid the “sporting” negative, you should correctly approach
organization and motivation of their workouts.

Significantly improve the effectiveness of classes will diary
workouts. We will tell you how and why to lead it. Also we
поможем составить ваши первые программы workouts.

Our article reveals some of the secrets of professional
athletes. Read and act!

Where to “find” the motivation for regular workouts?

It is unlikely that someone will refuse to have a beautiful body, to be
attractive and lead an active life. However, for many this
It remains only a dream, but periodic attempts to do it
set aside for “tomorrow.”

Where to find the motivation for full-fledged workouts? We provide
you 10 ways that really work.

1. Set a goal for yourself. It can be fixed in centimeters.
(waist, biceps, hips, etc.) or kilograms. Install
the number of days that will be needed to achieve the result.

2. Keep a diary blog. In the diary you will mark the time
exercise, record your feelings before and after workouts, changes
weight, well-being. If you are not engaged – honestly write the reasons. AT
blog, tell me how you are going to train, report on
how the classes are going, about the results.

3. Personal photos. See actual results
workouts will help photos, which clearly reflect all

4. Long life. As is known, most centenarians lead
active healthy way of life. Want to be one of them?
Join now. Remember that after a workout significantly
state of health improves, fatigue disappears (unless, of course,
overtrain!). Running after a long day of work is great
relieve daily stress. Let vigorous and energetic state
will be your motivation to continue your studies.

5. Burn bridges. This method is very effective. For example, one
the owner of the casino, having decided to quit smoking, hung a big billboard,
which showed his photograph and the inscription: “If
meet me with a cigarette, I will pay you 100 thousand dollars. ” how
Do you think he could quit smoking? Yes, of course.

6. ATложите деньги. Often spent on a gym membership or
coach services a large amount of money is a strong motive for
regular training is a pity because of its laziness to lose such

7. Одежда для workouts. Buy yourself a very beautiful, fashionable
form for practice, but it is better to choose such models that are not
useful for everyday wear. The desire to show yourself in a new dress
will be a strong incentive to practice. One swimmer, “tying” with
sports, began to gain weight. Start losing weight
fitness made her … stunning American sports
swimsuit �“And who and where else can see me in him?” – said
she is.

8. Be attractive. This motivation is very good, I think
everyone agrees.

9. Success stories. AT интернете и на прилавках книжных магазинов
You can find many success stories. ATоспользуйтесь ими – это очень

10. “Companions.” Look for like-minded people. It could be yours.
друзья, с которыми вы будете вместе to do Communication with
a person who has similar goals with you also helps a lot
development. If there are no such people in the immediate environment, look for them on

You can combine several motivations or come up with points
suitable for you.


how грамотно составить программу тренировок?

The basic program aims to improve the constitution of the body and
strengthening the general condition of the body. Illiterate, wrong
compiled training scheme will not bring any results, but
can also cause pathological changes in the body and

Recommendations for beginners:

  • Coming to your first workout, do not try to load
    muscle “to the fullest.” Increase the load gradually, from occupation to
    occupation, preparing the body for a new mode of operation.
  • Training should not be longer than 1-1.5 hours.
  • Do not practice more than 3-4 times a week. Do not let
    overtraining and excessive fatigue. Sure to
    monitor your recovery process.
  • Follow the correct technique, while using small
    weight. Do not get used to perform the exercises correctly, because
    using a large scale with improper technique may result
    to very serious injuries.
  • ATажную роль имеет питание: нельзя переедать, однако
    недостаточное питание снизит результативность workouts.
  • Sure to заведите дневник workouts.

how вести дневник тренировок?

Can lead diary on paper (in a notebook or notebook) or in
in electronic format. AT него записывают действия, которые производились
in training – this will help plan classes. Diary will help
track progress, analyze and regulate physical

how вести дневник тренировок правильно? Digital recordings will be
be conducted according to the sport. For example, powerlifters in
mostly fix weighing. Athletes involved in fitness is important
monitor not only the number of approaches and exercises, but also
body measurements.

If the training program for beginners is compiled and recorded
in the diary, it will help analyze and compile the most
effective training plans that take into account the preparation and
features of physiology.

The diary helps to see even minimal improvements, and this is very
motivates. With the help of your records you can understand that you can
переходить к новому этапу workouts. Diary reveals possible


Monday 04/21/2014 4:00 pm

Warm-up exercises: 12 minutes. Press bench press: 40kg x 10 times,
80×10, 100×10, 100×10, 100×8 Dumbbell bench press while lying down: 12 kg
x10 times, 18×10, 28×10, 28×10, 28×10 ……………. Hitch: 8 minutes General
training time – 1 hour

These entries in your diary will help you plan the following.
occupation. Let’s try to analyze:

ATыполняя жим штанги лежа, вы сделаете два разминочных подхода, а
after that three workers (some athletes do not record
warm-up approaches). Records show that in the last approach
managed to do 8 repetitions, instead of the planned 10. So, in
the next workout should try to do 10 or
at least 9 repetitions (write it in pencil before starting

The dumbbell bench in the supine position was done two warm-up
approach and three workers. ATсе подходы выполнены так, как было
planned – therefore, it is time to increase the load (weight
projectile) and progress again!


