Top 5 Worst Husbands in the World

Пн, 18 май 2015 Автор: Яна Владыка

1. Leo Tolstoy

Everyone remembers Leo Tolstoy as a venerable old man with a magnificent light
beard, but in the photo above it is he – a genius writer in
the bloom of his youth. At 34, Tolstoy married himself altogether
young girl Sofya, who at that time only
turned 18 years old. But, despite so young age, the girl
tried to be a good wife. She was engaged in cooking, cleaning and
she managed to be a muse for her beloved one, who, in her
turn, was not faithful to his beautiful wife. Proven that for a lot
years of living together Leo Tolstoy changed Sofya at least 50 times! AND
it is at that moment when the exhausted and tired wife gave her
the last strength of the household and raising children who
spouses was … thirteen.

Sophia knew about her unfortunate husband’s adventures, but didn’t
he had no complaints and resignedly tolerated, knowing that if he left him,
then one cannot contain so many children. Although married to a great
the writer had periods of such lack of money that it was difficult to
enough even for food. In the end, Sophia gave all of herself to her family and
to her husband, but in return (especially towards the end of her life) she received only
indifference and rudeness on the part of Tolstoy.

2. Albert Einstein

Everyone knows Albert Einstein as an outstanding scientist. But not
many know the “dirty” details of his personal life. This
talented and great man was in this rating because
that one day, after 10 years of living together put on the table in front
his wife’s list, which listed the requirements for her.
Albert explained to his beloved such an act that he wants to save them.
marriage and build relationships. Here are some of the requirements of this.

– My wife is supposed to cook him at least three times a day.
favorite foods so that he was never hungry;

– my wife is supposed to wash all his clothes, iron and carefully
put in the closet;

– it is forbidden for the wife to scold and humiliate him, especially in the presence of them
children, because Albert wanted to be considered a real man and
strict father, so he could not be under the female

– it is forbidden to wife to blame Einstein for the fact that he flatly
refused to fulfill his marital duty;

– the wife is supposed to be silent when the husband wants it and does not
say a word to him until he gives permission;

– the wife is supposed to leave the room and leave Albert
alone with himself when he wishes.

ANDнтересно то, что жена Эйнштейна некоторое время действительно
dutifully fulfilled all the requirements of her husband. But a few years later their
the marriage still cracked at the seams, and no one can be blamed except
Einstein himself.

3. Karl Gustav Jung

All my life, this great psychologist has taught people that if
spend your whole life with one person, you will find that most unearthly
happiness that everyone has been trying so hard to find for centuries. but
contrary to his own teaching in everyday life, Carl Jung repeatedly
cheated on his wife with different young girls. Is it possible
preach that way of life that you don’t stick to? Jung
Proved that this is quite possible.

Among other things, he constantly morally raped his
beloved, pressed on her psychologically. He knew what and when to
say, to achieve the desired result for him. У Jungа
there was a gift – he knew how to feel even the person whom
I saw for the first time and knew how to call one or another of the interlocutor
the senses. Now imagine what his wife was like? She is long
was a book for him, so a subtle psychologist with
ease manipulated it. He went to the left, looking for new emotions,
inspiration, ideas, and when I got home I started to sand my wife,
who, despite everything, spent 50 years with him.

4. Alexander Blok

It cannot be said that he did not love his wife, because he does not have souls in her
have been drinking Only, Alexander had one very strange rule
which said that you can’t make love to someone you are so
love much, because this is a great insult. The block did not touch
to my wife after the wedding for over a year. but все это время его
sexual needs did not remain unmet. �”Remove
tension “prostitutes and casual acquaintances of the ladies helped.

Shy and silent girl had to seduce herself
her husband. But even when she did it, Alexander
said he did not want this to be repeated, because he
it is unpleasant that he gets up vile things with his beloved woman.

Blok’s philosophy was based on the idea that spiritual intimacy
– this is the most important thing that spouses can have, and the physical or
what Only to conceive a child. For this you can several times
to make an exception. Of course, this position is not quite satisfied
Blok’s wife. But she loved her husband and tried to accept him like this, with
all weirdness and zamorochkami. In our rating Alexander Blok
got not because he did not love and did not respect his wife, but just
vice versa. He idolized her too much and was afraid even with his finger
touch her graceful and innocent body. But the body outsiders
women he touched often and without the slightest embarrassment.

5. Amedeo Modigliani

The artist suffered all his life from alcohol and drugs
dependencies. He changed the girls like gloves. None of them
there was nothing serious. When young Jeanne appeared in his life,
then he was bewitched by her. The relationship began, and she even gave
Amedeo’s daughter, and after a few years she became pregnant again. And the whole
the background to the fact that one “beautiful” day a man wanted,
so Jeanne died with him. He started having serious problems.
with health, which is not strange, because his lifestyle left much to be desired
the best. Modigliani was afraid that when he went to the next world, he
will have to be separated from his beloved and he took a promise from her
which a faithful girl did after a while.
When the artist died, the girl was pregnant with her second child.
Having buried her husband, she committed suicide by jumping from a six-story
houses. Amedeo loved his wife so much that … he sentenced her to
of death.

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