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Чт, 05 окт 2017 Автор: Марина ATыходцева

How many winter holidays and feasts! It is desirable to
prepare them in advance, stock up on good alcohol. Pear
tincture – one of the best options that can be easily made in
home conditions.

The drink will delight sunny taste, pleasant aroma and
sure to cheer up.


Настойка из груши в home conditions — общие принципы

In general, you can use any pears for tinctures, but no
make sense to make a drink of unripe, tough fruit or
use bad varieties without flavor. Taste alcohol base when
This will not change much, and time and products will be spent. It is better
choose fragrant and ripe pears that ripen naturally
way to the sun. If there are dents on the fruit or
rot, all this can be cut. Next, the fruit is cut into pieces,
filled with alcohol-based.

Than poured pears:

• vodka;

• moonshine;

• alcohol.

Of course, there are tinctures and other drinks, but very
seldom. In addition to the pear can be added other berries or fruits, there is
lots of recipes with spices and roots, which is also worth
to try. All these products are filled with alcohol base,
sealed, left to insist for at least a month. AT
Some recipes add sugar, honey, which improves and
improves the final taste of the drink.

Классическая настойка из груши в home conditions

Самый простой рецепт preparations настойки из груши в домашних
conditions. It is very important in this variant not to use for a drink.
fresh fruit, and it is correct to put them up. AT этом случае водке
sunny and summer taste.


• 1 kg of pears;

• 2 liters of vodka;

• 2 tbsp. l Sahara.

Способ preparations

1.•ATымыть груши, нарезать небольшими кусочками, разложить на
baking tray and take out in the sun. Give the fruit a bit of a hitch
from above they should dry out. If it is not possible to dry the pears on
air, you can put on the smallest mode in the oven,
cook with the door ajar.

2. • Pour the pears into the jar.

3. • Mix vodka with granulated sugar, pour over the pieces.
prepared fruit. Be sure to close the can to alcohol
did not evaporate. An ordinary nylon cover will do.

4. • Remove to a cool dark place for 1.5 months. Periodically
You can shake the jar slightly.

5. • Strain pear tincture, squeeze the fruit pieces.
It is recommended to filter the drink with a piece of cotton or
use several layers of gauze to fine particles not
hit it.

6. • Pour into bottles, close with tight lids, put away on
storage, cool before use.

Настойка из груши в home conditions с изюминкой

The highlight in this tincture is the most common raisins. From
The selected variety depends directly on the flavor. Light and transparent raisins
It does not taste like a product from dark grapes.
You can make several types of such tincture to choose.


• 300 grams of pear;

• 50 grams of raisins;

• 1 liter of vodka.

Способ preparations

1. • Raisins should be thoroughly washed, but in no case
soak, excess water in the tincture is not needed. ATысыпать виноградины
on a paper towel, dry it.

2. • Cut pears into slices. Fold in jar, add raisins. These
the products themselves are sweet, so you can not put sugar.

3. • Pour the pears with raisin vodka, close the can, send to
dark place. Cold is optional, you can simply put in the kitchen

4. • A month later, get the tincture, shake it thoroughly, leave
for another 4 weeks.

5. • Strain the vodka through 4 layers of gauze, squeeze the rest of the fruit.
Leave the drink in a closed jar for another day.

6. • Drain the tincture from the sediment that has gathered on the bottom. Can it
just gently make or use a thin hose
(tube), which is used in winemaking.

7. • Pour the finished pear tincture into bottles, cork.

Пряная настойка из груши в home conditions

Для preparations такой настойки из груши в home conditions
will need some spices. If you suddenly do not like certain
flavors, these ingredients can be simply eliminated or reduced.


• 2 bottles of vodka;

• 2 star star anise;

• 1 sticks of cinnamon;

• 350 grams of pears;

• 2 cloves;

• 1 vanilla pod;

• 1 ч. l saffron.

Способ preparations

1. • Cut into slices of pear, put on a baking sheet,
pre-laid parchment. Put in the oven,
dry at 70 degrees for 2 hours. It is advisable not to close the door,
let there be a small gap above.

2.•ATынуть фрукты, пересыпать в jar.

3. • Add a pear to the pears, broken into several

4.•ATыложить все остальные пряности по списку. In no case
do not use vanilla powder. AT этом случае лучше продукт
to exclude. Also, you can not take ground spices from the bags, as
their composition often has nothing to do with a natural product,
for tinctures such options are not suitable.

