The nature of male homosexuality is revealed.

Wed, Nov 19, 2014

Now it is no secret that homosexuality in men
– the phenomenon is ubiquitous. A number of countries have already legalized same-sex marriage,
others still prohibit them. Scientists who are fighting over
reasons for the emergence of homosexuality, once again tried
solve the riddle of this natural phenomenon.

Until recently, accurate information on why men
there is homosexuality, it was not. To find out it took
a large-scale study in which participated
gay men.

A total of 409 homosexual couples were examined.
The experiment participants donated DNA samples: blood and saliva.
It turned out that two genes are responsible for the propensity for same-sex love,
one of which is located in the “female” X chromosome, and the second – in
the eighth chromosome of the DNA chain.

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