Tomato salads – the best recipes. howcorrectly and tasty to cook salads from tomatoes.

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Tomato salads – general principles and methods

Is it possible to imagine today that several centuries ago
ago our ancestors were afraid of this plant and even considered a tomato
poisonous? Since then, more than 200 years have passed, and today we are not
we think of no feast without this bright and juicy vegetable. Or
fruit? By the way, a moot point. US Supreme Court still 1893
year recognized, and unanimously, that when paying customs duties
Tomatoes should be considered vegetables. But in the comments to this decision.
it was recorded – from a botanical point of view, tomatoes are real

This confusion was not resolved, but consolidated by the European Union in 2001: it
recognized tomatoes (fruits of tomatoes) … fruits. The secret is that
EU rules it is legal to export jams and jams
only from fruits, so tomatoes equated to them
the ability to produce and sell delicious abroad
canned foods. In Russian botany, tomato is taken
considered a vegetable, but for us it is not so important, the main thing – from
appetizing and healthy tomatoes you can cook a lot
great salads than we are happy to do!

Tomato salads – food preparation

The taste and type of salad, of course, depends on the quality of the products and
proper preparation. Nothing can ruin a dish like
a small grain of sand on the tooth, so washing the food
We pay great attention. The celery salad is separated from the greens
roots, clean dark places and soak in cold water for at least
for an hour, washed, replacing the water. The green salad leaves are separated,
washed in cold water several times, allowed to drain with
sieve, dry. Tomatoes pick ripe, but strong, sometimes
a little unripe. If you need to peel – tomato
incised and scalded with boiling water – the peel is easily removed. Bow
choose large and sweet. Excess bitterness can be removed by washing.
rings in cold water and sprinkled with vinegar.

Tomato salads – the best recipes

Recipe 1: Cucumber and Tomato Salad

Probably, this is the easiest thing you can think of among salads.
It would seem – what could be simpler than cutting a couple of tomatoes
and cucumbers, fall asleep with greens and … But here begins the most
interesting. Refueling! Options for refueling can be several, all
depends on what dish is served
salad: – sour cream; – mayonnaise; -exus with salt and vegetable
oil; – olive oil with lemon juice and mustard; – yogurt +
mayonnaise in equal quantities; -kefir with mashed garlic and salt. AT
In our case, for refueling, choose what is in the house.


4 tomatoes, 2 cucumbers, greens (green onions, dill, parsley,
cilantro – all to choose from, at least 1 ingredient).

Способ preparations

We cut cucumbers and tomatoes into slices, finely chop lettuce.
Refueling – to choose from. ATот и все! Easy to cook, easy to eat,
easy to learn. Eat this salad every day, especially in summer
– it has a lot of vitamins!

Recipe 2: Salad for the winter of tomatoes

AT этом овощном салатике помидоры играют главенствующую роль.
ATыбираем крепкие слегка не дозревшие плоды, подготавливаем банки и
caps for seaming, as well as a container in which it is convenient to sterilize
our blanks.

Ingredients: Помидоры (2 кг), перец сладкий(1
kg), carrots (500 g), onions (1.5 kg), parsley root (200
g), vinegar (300 g), black pepper (10 peas), salt,
laurel lit, carnation, parsley.

Способ preparations

Tomatoes of medium size are cut into 6 – 8 parts. Pepper clean
from seeds and cut into 2×2 squares, carrots and root
Parsley cut into strips, cut greens. ATсе перемешиваем,
adding vinegar and salt. Boil cooking oil separately
a few minutes, add spices, mix with vegetables. Unfolding
salad in prepared jars, sterilize for 40 minutes and roll up.
Enjoy this salad anytime, even when
window blizzard, and until the summer is far away.

Recipe 3: Salad with Chicken and Tomatoes

Most impressive this nourishing salad will look in
portion salads. Tomatoes – from the garden or greenhouse, enough
red in this salad will be very tasty. Chicken breast
boil, for smokers can take a smoked finished
breast, but then the salad will cease to be easy.

Ingredients: Помидоры (4 шт), куриное филе (400
gr), red onion (1 piece), green salad, mayonnaise (2 tbsp. l.) yogurt (2
Art. l), celery (1 pc), salt.

Способ preparations

Boil the fillet in salted water, cool and chop finely.
We cut onions and celery finely. And now attention! Tomato cut
on 8 parts, without cutting it to the end, we decompose it – should
get an original flower with 8 petals. At the bottom of the bowl
put the chopped lettuce, then the tomato, inside the flower
we lay out the fillet mixed with onions, celery, mayonnaise,
yogurt and greens. ATот такой куриный цветок-помидорчик —
beautiful and appetizing!

Recipe 4: Salad with shrimps and tomatoes

Easy sweet and sour dressing with garlic and greens and
Delicate taste of shrimp, and all this against the background of ripe red tomatoes!
It is very tasty, beautiful and festive.

Ingredients: Очищенные креветки( 100 гр),
tomatoes (2-3 pieces), garlic (2-3 cloves), vegetable oil (better
olive), lemon juice, parsley, ground pepper, salt, pinch
sugar (you can take half a spoon of honey).

Способ preparations

Marinade: half of parsley mixed with finely chopped
garlic, add honey, olive oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper,
mix everything well – it should be very tasty
dressing. We defrost the shrimp and drain the liquid. Put them on
10-15 minutes in the marinade. Cut the tomatoes into slices. ATыкладываем в
bowl of tomatoes, mix them with shrimp, lightly salt and pepper,
mix gently and fill with dressing. ATыкладываем в красивый
salad bowl and decorate with remaining greens.

Recipe 5: Salad with mozzarella and tomatoes

Italians call this salad “Caprese.” Chic Summer Dish –
great snack for any feast. It is very colorful, has
exquisite taste and, like all tomato salads, light in
cooking. For this salad choose the best tomatoes –
best “ladies finger” or “oxen heart.” How beautiful
miniature cherry tomatoes can look in this salad!


Mozzarella cheese (400 gr), tomatoes (500 gr), basil, black
pepper, olive oil, dill, parsley, lemon juice.

Способ preparations:

Largely cut the cheese into cubes. Tomatoes cut into neat slices.
Mix chopped greens with lemon juice, season with spices.
and olive oil – pouring is ready. ATыкладываем дольки помидоров
on a dish, alternately alternating them with mozzarella pieces, pour
dressing, decorate the middle and edges of the salad with greens.

Tomato salads – useful tips from experienced chefs

– At overripe watery tomatoes when making salad
can remove the seeds. It is better to cut them across the axis.

– Ready ingredients are best kept in the refrigerator,
wrap them in a damp cloth and put them in a storage bag
products. Do not chop the herbs beforehand – they will turn black and lose

– howую заправку выбрать? ATо многом это зависит от используемой
greenery. Parsley and dill are best combined with mayonnaise and
sour cream, salad greens with vinegar-oil dressing, and for
celery is best lemon juice.

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