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Are you afraid of shots or going to the dentist? Shakes you when
have to donate blood from a vein or are you terrified of going to

Modern medical procedures seem painful to you, and
modern medications are not effective?

When you find out what you have to go through
patients in the recent past – your fears immediately seem
funny and baseless.

Red-hot iron from hemorrhoids

Now there are many different methods to combat
hemorrhoids. Almost all of them are painless, because before each
During the procedure, pain medication is injected into the patient.

But our ancestors believed that hemorrhoids can be defeated with
iron, hot to the maximum temperature. Doctors inserted into
patient’s anus is a special armature made from hot
gland. Just imagine how patients felt in such
moment. Oh yeah, it is worth mentioning that in the Middle Ages did not exist
no painkillers. People simply did not know what anesthesia is.
what it is made of. Those who had hemorrhoids had to endure
hellish pain. The procedure had to be repeated several times. Many
patients just went crazy, because not everyone can
stay sane, even if you endure such torture.

Snail syrup for sore throat and ear inflammation

The best way to fight sore throat and otitis was once considered
snail syrup (by the way, it sounds beautiful). In order to cook
one portion of such magic swill, it was necessary to kill about
30 snails and throw them into the boiling water. However, some doctors
believed that fresh (not boiled) snails are much more efficient! If a
take a snail, take it out of the house and shove it in the sore ear for 10
hours, the patient will be much better. The interesting thing is that this
the method even helped.

Fortunately for today, the pharmacies are filled with all
necessary pills and potions, so the snails can sleep
calmly Everywhere except France, of course :)

Scorpions for the treatment of sexually transmitted diseases

Hundreds of years ago, people tried to rid themselves of venereal
diseases, using a special wine, which was prepared from
scorpions. Even today there are unique people who are holy
sure that such an extraordinary method of treatment is really
helps. Near Bangkok there are several villages in which
respect the old traditions. Their inhabitants to this day
believe that modern medicine can not cope so quickly
with diseases like the drugs that their ancestors invented. Wine from
Scorpions enjoy unheard of popularity there. It is very
expensive, because to prepare this drink, people risk their

It is rumored that wine not only helps people with venereal
diseases, but also is an excellent cure for impotence.

Dog excrement from sore throat

A great historian by the name of Roy once lived in Britain
Porter. Он являлся хорошим специалистом в области medicine. One
from his books Porter told the world that he had found an excellent method of struggle
with a sore throat. He gave the medicine a beautiful Latin name for
Latin language – “Album graecum”.

The greatest minds immediately rushed to look for ingredients that
necessary in order to make the same medicine. It turned out
that it contains only one single ingredient –
dried dog excrement. It even sounds nasty, right? BUT
there were those who dared to treat a sore throat in this way. Of course
However, such a strange medicine did not help anyone.

Bloodletting as a remedy for all diseases

Ever since antiquity, people believed that bloodletting from a vein
will help cleanse the body. Doctors believed that this process could
cure a person of any ailments. Whether it is diarrhea or pain in

In fact, the bloodletting helped some people. But that
There is an explanation: they suffered from high blood pressure, and
bloodletting significantly improved their condition.

Such a strange and dangerous method of treatment was used until the end of 19.
century. He was banned only when they could prove that he was not
effective and will not help patients get rid of diseases.

Dead toothpaste toothpaste

If a вас замучила дикая зубная боль, то не нужно больше терпеть.
To forget about it once and for all, you need to take a few
dead mice, chop them in a blender, for example, and the finished mixture
attach to the diseased tooth. Are you surprised? Did not like this recipe? BUT
Here the ancient Egyptians considered it a good way to fight

The patients hoped that such a magical paste would be for them.
real salvation, but they were wrong. 2 out of 7 people used
the mouse paste died from the infection.

Cannibalism is the best remedy for seizures.

The doctors of ancient Egypt and Rome were prescribed to people suffering
constant headaches and muscle cramps, medication, in
the composition of which included parts of human flesh, blood and crushed
bones. In Rome, this method of treatment has become quite popular, after all
there cadaver medicine was considered effective.

Rumor has it that there is a unique blood in gladiators
a substance that can cure anyone who suffers
epilepsy. In the markets you could meet merchants that sold
blood gladiators. People carried the most precious and precious things out of their homes.
gave the merchants blood so that they sold them a little
magic drink.

Headache craniotomy

In antiquity, severe headaches and epileptic seizures
treated with trepanning of the skull. Imagine how much
the person suffered, once he consented to such an operation. In the head
the patient was drilled into small holes. Do not forget that about
Anesthesia in those days, no one heard. Man to whom
сверлили череп, точно забывал обо всех своих жалобах, after all
experienced such pain, which could not be compared with his

About 45% of patients did not survive even to the end of the operation. They
died of pain shock.

Asthma smoking

Not so long ago (only 100-300 years ago) it was believed that
smoking will be a salvation for those who suffer from such a disease as
asthma. Трудно в это поверить, after all сейчас на каждом здании
anti-smoking advertising is flaunting and more and more people are
promoting a healthy lifestyle.

When scientists have discovered how detrimental nicotine affects health
man, then immediately told the news to the whole world. After them
statements doctors stopped advising smoking to asthmatics.

Heroin insomnia syrup

In 1898, Friedrich Bayer earned about 45 billion euros in
year (in terms of today’s money) because he invented
completely new universal medicine – heroin syrup. Them
tried to treat a variety of diseases, but it was believed that he
especially well helped from insomnia.

Bayer’s company earned so much money because syrup
addictive, so patients acquired it whole
in boxes.

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