Top 10 best exercises for abdominalpress

luchshie-uprazhneniya-dlya-brushnogo-pressaBeautiful belly
is one of the most desirable parts of the body, both for women and
for men.

А наличие четко очерченного брюшного press заставляет вас
look really perfect in the eyes of others.

And if you decide to tidy up your belly, all you
you need to – regularly carry out our list of the 10 best exercises for
брюшного press и пересмотреть свой дневной рацион питания.


Top 10 best exercises for abdominal press

Lifting torso

This old-fashioned execution model is still one of
самых эффективных упражнений для press, которые вы можете
to do.

Although over the past many years torso lifts have been
excluded from most people’s training programs because
can cause lower back pain if performed incorrectly but you
yet there are still quite a few fitness enthusiasts who consider this
the exercise is still indispensable and effective even in our



Traditional twisting is another exercise that
practiced for decades, thanks to its high
recoil. The secret to getting the most out of twisting lies in
their proper implementation.

As a rule, if you can do more than 30 repetitions,
feeling no fatigue you either do them wrong or
you need to add more resistance. Always follow
twisting at a slow, controlled pace, and if you’re not
feel your muscles burning, try adding some

Captain’s chair

Often this exercise is referred to as “vertical lifting of the legs.”
or “Captain’s chair”, but somehow, it is one of the most
effective exercises for a thin waist.

In one study, 13 of the most
распространенных упражнений для press, чтобы определить, какие же
of these, have the greatest effect on the rectus abdominis muscle. AND
it turned out that the “captain’s chair” was one of the most
effective and can be done in two ways: with bent
knees or straight legs.

Exercise with straight legs is a more difficult option, but
even if you are strong enough to do it, you still
it is necessary to perform part of the exercise with knees bent,
since in this case your press will work somewhat


Reverse twists

As the name implies, reverse twists are
the opposite of the traditional. That is, instead of
take your shoulders off the floor, use the lower abdominal area
press, чтобы поднять бедра и подтянуть их к груди, колени слегка

Cycling twists

Cycling twists являются еще одним лучшим упражнением
для работы брюшного press и способны помочь вам быстро уменьшить

To do this, lie on the floor, lift your legs, bent in
lap and start making movements as if you were twisting
bicycle pedals while trying to elbow
opposite knee. Like other twists, do it.
slow, smooth and controlled movements.

Russian twist

This exercise can be performed both on the floor and on
sloping bench. Of course, on the bench to make it easier and more convenient
because you can keep your body balanced
kicks. Therefore, performing the exercise on the floor, you
you need to think about how to fix the legs, for example, you can
use a heavy pancake from a barbell or furniture.

Shift your torso back a little so that your back is under
angle of 45 degrees to the floor surface, hands with dumbbells or weight from
rods straight ahead. Then start doing alternate
maximum turns of the upper body until it stops at the sides.



This exercise is designed to work your upper body and your
пресс, помогая подтянуть stomach.

To perform it, you can use it as a simulator type
�”Top block” and a dumbbell or a heavy training ball
(medbol). Grab the handle and hold it at shoulder level, stand up
sideways and far enough away from the simulator, so that you feel
good tension, then turn the torso as if you were
chop down a tree, lowering your arms diagonally downwards. Rotational
body movement perfectly accumulates the load on the oblique muscles

Lifting legs

Lie on your back and lift your legs up at a right angle, not
bending at the knees. When the legs are upright,
begin to raise them even higher, tearing the buttocks off the floor. it
полезное упражнение для нижнего press, косых мышц живота и

Front plate

it довольно распространенное изометрическое (статическое)
Exercise is often used in yoga and dance. For its implementation
lean on forearms and toes, feet shoulder-width apart
тела прямая, мышцы press дополнительно напряжены. Hold
this position for 45 – 60 seconds.

Fitball Exercises

Fitball, which is also called “training” or
�”Swiss ball”, can be found in any gym or buy
at a sports store for about $ 20.

Performing any упражнения для press в домашних условиях на
fitball makes it more difficult and efficient. Almost every
of these can be done on the ball, for example, standard and
diagonal twist, Russian twist, plank, bridge – it all depends
from your imagination.

Even a simple balancing on the ball in any position.
engages all your major muscle groups to maintain
body balance.

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