Training complex exercises with weights inhome conditions

  • 1 Правила занятий с гирями в home conditions
    • 1.1 How to start?
    • 1.2 How to choose the weight of the weight?
    • 1.3 The benefits of exercise
    • 1.4 Is it possible to gain weight using weights in home
  • 2 Training complex for beginners with kettlebells
    • 2.1 Basic exercises for beginners
    • 2.2 Cardio training
    • 2.3 Program for men
    • 2.4 Exercises with weight on the press
    • 2.5 exercise program for pectoral muscles
    • 2.6 Exercises with one weight
    • 2.7 The complex of exercises on the back
    • 2.8 Exercises with a weight for triceps
    • 2.9 For girls on all muscle groups
    • 2.10 Video lesson

The most versatile projectile for exercise – weights, as their
size and low cost allow you to work out and in the gym
зале, и в home conditions. Complex classes with “glands”
designed to strengthen almost all muscle groups, so their
used as a simulator, many athletes.

Since using this iron simulator, you can easily
wound up, for example, accidentally dropping it on his foot, we will tell
how to train with it to make such unpleasant
moments did not happen. Многие в home conditions, в качестве
alternatives to iron inventory, use dumbbells, either
plastic bottles filled with water. But this article is
will focus solely on training with weights.

Правила занятий с гирями в home conditions

Before starting the training complex with weights, during
избежание травм, ознакомьтесь с основными правилами занятий
в home conditions:

  • prepare the muscles of the body with a five-minute workout;
  • carefully study the technique of each exercise, before
    by doing.

Experts recommend performing 5 to 10 repetitions of each
classes, 2-5 approaches per day, depending on the degree of your
physical training. How to start an inexperienced “athlete”? About
This and much more will be discussed in the next article.

Where to begin?

Of course, start training exercises with
weight is necessary with proper physical fitness, in the form of a small
muscle workouts:

  • torso in different directions;
  • squats;
  • swings lower and upper limbs.

The more results you want to get, the more impressive
sizes should be a simulator. More information about the individual selection
projectile for each, let’s talk in the following paragraph. But the most
the best option for beginners is the weight of the iron
simulator in 16 kg.

In order to subsequently perform the complex
workouts, to start fitness trainers recommend mastering the technique
jerk and push – two complex multipart physical

Толчок в home conditions выполняется
in the following way:

  • raising the simulator on the chest;
  • sharp pushing it up.

When performing the above exercise, the legs should be
located at shoulder width and bent at the knees. On the original
The position of the simulator should be between the legs. When raised
simulator, you need to make a light squat, so
pushing off the ground.

Далее расскажем, как правильно делать рывок в
home conditions. The starting position is the same as in the “push”.
The occupation of the lesson consists in the continuous raising of the simulator in
straight arm, then a sharp “transfer” of the iron simulator from one
limbs in the other.

How to choose the weight of the weight?

The mistake of many newbies is the wrong choice.
inventory. Let’s figure out how to pick up
simulator, so that all the workouts on it were performed easily and not
there was a possibility of injury.

Let’s start with the fact that there are 8, 16, 24 and 32 inventories
kg Which one is right for you? For example,
женщинам подойдет снаряд на 8 кг,
мужчины же могут начать выполнение упражнений с 16
kilogram shell.

Выбор веса предполагаемого тренажера
зависит от ваших физиологических особенностей
Of course, the number of extra pounds. For example, человек,
weighing more than one hundred kilograms, will be able to lift a heavy projectile even
без предварительной physical training.

Do not forget that the above weight of iron simulators
will bring effect only at the initial stage of training. So that
to lose weight or pump muscle more should be chosen
simulator greater weight category.

Упражнения с гирей 24 кг в home conditions применяются только
with particular muscle training for this kind of stress. Therefore,
before starting a complex of occupations, make sure that you
this is ready.

The benefits of exercise

Of course, people use “iron simulators” is not easy
So. The benefits of exercise с гирей по большей части
is as follows:

  • a set of muscle mass;
  • effective weight loss;
  • development of endurance and spinal flexibility;
  • prevention of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

Of course, the above list is not all positive.
properties with which this inventory possesses. Among other things
you can pump a certain muscle group and give it to your body
slender relief forms.

