The perfect dinner – cottage cheese casserole inmulticooker. Recipes творожной запеканки с манкой и без манки вmulticooker for the joy of all

Ср, 27 июл 2016 Автор: Елена Сафонова

Dinner should be light and well digested, but this is not enough.
It is also necessary that it be tasty and delight the household, because this
often the only common meal of the day. But that’s not all.
Dinner should consist of dishes that are fairly easy and fast.
getting ready, because the hostess usually comes home from work tired, she has no
neither the strength nor the time to cook anything complicated.

So, cottage cheese casserole with semolina in the slow cooker is one of
best choices for dinner. It is definitely helpful and contains
necessary trace elements, it is easily digested and does not require
special costs.

In addition, cottage cheese casserole with semolina in a slow cooker is prepared
very easy and does not require the presence of the hostess and her vigilant
attention. It is only necessary to mix the ingredients and put them in a bowl.
multicookers. Convenient device, greatly facilitates the work
women in the kitchen itself will track time.

General principles of cooking curd casseroles in

Творожную запеканку с манкой или без манки в multicooker можно
cook with a variety of additives that will allow you to cook
healthy dish if necessary a couple of times a week, not

What ingredients can vary? Almost everything (except
of course, cottage cheese): you can cook cottage cheese casserole with
манкой в multicooker без яиц, можно не добавлять кефир, можно
make a savory dish. You can even do without cereals and
приготовить творожную запеканку без манки в multicooker. As
additives also use a variety of goodies: raisins,
dried apricots, dried, frozen, canned and fresh berries and
fruit, chocolate, condensed milk, and cheese in a savory casserole

Творожную запеканку без манки в multicooker рекомендуется
cook for those who would like to lose some weight or as
health forced to limit the consumption of starch. But the dish is everything
it will still be lush and tasty, if properly baked.

You need to follow a few simple rules.

Во-первых, не нарушать инструкцию к multicooker.

Во-вторых, дать готовой запеканке постоять, не открывая
крышку multicookers. Then the dish will not settle.

В-третьих, бледноватый верх блюда украсить фруктами,
jam, chocolate, cream and so on.

Many people like to serve this yummy with a sauce that can be
cook from jam or fruit with the addition of starch (his
need to take to taste, but more than jelly). However in this
If it’s best to make a curd casserole without decorating
multicooker: блюдо и так будет очень сытным.

Рецепт 1 Творожная запеканка с манкой в multicooker «Проще


  • Cottage cheese – 400 g

  • Яйца — 2 things

  • Sugar and semolina – a pair of spoons with top

  • Salt – Pinch

  • Vanilla sugar – spoon

  • Lubricating oil

Cooking method

  1. Curd, if necessary, pass through a sieve or meat grinder and
    Mix with a blender (or just a fork) with eggs.

  2. Stir semolina, salt, sugar and vanilla sugar and let stand
    minutes 5 – 7.

  3. Grease the bowl of the multicooker with oil and put the curd in it
    dough. Slightly level the top of the semi-finished product and turn on the slow cooker,
    setting the mode “Baking” and time 45 minutes.

  4. When the casserole is ready, let it stand for another 10 minutes,
    whereupon it is neatly laid out on top of a dish, and beautiful
    bottom up.

  5. You can decorate with berries or pour chocolate.

Рецепт 2 Творожная запеканка без манки в multicooker


  • Яйца — 2 things

  • Cottage cheese 9% – half a kilo

  • Cocoa – 2 tablespoons

  • Chocolate 70% – 50 g

  • Sour cream – 3 spoons

  • Cream 20% – 1 spoon

  • Lubricating oil

  • Sugar – half a cup

Cooking method

  1. Beat eggs with a mixer, add sugar to them and again
    beat up

  2. Cottage cheese mix with sour cream, and then add the egg mixture.
    Knead well.

  3. Divide the dough into two parts and mix in one cocoa.

  4. Brush the bowl of the multicooker with butter and spread the dough alternately
    several spoons of white or cocoa.

  5. When both tests end, slightly level the surface.
    Stuck a long torch in the middle vertically to the bottom and hold it
    spiral from center to edge.

  6. Turn on “Baking” for three quarters of an hour. Give ready
    запеканке немного постоять в закрытой multicooker.

  7. Meanwhile, melt the chocolate in a water bath or in a
    microwave. Mix it with a spoonful of cream.

  8. Take out the casserole on the dish and decorate by drawing circles or
    chocolate spiral. You can just lubricate.

Рецепт 3 Творожная запеканка без манки в multicooker

Эту творожную запеканку без манки в multicooker можно
cook not only with blueberries, but also with black currants, cherries,
cherries, other berries. But with blueberries, it looks the most
decorative, and do not miss the extra reason
enjoy healthy berries in the season.


