Thyroiditis – causes, symptoms, diagnosis,treatment

Tue, 03 May 2016

Тиреоидит (Аутоиммунный тиреоидит) – это
inflammation of the thyroid gland leading to formation in the body
antibodies and lymphocytes that start to conflict with cells
your thyroid gland, resulting in cell death
glands. This disease is diagnosed in people of middle age.
groups (40-50 years), although, according to statistics, in recent years
thyroiditis is increasingly manifested in young people, sometimes in children.

Autoimmune thyroiditis is divided into several

– Chronic thyroiditis (autoimmune thyroiditis Hashimoto)
develops due to a sharp increase in antibodies, as well as a special
формы лимфоцитов, уничтожающих клетки щитовидной glands. it
leads to a dramatic decrease in the amount of thyroid produced
gland hormones. The disease has a clearly defined genetic
form. – Postpartum thyroiditis occurs more frequently than others. Disease
occurs due to body overload during pregnancy and
cases of predisposition. – Painless (silent)
thyroiditis is analogous to postpartum, however, until now
time is not identified the reason for his appearance. – Cytokine-induced
thyroiditis occurs in patients with a diagnosis of “Hepatitis C” or with
болезнями крови, если treatment проводилось интерфероном.

Thyroiditis – causes

Despite the genetic predisposition, there are
additional factors that provoke thyroiditis:

– transferred acute respiratory diseases; – negative
environmental impact, excessive consumption of chlorine, iodine and fluoride in food and
water; – foci of chronic diseases (in carious teeth, palatine
tonsils, in the sinuses of the nose); – Stressful situations; – radiation
exposure or prolonged exposure to the sun; – uncontrolled
taking hormonal and iodine-containing drugs;

Thyroiditis – Symptoms

In most cases, the disease proceeds sufficiently.
imperceptibly, without characteristic symptoms. Very rarely the patient complains
easy fatigue, joint pain, weakness and unpleasant
sensations in the place of the thyroid gland – a lump in the throat and feeling

Postpartum thyroiditis is manifested by fatigue, sharp
weakness and weight loss. Sometimes a malfunction of the thyroid gland
causes tachycardia, feeling hot, excessive sweating,
insomnia and mood imbalance.

Cytokine-induced thyroiditis has virtually no effect on
state of health of the patient. You can only identify it with

Painless (silent) thyroiditis is characterized by lung
нарушениями функций щитовидной glands.

Thyroiditis – diagnosis

Until there are disruptions in the thyroid gland, which
can be detected by tests, the disease is diagnosed almost
is impossible. Only laboratory tests allow you to set
absence (or presence) of thyroiditis. Laboratory research

– complete blood count; – immunogram; – level determination
thyroid-stimulating hormone in the serum; –
fine needle biopsy; – thyroid ultrasound;

If even one of the signs of the disease is in the results
research is missing, autoimmune thyroiditis is diagnosed
can not. Suspected gland changes on the ultrasound performed
is evidence of the manifestation of the disease, unless other tests
give grounds for a similar conclusion.

Тиреоидит – treatment и профилактика

There are currently no effective treatments.
thyroiditis. In the case of the thyrotoxic phase of the disease, i.e.
the appearance of thyroid hormones in the blood is not recommended
prescription drugs that inhibit thyroid activity
glands (propitsil, tiamazol, carbimazole).

If a thyroiditis patient has a violation
apply cardiovascular treatment
beta blockers. When subacute thyroiditis occurs
(inflammation of the thyroid gland) used nonsteroid
anti-inflammatory drugs (metindol, voltaren, indomethacin).
In case of a sudden increase in gland size, it is recommended
surgical intervention.

With the detection of thyroiditis, which proceeds without explicit
disorders of the thyroid gland, the patient should be under
constant medical supervision to timely diagnose
и начать treatment проявлений гипотиреоза (уменьшение вырабатываемых
thyroid hormone).

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