Top painkillers for reviewsbuyers. How to choose a good painkiller?

Пт, 06 июл 2018 Автор: Элла Борисюк

Migraine attack, fracture, malignant tumor, poor quality
a torn tooth – unbearable pain can appear in many
reasons. In order to cope with pain
need to choose a good remedy for pain.



This drug is used for light and medium pain.
syndrome. The main ingredient is ibuprofen, which
slows down the synthesis of prostagladins. Medication in a small
quantity is composed of codeine – is a narcotic substance,
which affects the receptors of the central nervous system.
After taking the analgesic effect is. Besides,
The drug relieves fever, inflammation and cough syndrome.

The drug can be used in various battles:

• myalgia;

• migraine;

• pains at flu and ORVI;

• toothache;

• rheumatic.

The drug is made in the form of candles, suspensions, tablets, gel.
It is forbidden to use with renal, respiratory, cardiac
failure. Also, do not use when excessive
sensitivity to the components in the composition of the drug. After taking
There may be side reactions such as insomnia, anemia,
nausea, heartburn.


The drug is prescribed for moderate to severe pain.
sensations. It can also be used for traumatic pains,
inflammatory and vascular nature. Characterized by high
efficiency, fast and long lasting effects. The main
Tramadol acts as a component, which slows down the holding
nerve impulses.

Released agent in the form of tablets, candles, capsules, solution,
drops. Occasionally provokes undesirable effects such as
vomiting, dizziness, nausea. Renders sedative


This medication is related to anti-inflammatory
nonsteroid medications. The tool is used to eliminate
pain of mild and moderate severity. The main компонентом служит
diclofenac sodium, which inhibits the synthesis of prostagladins.

The drug is prescribed for bruises, sprains, inflammations.
после травм, зубной боли, лихорадочном syndrome. Released in the form
tablets, injections, gel. Valid for 6 hours after administration.
During treatment, adverse reactions such as
dizziness, irritability, disturbances in work
gastrointestinal tract. P postoperative time reduces


The drug is a non-opiate opioid.
painkiller. Среди опиоидных средств Butorphanol
is the most powerful. Effective even in small doses.
It is prescribed for severe pain after childbirth, for injuries, for
oncological diseases. It is released only in the form of ampoules for
injection. Very quickly cope with pain

The effect of the drug is observed up to 4 hours. Practically not
dependence is manifested after drug therapy. Is forbidden
carry out treatment when carrying a baby and breastfeeding. After
side effects such as
dizziness, vomiting, nausea, respiratory depression.


This is a very inexpensive pain reliever. Performing
drug of choice for pain in the head of a different nature. Composed
have acetylsalicylic acid, which helps fight
acute inflammatory process and anesthetic. Caffeine in
composition helps to expand the capillaries and eliminate pain. Paracetamol
the composition will help to deal with a headache if it occurs by
cause high temperature.

But since there is acetylsalicylic acid in the composition, the agent
categorically can not be given to children and people with disabilities
blood clotting. Also, the drug will have a negative impact.
with gout and stomach trouble.


A good remedy for pain, which is usually considered heart and
nervous medicine. But with certain types of pain in the head
means becomes irreplaceable. These pains include those that
appeared due to insomnia or overwork. Loose
nerves do not give the opportunity to sleep properly. Lack of normal
sleep leads to more problems with nerves, which leads to
dull headaches.

It is possible to overcome neurotic disorders at the initial stage.
due to sedation. Do not have to resort to
tranquilizers. Although the sedative effect is not
so strong, but the drug cannot be used by people whose
daily activities require increased attention.


Performing очень хорошим средством от боли, которое имеет
relation to the NSAID drug group. In addition to the painkiller
эффекта Nimesil оказывает сдерживающее воздействие на
acute inflammatory process and will not allow the spread
process further.

The drug is released in the granules from which the therapeutic is prepared.
solution. This form is convenient when inflammation is involved.
oral mucosa. Is forbidden употреблять препарат пациентам с
stomach ulcers and disorders blood clotting.
With a long-term reception of the funds may arise a number of third-party


The drug is also related to nonsteroidal
anti-inflammatory and characterized by pronounced
analgesic effect. But it is possible to use the tool
only after the dentist performed absolutely all manipulations
with a tooth. If the drug is used before visiting the doctor, then
be sure to warn him. This is due to the fact that anesthesia
can not fully act and will have to pick up another

The disadvantage of the tool is a number of contraindications to
application. Is forbidden использовать в детском возрасте, при
nursing a baby and breastfeeding. This drug
deserves the highest rating.

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