  • Cottage cheese – 400 g (есть смысл взять мягкий, 5-9% жирности)

  • Icing sugar – glass

  • Blueberry – one and a half glasses

  • Eggs – 3 things

  • Starch – 2 spoons without top

  • Bowl lubrication oil

  • Salt – Pinch

  • Sour cream (if necessary) – a pair of spoons

  • Vanilla sugar – teaspoon

Cooking method

  1. Well beat the egg whites, gradually dosypaya powder.

  2. Mix yolks with cottage cheese, add salt, starch and vanilla
    sugar. If it’s too cool, add some sour cream and
    knead thoroughly.

  3. Combine with proteins and mix gently (preferably by hand).

  4. Prepare blueberries: wash, sort, remove leaves and
    sprigs, if they got caught.

  5. Half of the berries gently mix in the dough.

  6. Put half of the dough into a greased bowl of the multicooker,
    flatten. Sprinkle evenly with the remaining blueberries. Above
    lay out the remaining dough.

  7. Level the top. Bake in Baking mode for about 45 minutes,
    let it stand.

  8. Take out the casserole and serve with condensed milk and fresh blueberries.

Recipe 4 Cottage cheese casserole with semolina in a slow cooker with boiled
condensed milk


  • Eggs – 5 pieces

  • Curd of average fat content (5 – 9%) – half a kilo

  • Semolina – half a cup

  • Boiled condensed milk – half a jar

  • Sugar – if desired

  • Kefir – a glass

  • Baking Powder – teaspoon

  • Raisin – glass

Cooking method

  1. Manku pour kefir and put on half an hour to swell in

  2. Protein eggs beat in foam using a mixer.

  3. Творог с желтками, разрыхлителем и вареной condensed milk смешать
    separately. Add semolina with kefir, mix in raisins and try
    the resulting dough. If your taste is not sweet enough,
    add a spoonful of sugar, you can two.

  4. If everything is fine, gently mix in some whipped

  5. Put the mass in the oiled bowl and bake for 50 minutes at

  6. Let the baked pudding stand for at least 15 minutes and only after
    get this.

Recipe 5 Cottage cheese casserole with semolina in a slow cooker


  • Semolina – half a cup

  • Banana – one big

  • Cottage cheese – 400 g

  • Natural yogurt (you can take with some “tropical”
    taste, but then put a little less sugar) – 250 ml

  • Яйца — 4 things

  • Canned pineapple – 4-5 washers

  • Coconut chips – handful

  • Baking Powder – Teaspoon

  • Vanilla sugar – bag

  • Salt – Pinch

  • Sugar – half a cup

  • Oil – a piece to lubricate the bowl

Cooking method

  1. Pour semolina and coconut chips with yogurt. If it is thick,
    add a couple of spoons of pineapple syrup.

  2. Pineapples chop blender in mashed potatoes.

  3. Grind the yolks with sugar and vanilla sugar, add
    pineapple, salt, baking powder. Then insert the swollen semolina and
    knead everything well.

  4. Beat egg whites in foam and piece by piece into dough.

  5. Banana peel and cut into circles.

  6. Put half of the mass in a greased bowl, lay circles
    bananas, cover with the second layer of cottage cheese dough and send
    готовиться в мультиварку на 45 минут при режиме �”Baking”.

  7. Ready to bake the casserole for another quarter of an hour, and then get
    and serve with fruit or whipped cream.

Recipe 6 Cottage cheese casserole without decoys in a slow cooker


  • Cottage cheese – 300 g

  • Eggs – 3 things

  • Cheese type “Kostroma” – 250 g

  • Dill – half-sheaf

  • Cumin – a tablespoon (can be without it)

  • Garlic – 1 small clove

  • Sour cream – a pair of spoons

  • Butter, Breadcrumbs

Cooking method

  1. Separate the whites from the yolks and whip to a foam.

  2. Mix yolks with finely-grated cheese and mashed through
    colander cottage cheese. Chop the greens very finely, skip the garlic
    through a press, mix with sour cream and combine with cottage cheese.

  3. Crush crush in a mortar or grind in a mill and add to

  4. The dough for this casserole is better not to salt: cheese and so salty.
    If you really like salt, add a little bit and try.

  5. Осторожно, по ложке, вмешать взбитые squirrels.

  6. Smear the bowl with any oil and sprinkle with breadcrumbs (if there are no crackers,
    use semolina). Put the curd mass.

  7. Place the bowl in the slow cooker and cook for 45 minutes (mode
    �”Baking”). Let stand for 15 minutes with the lid closed and only
    then get it.

  8. If desired, you can sprinkle the top of the finished casserole with cheese and

Curd casserole in a slow cooker – tricks and useful

  • To make the product more magnificent, eggs should be whipped with a mixer and
    spend on the process 5 minutes. Not bad and beat the whites separately and
    then stir in the dough separately using a spatula.

  • You can also add soda, slaked lemon.

  • You can add chopped zest to any curd casserole.
    citrus fruits: sweet – orange or lemon, unsweetened –

  • If you decide to put frozen berries in the dough, defrost
    pre-place them in a colander over a bowl. Steamed juice
    can be used in compote or sauce, and pour sugar sugar
    powdered and only then put in the curd mass, which after that
    just mix it slightly with a spatula so as not to bruise.

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