The new fad among men – plasticnipple

Sat, Sep 27, 2014

As plastic surgeons told, recently in clinics
men began to turn with an unusual desire – to make plastic
nipple. This operation, which until recently, was considered
exotic, is becoming increasingly popular. The reason is
men want to be like the ideal male
Beauty – football player David Beckham.

A study found that most men wanted
would have flat, symmetrical, round nipples whose color should
be much darker than the surrounding skin. These are the nipples
has david beckham.

Of course, demand has found an immediate response among surgeons. Everything
more clinics began to offer a similar service, to
which not only professional bodybuilders began to resort, but
and ordinary “pitching”, which by the nature of their employment are often forced
be naked torso among their fellow tribesmen.

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