The use of soda accelerates agingof the body

Wed, Oct 22, 2014

A global study was conducted by American scientists
proved that soda can significantly accelerate aging
of the body. The reason for this is the development of various
digestive processes and obesity, the trigger mechanism of which and
This is the sweet water of many. Soda affects both
cell aging, the process of which varies in length
parts of chromosomes – telomeres.

During the experiment, telomere lengths were measured at 5000
volunteers aged 20-65 years. At the time of the survey all
participants were physically healthy, had no pronounced problems with
metabolism and cardiovascular system. Measurements have shown that
people regularly consumed soda, telomeres were enough
short According to the specialist, the intake of sweet carbonated
drinks leads the body to lose five years of life. Harm from
soda drinks are compared to damage done to life
human alcohol and smoking.

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