One of important useful factors in the implementation of classes
it is with the help of iron inventory is accessibility and
low price In addition, classes with the help of an iron simulator
they won’t take much of your time
be sure to visit the gyms. You have a beautiful
the ability to swing muscles while watching TV or enjoying
любимой музыкой в home conditions.

Is it possible to gain weight using weights in the home?

As mentioned above, a variety of workouts with
using weights will allow a person not only to lose weight, but also rapidly
gain weight while pumping all the desired muscles.

In order to gain mass in the shortest possible time at home
conditions, it is necessary to strictly follow the proper diet, which
in turn should be high-calorie, but

In addition, so that people not just recovered, but scored
mass, it is necessary to significantly increase the load.

In addition to proper nutrition and increased stress, do not need
forget about the full rest. After each workout should
relax and sleep. Thus, the strength and
will add a lot of energy to all subsequent loads.

let’s рассмотрим несколько наиболее простых упражнений
с гирями в home conditions, способствующих быстрому набору

  • lifting two shells with a press on the chest;
  • squats with weights;
  • traction in the slope.

Recall that the weight of the simulator for the above exercises should be
select based solely on your individual
physiological features. When using weights smaller
size, obtaining the desired result is unlikely, and at risk
acquisitions of inventory “not able to”, it is likely to receive

Training complex for beginners with kettlebells

Want to gain strength and endurance, thereby strengthening the muscles?
This can be done through highly effective strength exercises with
weights. Do not know how? Especially for you, we picked up the base
exercises for beginners.

Anyone wishing to gain relief muscles and a slim, toned body
With the help of exercises, we strongly recommend that you read
the following information.

Basic exercises for beginners

Training complex exercises with kettlebells for beginners
consists of three main occupations that are easily accomplished in
home conditions:

  • Jerk. Bend the body with a straight back.
    Then, being in this position, it is necessary to take the weight and
    jerk down her chest. Then it should intercept the projectile
    other hand and lower into place;
  • Traction in the slope. Take a little weight in
    palm and, bending in the elbow joint, pull up the arm with the inventory to
    to yourself;
  • �”Mill”. In this exercise
    it is necessary to tilt the case, trying to keep it as tight as possible
    touch the palm of the foot. The second palm, tightly compressed in
    her projectile lift up.

На начальном этапе, в home conditions каждому из занятий
should be given no more than 15 minutes, so as not to waste all

Также, новичкам рекомендовано выполнить комплекс специальных
exercises to strengthen the muscles:

  • The back is flat. In the upper extremities, two small
    weights. Thus, lower the palms down, then gently raise
  • Take a sitting position. Lower limbs position wide
    shoulders. Firmly squeeze the weight in your palm and place it on your knee. So
    образом выполняйте рукой сгибательные движения вниз и up;
  • Stand straight and raise your hand with inventory above your head, then
    smoothly lower.

For the greatest effect of this complex, specialists
recommend repeating each exercise above 10-15 times
in a day.

Cardio training

Cardio training для сжигания жира в home conditions
It is intended for those who want to lose weight effectively, while strengthening
this heart muscle. According to American scientists, exercise with
�”Iron simulator” most effective than other loads
on the heart, in the form of running. Only 10 minutes of swinging weight is
a great alternative to a twenty minute run.

The more you want to increase your heart rate, the
more recommended to do exercises with weights. let’s
ознакомимся с полным комплексом занятий для укрепления
сердечной мышцы,
которые можно выполнять в домашних

  • Mahi weight with one hand;
  • interception of equipment standing;
  • side slopes;
  • attacks;
  • jerks;
  • squats.

Program for men

A set of exercises with kettlebells for men suggests
occupations with the help of 32 kg inventory. Consider the most
effective ones:

  • Push projectile in the squat. Legs need
    bend a little and place the weight at ear level. So образом
    perform squats and rise, pushing inventory
  • Cast with a squat. Being in
    crouch, grab the inventory and place it on the weight between
    feet. Next, throw the shell to the shoulder, while crouching on
    one leg;
  • Jerk with the bench press and sitting. This exercise involves
    the use of both one and two weights.
    lift them over your head while being in a half-ride. Holding hands
    on weight, slowly get down on your knees. Then go up to
    full straightening.

