Tonsillitis – causes, symptoms, diagnosis,treatment

Wed, 04 May 2016

Tonsillitis is called an upper respiratory infection, which
manifested by inflammation of the tonsils. By the nature of the flow
тонзиллит бывает острым (известен как ангина) или
chronic. Chronic tonsillitis suffers from 12% to 15%.
child population and from 4% to 10% adult.

Tonsillitis – causes

Most often acute tonsillitis is caused by viruses and
streptococci, less often – mycoplasmas and chlamydia. Transmission Path
infections – airborne, the source – sick carriers.

With the wrong treatment or lack of it, weakened
body or the presence of other chronic diseases acute
tonsillitis can become chronic, which
characterized by periodic exacerbations. Chronic tonsillitis
is a source of infection in the body, which weakens its strength and
spreads the infection to other organs. Most often these
complications affect the heart and kidneys.

Chronic tonsillitis также может развиваться при стойком
violation of nasal breathing (for example, in the case of nasal curvature
septum, enlarged lower turbinates, nasal polyps, etc.
d.). The reasons for the local nature include the presence
infectious foci in adjacent organs.

Important factors for the development and course of chronic
tonsillitis are a weakening of the body’s immune forces and
allergic conditions that can act as a cause
chronic tonsillitis, and its consequence.

Tonsillitis – Symptoms

Acute tonsillitis is characterized by rapid fever.
up to 39 ° C, chills, headache, sore throat,
aggravated by swallowing, pain in muscles and joints. After 5-7
days, if there are no complications, the main clinical symptoms
diseases in the form of fever, intoxication, inflammatory changes in
the tonsils pass, however, the lymph nodes may remain
increased to 10-12 days.

The main signs of chronic tonsillitis are
recurring sore throats. It also appears permanent or
recurrent pain when swallowing, pain in the submandibular region
lymph nodes, sore throat, bad breath,
expectoration of purulent congestion, sometimes with subfebrile temperature.
May be disturbed by pain in the heart and joints.

Tonsillitis – diagnosis

Diagnose tonsillitis with the definition of its form and stage
can only doctor – otolaryngologist, after analyzing the totality
common and local signs, as well as based on anamnestic
data, objective symptoms and laboratory values
bacteriological examination.

Тонзиллит – treatment и профилактика

Консервативное treatment острого тонзиллита включает в себя
antibiotic therapy, tonsil lavage (to remove
purulent plugs) and lubrication solution Lugol, physiotherapy

One of the prerequisites for the treatment of acute tonsillitis
is bed rest, which is necessary to accelerate
recovery and prevention of complications. Also to remove
pathogens and their decay products from the body
the patient is prescribed plenty of warm drink (preferably alkaline). Purulent
sore throats are treated with the mandatory use of antibiotics, as well as
drugs that relieve swelling and reduce allergic condition
organism (antihistamines).

It must be remembered that with the wrong treatment of acute tonsillitis
or in its absence, it becomes chronic!

Профилактическое консервативное treatment хронического тонзиллита
consists in carrying out the whole complex of medical procedures. They
contribute to the destruction of pathogenic microflora, constantly
located in the lacunae of the tonsils, improving the drainage of the tonsils,
correction of the patient’s immune system. These procedures
consist in washing the lacunae of the tonsils, smearing the tonsils
antiseptic solutions, carrying out physiotherapy
procedures, the use of immunomodulatory agents. Such a course of treatment
should be held twice a year.

Когда консервативное treatment оказывается неэффективным, либо
high risk of complications, use surgical method of treatment
tonsillitis, which may have the form:

– tonsillotomy, which is to remove the tonsils or their
pruning; – operation based on cryomethod (destruction
damaged cold tissue);

Preventing acute tonsillitis is to maintain
immunity in tone, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and tempering
procedures. Prevention of exacerbations of chronic tonsillitis
is to treat tonsils and increase resistance
organism, as well as in the elimination of other sources of infection:
adenoiditis, dental caries, diseases of the sinuses of the nose.


Sweetheart 01/23/2016 I also wanted to add that if tonzilit has
protracted and chronic, it makes sense to visit the dentist,
for an infection of the oral cavity may well affect itself.
nasopharynx and even the gastrointestinal tract. I suffered for a long time with sore throats, already
I wanted to remove the tonsils before it was time to do the gums
(bleeding). The doctor prescribed a professional paste and rinsing
(Mexidol-dent), I diligently cleaned and rinsed. Then later somewhere
a month I realized that I had never been bothered by a throat. Generally
my happiness was so unexpected))

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