Thyme – medicinal properties and application inmedicine

Wed, 20 Jul 2016

Thyme – General Description

Чабрец обыкновенный — это многолетний
creeping shrub, whose height reaches 35
centimeters. Thyme leaves are small, besides, dotted with
in small dots, these are glands containing essential oil.
The mauve flowers of thyme are small, at the ends of the twigs they
collected in capitate inflorescences. The fruits of the plant are
dark brown nuts having an elliptical shape. Thyme blossoms in
June-July, and in August and September its fruits ripen.

Thyme is considered an ancient medicinal plant. More Avicenna
mentioned it in the Canon of Medicine. Ancient healer
believed that thyme is able to drive urine, counteract rotting,
kill lice, deal with insect bites and take off your head
pain. Today thyme is even more widely used.

Thyme – types and places of growth

Thyme can be met in the north and in central Russia, in
Armenia, Belarus, in Kazakhstan, in Siberia and the Urals, in the southern
the slopes of the Crimean mountains, in sandy and stony steppes, on the outskirts
pine forests in stony tundra.

Thyme – medicinal properties

Thyme has disinfecting and expectorant properties, and
because the tool is used in diseases of the upper respiratory tract,
any kind of cough, chronic bronchitis, pneumonia,
bronchial asthma, whooping cough. Thyme is especially effective when
the process begins to subside.

Thyme – dosage forms

The most valuable raw materials are the tops of flowering thyme.
or some of its leaves. Thyme grass is harvested when the plant
blooms. It is necessary to pluck the branches, not pulling the plant from
root, then dry them outdoors, spreading it on a cloth or
paper. Dried raw materials are sieved, removing thick stems. Keep
Thyme can be harvested for 2 years. As a rule, thyme is cooked
infusions, decoctions, tea, add thyme and in the bathroom when bathing.

Thyme Recipes

Thyme effectively treats problems with the lungs. So, with bronchitis
or bronchial asthma will help infusion of thyme. For this you need
tablespoon of prepared raw material pour a glass of boiling water, then
a couple of hours to insist the mixture in a thermos. Take this infusion
thyme should be after eating a tablespoon three times or four times
day, children need to reduce the dosage to a teaspoon.

For dry throat, as well as for laryngitis, collecting from
thyme with leaves of chamomile flowers and plantain, which are taken in
equal quantities. A tablespoon of such a collection should be poured
a glass of boiling water, insist and take an hour then three times a day
tablespoon 15-20 minutes before meals.

Cough “smokers” will help cure herbal tea. For one
part of thyme, you will need 2 parts of hawthorn fruit or flowers and
part of the leaves of black currant. A tablespoon of such a collection should
brew a glass of boiling water for 6-8 hours to insist in
thermos, and after taking 3-4 times a day for a third cup.

Thyme tincture copes with joint and muscular pains – its
must be used as a rubbing. For cooking
tinctures half a half-liter bottle should be filled with fresh
leaves and flowers of thyme. Then pour a couple glasses of vodka and
leave the bottle for 2 weeks to insist. Thereafter
filter tincture and squeeze the grass. This tincture can not
only to rub the joints, but also to take it inside after eating
30-40 drops.

In the treatment of prostatitis and impotence will help regular
drinking tea, in which there is thyme. For his
cooking should be brewed in a thermos on a tablespoon of oregano and
mint, and 3-4 tablespoons of thyme. Pour all boiling water. Infusion
stand all night, then drink it the next day.
Periodically add to this infusion can be St. John’s wort, lime or
dog rose

Thyme baths will help rejuvenate and cleanse the skin.
It is enough to boil the thyme, filter it and pour the broth into
bathroom. Take a bath should be about 20 minutes.

Thyme oil can stimulate biologically active points,
thereby adding energy. You can make butter
on their own. For what herb thyme should pour vegetable
or olive oil and month insist. The longer to endure, the
it is better. Before use, the right amount of oil should
filter and rub clockwise into points on the body.

Thyme is used in cooking, as a rule, in
form of seasoning. It goes well with fish and fatty dishes.
It is especially useful to spice up thyme dishes to men, because in this
grass contains zinc, which has a positive effect on sexual

Thyme – contraindications

The active ingredient of thyme is thymol. With an overdose
Thymol can cause hyperfunction of the thyroid gland. Also not
Thyme should be taken by pregnant women. And also to those who
suffers from kidney diseases, duodenal ulcers
intestines and stomach.


Polina 05/10/2016 I wonder if it is possible to give a thyme decoction
small children? At my nieces, 2.6 years old, come from somewhere
bronchitis. Periodically forgives, cough. Baby pills not
I want to water, although, of course, I have to. But weed, it would be
it is better. Sasha 05/10/2016 I had a similar situation. And also my
father coughed so much that we had no peace. We are not only
watered … Sense, practically, was not. But did as
written here, and there is already the first result – the cough has become quieter and
less often. Katya 05/10/2016 I treated my father with thyme. He has a cough
smoker, and it’s just permanent. There is no force, listen to this
cough. I was prompted at the pharmacy to buy a collection in which the thyme, but,
In my opinion, a slightly different composition. The main thing is that he helped. Now
you can sleep at night. Veronica 05/10/2016 This is a plant and
take, primarily, for the treatment of various pulmonary
diseases. Thyme, perfectly treats bronchitis, just cough and all
rest. I treated laryngitis. Cured. But at the expense of this
actions on men, I was not aware of. Thank you)) Anja 05/10/2016 I
thyme is very closely known. I myself grow it in the garden. is he
очень симпатично blooms. To be honest, I did not know that thyme
grows in the wild, thought that everyone grows it on purpose.
It happens, I use it as a seasoning.

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