Each exercise is recommended to repeat 10-12 times.

Также, специально для мужчин, существует комплекс
упражнений с «двуручными» гирями
. For those who did not know
This is an ordinary weight, only with two “handles.” We offer to familiarize
with a list of exercises to strengthen the muscles, using the above

  • Squats. Aboutеими ладонями хватаемся за
    снаряд и выполняем глубокие плавные squats;
  • Bench press. We accept the prone position and
    clasping both upper limbs behind the projectile, raise it
  • Birch To do the following
    exercise, you must lie on your back and place a two-handed dumbbell
    over your head. Then raise your legs high, standing in the “birch”.

Exercises with weight on the press

Exercises with weight on the press в home conditions
will be under force both to beginners and already experienced athletes.
The most common are the following classes:

  • projectile out of tilt;
  • diagonal broach inventory of poluprseda;
  • body twisting with lifting the projectile up;
  • lateral twisting on the press;
  • the rise of straight legs from the “supine” to straightened
    hands with a shell;
  • the bar in which the palms should be located on

If possible, pay a complex of the above loads of 30
minutes a day, not forgetting about a preliminary light body warm-up and

Pectoral Muscle Exercise Program

Pectoral Muscle Exercise Program включает в
yourself following complex:

  • press equipment up with one hand from a prone position;
  • abduction of hands with a projectile from the pectoral muscles forward;
  • lifting weights on the level of the pectoral muscles, followed by a press

At first, classes from the above complex should be given
no more than 5 minutes. At the same time, do not forget to follow the breath in order to
it was even and did not get off when doing the exercises.

The first effective results will appear after 3-4 months
regular workouts. If necessary, you can increase the load
twice. The main thing is to make sure you can bear it.

Exercises with one weight

Эффективность упражнений с одной гирей в
home conditions ни в чем не уступает занятиям с двумя
inventory. This is one of the clearest examples when it’s not the quantity that counts.
and quality. In addition, with just one weight,
возможно прокачать все группы muscle

The training complex is first performed with one hand, then
other. Приблизительная программа для выполнения в домашних
выглядит in the following way:

  • 5 jerks;
  • 5 presses from the chest;
  • 5 squats.

Of course, the number of repetitions you can pick yourself
but for the greatest effect the above is recommended
number of times

With regular training and impeccable observance of all
rules, the final result will exceed all expectations.

The complex of exercises on the back

The uniqueness of the next training complex is that
упражнения с гирей на спину способствуют
strengthen all the muscles of the body. Consider the most эффективные из

  • push-ups with one hand, located on the projectile,
    the second is on the floor;
  • chest press with an even back;
  • squats with compressed “glands” in both palms;
  • lifting the projectile from the floor to chest level;
  • rotation of the simulator with both hands in different directions.

For the most effective effects, this complex should
уделять по 25 минут in a day.

Exercises with weights for triceps

In order to pump such a muscle as
трицепс, в home conditions, следует выполнять
следующие упражнения:

  • chest press in a lying position and standing;
  • extension of the palms in the slope;
  • press with one hand;
  • push-ups, leaning the upper limbs on the weights;
  • bench press using two weights.

Consider that to achieve the desired effect you will need
perform the full range of exercises. Since doing only one
classes from the above list, the expected results are not
will give.

For girls on all muscle groups

Rarely when you meet a girl, engaged in his figure with
помощью тяжелого inventory. But if you are one of them, next
The information is designed specifically for you.

Exercises with weights for all muscle groups for
более направлены на похудение, нежели на набор
mass or muscle pumping:

  • squats with simulators, with elbow bent arms;
  • breeding upper limbs with inventory in different
  • lunges with the leg opposite to the arm with the projectile;
  • bench press;
  • lateral thrust in the prone position;
  • straight and side curls on the press.

The above complex can be performed in the gym,
так и в home conditions. For the greatest efficiency, pay
каждому из упражнений по 10-15 минут in a day.

Video lesson

If you decide to do exercises with weights at home
conditions, but doubt the correctness of their actions,
Check out the video tutorial below.

Video »The most effective exercises with weight to all
muscle groups “:

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