The most effective set of exercises onpress

Many men and women from the variety of fitness loads
для себя выбирают упражнения для pressа. They will give results already in
7 days of training, in particular – if you choose the right
complex and increase daily loads.

What to consider when developing a set of exercises?

Когда говорят о брюшном pressе, обычно имеют в виду ПМЖ (прямую
abdominal muscle), which runs from the top down almost from the sternum
to pubis. Wherein принято также разделять press на отделы:
upper, middle and lower:

The most effective set of exercises on press


  • What to consider when developing a set of exercises?
  • Скручивания для pressа
  • Подъемы ног для нижнего pressа
  • Планки для pressа
  • Упражнения для pressа с колесом (роликом)
  • Комплекс упражнений для pressа
  • Видео: накачать press за неделю

So, the complex should include exercises that emphasize the load.
on specific areas of the rectus abdominis muscle. Performing them on
начальном этапе, необходимо осознанно включать press, снимая
load from other muscles that are involved in movement

Скручивания для pressа

Straight twists put a strain on different parts of the permanent residence, and
lateral and cross load also oblique and dentate muscles.
Consider some of these basic movements:

Small body lift

  1. Take a starting position: supine with knees bent
    kicks. Feet are on the floor at a short distance from each other,
    arms extended upwards (towards the ceiling);
  2. Tear off shoulders and upper back from the floor, straining the upper section
    Permanent residence, as much as possible to stretch your hands up (middle and lower sections
    backs remain tight against the floor);
  3. Hold for 3-5 seconds and return to the starting position.

The number of repetitions in one approach from 20.

Подъем корпуса

Exercise can also be performed with hands clasped behind
head or put to head.

It is important to focus on the movement
осуществлялось за счет pressа, а шея и затылок оставались

Rise (twist) at 45 degrees

Performed from the same starting position, hands only
directed at an angle of about 45 degrees. to the horizon. There it is also necessary
and stretch your arms – forward and up – when lifting the body. In that
exercise not only shoulders are detached from the supporting surface, but also
back, and the lower back should still be pressed tightly to the floor.

You must control your movements: do not lift straight
body due to the back, namely curl, rounding the back and
straining the abdominal muscles. It is also permissible
head or behind the head if there is no tension in the neck and
back of the head. These twists are aimed at strengthening the upper and
middle section of permanent residence. The number of repetitions in one approach – from

Lifting the body with traction behind the hand

This exercise is done similarly to the previous one (with straightened
with arms extended forward-up), but at the top of the movement
need to reach even further behind one hand, and the next
again – after another. Так вовлекаются еще и косые мышцы pressа.
Perform at least 20 times on each hand.

Rise to a right angle

Performed from the same initial body position, but the hands
stretched to the side of the legs. It is necessary to raise the body to the vertical. Motion
occurs in stages: first, detached from the supporting surface
the shoulders, the back is rounded, then the upper part of the back is involved and
the last is the rise of the loin. Hands remain on
horizontally and stretched forward. You can also set your hands on

Rise to a right angle

It is important not to strain too much the quadriceps of the thigh, spine and neck.
At the initial stage, 15 repetitions in the approach are sufficient.


This is quite a difficult exercise, which include in training
not immediately, but after gaining some experience, having learned
feel the tone of various parts of the permanent residence straining alternately and
removing the load from the back. Performed from the following position: lying
on the back, legs straightened, arms stretched up behind the head.

Упражнение раскладушка

It is necessary to simultaneously transfer the legs and torso to the vertical
position oncoming traffic, folded in half. Wherein
the loin is detached from the bearing surface last and
the first lies on the floor when returning movement. Initially enough
15 reps.

Cot с перекрестным подъемом рук и ног

The exercise described above can also be done by alternately lifting
unlike limbs. The free hand rests on the floor.
on the side of the body, and the loin practically does not detach from the supporting
surface. Exercise involves the obliques of the body.
Must be done 15 times on the right and left sides.

