Top 10 effective exercises for the press

effektivnie-uprazhneniya-dlya-pressaAbdominal and Back Muscles
are an integral part of strong bark muscles that help
maintain correct posture and allow you to comfortably hold
wellness training and follow your usual everyday

While doing our list of effective exercises for the press
at home does not require any special
expensive equipment but you can also spend
full training using a variety of modern
simulators under the guidance of a professional instructor.


Top 10 effective exercises for the press

Cycling twists

According to many experts in the field of fitness, “bike”
is one of the best exercises for abdominal work
press and is one of the varieties of twisting. For
Lie down on your back and imitate your foot movements as
as if you are riding a bicycle, alternately touching your elbows
opposite knees.

Captain’s chair

�”Captain’s Chair”, despite its so exotic name,
is a completely familiar component of absolutely any
the gym and looks like a rack with two soft
stands for hands.

For выполнения упражнения установите стойку на такой высоте,
to prevent the feet from contacting the surface of the floor, and take the original
position on the simulator, leaning on the forearms, body
located vertically. Start lifting your legs slowly and
controlled movement until the hip line
parallel to the floor, then at the same pace, return to the starting


Fitball twists

This exercise is one of the variations of the standard
twisting, allowing you to train more efficiently and
varied, and performed supine on a training ball.
These twists help to bring more muscles into the work,
which is able to provide a more complete training.

Vertical twists

Vertical crunches are another version of standard curls,
for which you will need to lie on your back, raise your legs
perpendicular up and cross the ankles. In this source
position start to perform the usual for you standard
twisting, lifting your shoulders.

This is an incredibly effective lower press exercise.
accumulates additional tension in the muscles, making it
Extremely useful for quick results.


Reverse twists

Instead of lifting shoulders, in reverse twists
for intensive training abdominals lift
thighs Start the exercise in position on the back, legs bent in
knees so that your lower legs are parallel to the floor. Arrangement hands
parties, proceed to tightening the knees to the chest, lifting

Press Clip

This is a special device that allows you to effectively
work out and tone the abdominals, as well as
tighten belly Structurally consists of a roller and two

For выполнения упражнения встаньте на колени, установите ролик
in front of you and, leaning on him, push forward to the maximum
possible distance, then in the same position return to
изначальное position.


This is my favorite static exercise for abdominal.
the press, which also effectively strengthens the muscles of the lower part
back and buttocks. Performed in the supine position, legs bent
at the knees, the body represents one straight line. Hold that
body position, at least counting to 30.

Double twists

Popular isometric (static) exercise for the press,
which is fairly easy to perform and helps make the stomach flat
and elastic.

For этого лягте на спину и поднимите ноги, согнутые в коленях.
Then, lifting the shoulders, additionally try to press
knees to the chest, reducing the abdominal muscles as much as possible. Stay in
for 30 seconds and relax.

Body turns

For выполнения этого упражнения лягте на пол и поднимите,
legs bent at the knees. Then, turning from side to side
lower torso, knees on the floor on each side,
keeping them tightly compressed.

Body slopes

Tilts are performed standing, and are able to provide beautiful
completion of a workout for the abdominal muscles. Stand up straight
feet shoulder width, in your right hand hold a dumbbell. Lift up
left hand over your head and bend to the right side. Make 20
repetitions, then do the exercise in the other direction.

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