Features of nutrition during training

ATажную роль для достижения результата у атлета имеет питание.
It affects optimal results, muscle growth and

Food taken before exercise is essential for the highest quality.
muscle work, during exercise – to increase energy, and after
– for maximum muscle growth. Consider the subtleties of power when
playing sports.

What to eat before training?

Properly planned meals will help to achieve maximum
potential during training. Additional repetitions directly
depend on what you ate before that.

Food taken for 1-2 hours and 15-40 minutes before the start
workout. Half an hour before the start, you can take sports
supplements that suit you.

The right foods and supplements increase strength, energy,
endurance, helping to burn calories and fat, improving concentration.
The latter, for example, can be achieved not only when taking
power engineers, but also simply having drunk coffee before training.

The right products:

  • Fruits, such as bananas, oranges.
  • Carbohydrates, mostly cereals: rice, white or brown, oatmeal,
    buckwheat, coarse rye or black bread, pasta.
  • Protein is a building material for muscles, without which there will be no
    growth. Thanks to proteins, the nitrogen balance in your muscles is maintained.
    An excellent source of protein are eggs. Not inferior to them in quality
    chicken meat and fish.
  • Essential fatty acids – they are needed to maintain
    high level of testosterone, as well as for the synthesis of fat-soluble
    of vitamins. Digestion of fats takes a long time, so they
    give a feeling of fullness to the entire workout.
  • ATводите в свой рацион арахисовое масло, готовьте пищу на
    sesame or olive oil.
  • Just before the workout (15-30 minutes) you can eat something.
    easy, for example, zhmeny dried fruits or banana.
  • Without additives, it is difficult to achieve really high results.
    Ginseng will be an excellent option for increasing stamina.
    using energy is maintained longer. Do athletes this
    miracle root is very popular – it is absolutely safe with respect

how питаться во время тренировки?

AT спортзале, конечно, бифштекс или макароны с котлетой вам не
will need. It is advisable to have water with you, especially when
long workouts. Particularly popular with athletes
enjoy isotonic drinks that help keep
optimal body condition. Drink a little bit, literally
a few sips, in order to avoid heaviness in the stomach.

Every hour of training an athlete should consume 30-60 grams. easy
digestible carbohydrates and quickly digestible proteins. Great
the solution will be a protein bar or protein-carbohydrate
cocktail. This will help to improve the quality of classes – such products
easy усваиваются, высвобождая энергию.


Food after exercise – what you need to know?

Muscle growth and an increase in their strength does not occur only during
most training, as many people think, but in the subsequent period
recovery. Those athletes who aspire to really
great results should pay great attention to your diet
after visiting the hall. On hamburgers or positive salads
results do not achieve.

Many начинающие атлеты совершают ошибку, не уделяя
sufficient attention to nutrition, and as a result, not only
increase the weight and strength, but on the contrary, they begin to lose volumes.
This is because after the workout the body begins
use their own reserves and resources, comes the so-called
�”Carbohydrate window”. It lasts about half an hour at the end.
intense sports.

One of the most important tasks after training is to replenish stocks.
glycogen. For этого необходимы быстрые углеводы. For example, you can
eat a banana after exercise or drink protein-carbohydrate

So that the trained body “does not eat” its own protein,
insulin is needed. Carbohydrates in a cocktail will help it develop, and
protein will stop the catabolic processes and stimulate

Make sure that in the consumed products was the whole range
amino acids.

After this snack, for about an hour and a half
need to fully eat. Great вариантом будет творог после
workout. Chicken chop or a piece of boiled chicken
fish with a side dish.

And what can you drink after exercise? Fluid is needed for
proper protein synthesis, so it must be
use both during and after intense physical

Training program for beginners: a turnkey solution

Novice athletes do not need to invent too cunning
training program, it is enough to take the basic running
program, for example:


  • Squat
  • Bench press in the machine
  • Bending legs on the machine
  • Rises on the toes with a barbell on the shoulders
  • Press.


  • Bench press or bench press
  • Breeding dumbbells lying on the bench
  • Pushups with weights on parallel bars
  • Lifting the barbell for sitting biceps.


  • Deadlift
  • Traction in front of a wide grip of the upper block or traction
    top block behind the head
  • Bench press on bench
  • Dumbbell standing
  • Press.

ATыполняйте все упражнения в три подхода по 8-15 раз. Warm-up
approaches are not considered. Press must be done 30 times. This
программа тренировок в спортзале easy «переделывается» в
�”Home” option – use the barbell, dumbbells and
medical harnesses.

Do not forget about high-quality pre-warm-up – this
will help to avoid injuries!

ATидео тренировки для похудения: смотри и худей!

It is also interesting: “Is it easy to get rid of cellulite on
ляшках?» и «howим должен быть пульс для эффективного сжигания

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