Twist Variation – Bike

This exercise is considered one of the most successful for
качественной проработки pressа:

  1. The initial position is on the back, the hands are linked on
    the back of the head;
  2. Raising straight legs and shoulder girdle, alternately bend legs
    and turn the body forward to touch the elbow with the knee
    opposite hand. The loin necessarily remains pressed to
    опорной surface.

Разновидность скручиваний

Wherein ПМЖ испытывает постоянное напряжение, а косые мышцы
work alternately. Perform 20 times on both sides.

Also советуем изучить какие упражнения для pressа можно делать
on simulators. We will tell about it in our next article:

Подъемы ног для нижнего pressа

This group of exercises is aimed primarily at strengthening
lower abdominal muscles.

Lowering the legs from the vertical position

Performed from the initial position on the back, arms outstretched
along the body and palms resting on the floor, legs straightened or slightly
bent and raised to the perpendicular with the floor, the toes are directed

Опускание ног

Lower the legs as low as possible, but not touching the floor,
while holding the lower back pressed to the floor, then return to
the initial state. From 20 times on one approach.

Alternate lowering legs

The original position is the same as the previous one, but lower
alternately on one leg. From 15 times on each side.

Raising the pelvis (reverse twisting)

From the same initial body position, but bending the legs under the straight
angle (legs located horizontally). Without lifting the shoulder
belt from the supporting surface, tighten your knees to the chest
from 20 repetitions on one approach.

Подъем таза

Reverse twisting with heel knee

The same initial position of the body on the back, with the support lying
along the body of hands on the palm. One leg bent at the knee and foot
rests on the floor, the heel of the other is located on the knee support.
Perform similarly to the previous exercise, without removing the shoulder
belt off the floor. From 20 repetitions on each side.

Планки для pressа

Эффективно нагрузить press помогут разнообразные планки. it
static exercises that involve large muscle groups,
while also different – depending on the position of the body:

  • Прямые — с упором на кисти или локти
    both hands and toes of both legs;
  • Боковые — с упором на одну руку и
    one or two feet.

The simplest plank is performed with an emphasis on the toes of the feet and elbows.
Duration from 20 seconds to 1-2 minutes. More difficult exercise
is a strap with an emphasis on the hands.

Side bars can be mastered when you can stand in straight lines
for a couple of minutes. Then it is worth making for yourself a small complex,
which can sometimes replace training or be used in
as a daily charge. For example, sticking to such

Планки для pressа

When performing these exercises, it is important to keep the body straight, without
deflections in the lower back and shoulder girdle, the maximum strain and
удерживать напряжение всех мышц pressа, кора, ягодиц и бедер.

О том, какие ещё можно делать упражнения на press в домашних
conditions – read here.

Упражнения для pressа с колесом (роликом)

Perform exercises with a roller at first from the emphasis on his knees.
Holding the handles of the simulator, you need to roll back the wheel as you can
further, keeping your back straight. The task is to bring the body into position
parallel to the floor, and come back. Experienced athletes do
This is from the “standing on the feet.”

Как правильно работать над pressом с помощью ролика (колеса),
See the following video:

Комплекс упражнений для pressа

Of the exercises described in the article, including twisting, planks and
classes with a simulator roller, you can make a variety of
complexes At first it is necessary to confine one approach from 4-5
exercises, performing each of them 15-20 times, as recommended
above. Then complicate the task by increasing the amount of
approaches. Wherein возможны два варианта, которые разнообразят

  1. Perform each exercise of the complex in 2 sets with
    rest between sets for 30 seconds, and between exercises 1
    a minute;
  2. Circular training: the first round of one approach of each
    exercises of the complex with an interval of 30 seconds and in a minute – the second
    the same circle.

To optimize the training effect periodically desirable
change the exercises, the whole complex, as well as the implementation scheme
complex (number of repetitions, circles, approaches).

Видео: накачать press за неделю

In the next video you will clearly see a set of exercises for all
мышцы брюшного pressа:

It is important not to let the muscles get used to the load – it is indispensable
condition of the effectiveness of training, so you should constantly improve
the complexity of their workouts. И помните: лучшие упражнения для pressа
– those that are performed regularly, correctly and with full dedication.

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