The most high-calorie foods

Most calories are found in fats, so the most high-calorie
products are not carbohydrate bread and potatoes, but fatty are butter,
fatty meats and cream cakes.

The most high-calorie foods

The highest calorie of all foods
sunflower oil (900 kcal), butter (750 kcal),
bacon, fatty pork, smoked sausage (470 kcal), mayonnaise
(630 kcal), nuts, chocolate and cream filled pastry
products. масло сливочноемасло растительноешпикThe most high-calorie foods TO
Fortunately, do not drink sunflower oil glasses, but also cook on it
already fatty meat is not worth it, otherwise the calorie content of the dish
increase significantly.

Especially dangerous are hidden fats. If pork tenderloin fat can
cut off, remove oily skin from chicken, and schnitzel (337 calories per 100
c) blot with napkins, then protect cake soaked with cream
unlikely to succeed. For example, 100 grams of Napoleon cake contain 550

High calorie also have
beef, lamb, half-smoked sausage, boiled sausage
(doctor’s – 260 kcal), cheese, sour cream, fat cottage cheese, herring, bread
(rye – 214 kcal, white – 250 kcal), pasta, sugar, honey,

Choosing cheese in the store, be sure to look at his
fat content. The higher the percentage of fat in cheese, the calorie it is. AT
some soft grades of French cheese fat content reaches 75%,
These are the so-called triple fat cheeses. Traditional Brie Cheese
has a fat content of at least 45%. TOалорийность сыра можно распознать по
mind The fatter the cheese, the softer and more tender its texture, the
it is easier to spread.

Из твердых самые диетические сорта сыра — TOамамбер, Моцарелла и
Lithuanian, and the most high-calorie – Cheddar cheese – 400 kcal, fat

Pasta is not so dangerous if you do not add oil and fatty
соусы, из которые самые сытные — это «4 сыра» и «TOарбонара». To
the pasta was digested more slowly, and not completely worth a little
undercook. Durum wheat pasta contains more than
slow carbohydrates, i.e. those that are slower to digest
compared to cheap pasta from soft varieties.

Moderate calorie compared to other
обладают цыплята, кура, индейка, мясо кролика,
chicken eggs (157 kcal), sturgeon, cottage cheese.

Еще менее калорийны молоко, кефир, нежирный
cottage cheese, sour milk, cod (75 kcal), pike perch, pike, hake, flounder,
berries (except cranberries), fruits and vegetables.

Foods with a high water content have the lowest
calorie. The more water in vegetables, the less they
calorie content. The calorie content also affects the fiber content.
The more fiber, the easier the product. Can be artificially
add fiber, for example, in the form of bran, in any dish. it
снизит его calorie content. It’s good to start with a light vegetable salad
dinner. Vegetables fill the stomach and create a feeling of satiety.

Самые некалорийные продукты – это кабачки,
cabbage, cucumbers (15 kcal), radishes, turnips, lettuce, tomatoes (19
kcal), sweet pepper, pumpkin, cranberries, mushrooms, for example,

The main dish for losing weight is a vegetable salad. Vegetables though
are carbohydrates, they do not contribute to the accumulation of body weight,
because they have a lot of water, a lot of fiber, and very few calories.

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