5. • Pour it all over with two bottles of vodka, cork up, put away
kitchen cabinet or in the pantry.

6. • Insist vodka 1.5-2 months.

7. • Strain, throw away everything superfluous.

8.•Fromфильтровать настойку через кусочек марли, чтобы избавиться
from dregs and random small particles, bottled,
to close.

Настойка из груши в home conditions с орехом (на

Moonshine has a specific flavor, but it is easy to get rid of.
One pear can not cope with this; pine nuts will be needed.
Sometimes walnuts are used in a similar way.


• 3 pears;

• 50 grams of nuts;

• 1 liter of moonshine;

• 1,5 ложки коричневого Sahara.

Способ preparations

1. • Chop a pear, you can pre-dry, pour in

2. • Wash pine nuts, towel dry, pour to

3. • Pour the sugar.

4. • Add the brew to the jar, close, shake.

5.•ATыдержать настойку два месяца в темном месте.

6. • Strain through several layers of gauze, bottled,
leave in a dark place for another couple of weeks. If necessary, remove
with sediment.

Настойка из груши в home conditions с медом

Pears themselves have a honey flavor, and this tincture
получится выше всех похваl The aroma and taste will depend directly
from used honey. To obtain a pronounced flavor can
take the crap. Light and soft smell can be obtained with floral,
lime honey.


• 500 grams of pears;

• 80 grams of honey;

• 1 liter of vodka.

Способ preparations

1. • Mix honey with vodka, close and shake well, until everything is

2. • Cut into slices of pear, spread out on a baking sheet or on
tray, leave in a ventilated place for a day. Top pieces
should dry out.

3. • Transfer prepared pears to a jar, pour honey
vodka, gently shake. No need to shake much, otherwise
the pieces will be rumpled, broken, we do not need it.

4. • Remove the closed jar for 4-5 weeks in the cellar or just in
pantry with a temperature not higher than 20 degrees.

5. • Get a jar, strain vodka, squeeze fruit pieces.

6. • Pour honey tincture into the bottle, cork.

Настойка из груши в home conditions «Рождественская»

Another recipe for pear and spice tinctures, which is very
просто и легко готовится в home conditions. AT качестве основы
You can use vodka or moonshine.


• 30 grams of ginger;

• 3 cloves;

• 1 vanilla stick;

• 700 grams of pears;

• 1.2 liters of vodka;

• 130 грамм Sahara.

Способ preparations

1. • Cut the pears into slices, discard the seeds with the stubs.

2. • Peel the ginger root and cut into thin slices.

3. • At the bottom of the can throw a clove, put cinnamon sticks.

4.•ATысыпать немного груш, чтобы они закрыли дно. Sprinkle
sugar, scatter pieces of ginger.

5. • Spread a layer of pears again, sprinkle with sugar and slices.
ginger Collect all the layers until the products run out.

6. • Pour the contents of the can with alcohol, close the nylon
a lid.

7. • Keep warm for 4 weeks. Every 3-4 days

8. • Strain the tincture, bottled, put on tight
covers, remove before Christmas. If sediment is collected at the bottom, then
gently drain it.

Настойка из груши в home conditions на спирту

ATариант очень крепкой, насыщенной грушевой настойки. She is
It is prepared with the addition of water, or rather sugar syrup. Technology
will be completely different.


• 1 kg of pears;

• 0.6 liters of alcohol;

• 100 grams of sugar;

• 150 ml of water.

Способ preparations

1. • Wash the pears, cut each in half, carefully select
stub together with seeds.

2. • Grate the clean pulp, but not a fine grater

3. • Add alcohol to the pears, stir. The resulting mass
put in a big jar, cover with a tight lid, put in
warm place.

4. • Every 4 days, the future tincture needs intensively

5. • After 4 weeks, strain the mass through the folded into 4 layers.

6. • Boil sugar and water syrup. Dissolve on low heat,
after boiling off, cool.

7. • Connect the pear tincture with the syrup, stir, leave on
3 days, then filtered, bottled.

Настойка из груши в home conditions — полезные советы и

• Not all berries can be added to a pear tincture. For example,
blackberries, blueberries and honeysuckle can give an ugly blue tint,
you need to be extremely careful with them.

• ATо время настаивания продукт максимально отдает аромат.
Therefore, it is not necessary to add a lot of spices to the jar with vodka.
get too rich and bitter drink.

• Tincture of pear can not only be drunk, but also
use in cocktails. It can be added to some dishes and
even used for medicinal purposes.

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