The main advantages and disadvantages of womenzodiac sign

The main advantages and disadvantages of women zodiac sign

Every person in this world is an individual,
separate, full-fledged and unique personality with its own
unique features, traits, merits and
disadvantages. It is this diversity of human qualities.
makes communication between people so interesting, vivid and rich. But,
even though we are all individuals, some of ours
traits and features we owe the stars. Stars can do a lot
talk about the person’s personality, habits, habits and even

So, what advantages and disadvantages gave us,
women, stars?


The main advantages and disadvantages of women zodiac sign

The main advantages of beautiful rams are their absolute
honesty, decency and friendliness. Representatives of this mark
never turn their backs on a person trying to install with
contact them. They willingly establish new connections with people
bring others closer to them and share with them some of their
endless positive energy.

Aries – крайне порядочные и честные люди. Lie they
considered an unacceptable thing in a relationship. They do not tolerate deception and not

Of the brightest flaws of Aries, you can select them.
impulsiveness and excessive emotionality. Not every person
can easily endure sharp drops in the mood that are
in women – rams. They vigorously express both positive emotions, and
negative. If ladies – rams love, then they cover their beloved with a wave
love, if they hate you, each one of them is soaked with hatred


The main advantages and disadvantages of women zodiac sign

Women – calves are very welcoming, hospitable hostesses. They
always welcome new guests. Being in their home is a pleasure.
Lady – Taurus will certainly pamper guests with the best food and immerse them in
atmosphere of comfort and warmth. Also calves – women are extremely
purposeful creatures. They умеют добиваться своих целей,
because they know exactly what they want and how to fulfill the desire.

Taurus masterfully draws up an action plan and follows
him in everything.

Perhaps the most noticeable shortage of calves – ladies – is their
pathological jealousy. Taurus has a rich imagination and
always finds reasons for jealousy. From the little things she can create in
head a real picture of a catastrophe and arrange an unforgettable
scandal. A Taurus Woman should be the only one for her man.
other options are not considered.


The main advantages and disadvantages of women zodiac sign

Twins — дамы по праву считаются одними из самых позитивно
minded, energetic and good-natured zodiac signs. Many people
they sometimes wonder how easily and quickly the twins make their
life, realize dreams. And all their secret is in the right thinking and
the ability to get rid of all the negative. With twin women
never be neither boring nor lonely, but morally difficult.
On the contrary, they help to get rid of excess weight and charge
positive energy. But ladies – twins have significant
flaw. They чрезмерно зависимы от мнения других людей и
trying to adapt to others.

Women – Gemini sometimes lack self-confidence
and self sufficiency.

From there, and all their internal problems, suffering. They need
learn to listen to yourself.


The main advantages and disadvantages of women zodiac sign

Loyalty is the second name of every woman who is
representative of this sign. For relationships, be friendly
related or lovers, crayfish are extremely responsible. They
They firmly believe that loyalty is the root and basis of harmony in

Woman – Cancer will never betray, do not put a knife in the back
and will not change.

Но Crayfish – женщины не могут адекватно воспринимать критику. Any
criticism immediately leads to self-flagellation, depression and other
troubles. They also tend to panic frequently and
coming up with a problem. Crayfish – дамы умеют «делать из мухи
the elephant. ” Therefore, relatives of women – cancers often have with them
not sweet.


The main advantages and disadvantages of women zodiac sign

Lions – женщины одни из самых пробивных и настойчивых знаков
the zodiac. They быстро и достаточно легко добиваются успеха как в
career, and in personal life, thanks to its reasonable stubbornness
and sense of purpose. Also, ladies – lions, like no one else, can
listen to the interlocutor.

A woman is a lion talking to a loved one or
even with a neighbor on the landing, will never soar in

She will listen carefully, trying to understand and feel
the words of the interlocutor. Therefore, the lionesses always have many good friends.
Beautiful lionesses are very vain. They уверены в том, что все
must honor them, admire their amazing abilities and
other virtues. If you don’t praise the lioness and don’t admire her,
she will quickly lose interest in a person and disappear from his life or
will find him a replacement.


The main advantages and disadvantages of women zodiac sign

Beautiful maidens ideally developed logical thinking. They 
can calculate a person’s actions in advance and prepare for
by him.

They are hard to fool. Virgin – одни из самых развитых и
intellectually rich signs.

But cute maidens are overly touchy and vindictive. They воспринимают
close to the heart of the smallest little things and can remember them
even a few years later. For this reason, many people are morally
straining communication with the maidens.


The main advantages and disadvantages of women zodiac sign

Creativity is one of the most striking traits of women’s character –
weights. They с самого детства видят мир не так, как остальные.

Women – scales are able to catch the most seemingly
Minor details, see beauty in everything.

For any vital task ladies – scales fit outside the box,
therefore always attract attention. They весьма любопытны и
interesting in communication. Lack of weights is wastefulness and
inability to say “no” to man. Scales other signs often
manipulated because these ladies are highly susceptible to the influence of others and
afraid to refuse. Sometimes act to the detriment of themselves.


The main advantages and disadvantages of women zodiac sign

Scorpion women have excellent quality – they are in any
situations are not afraid to express their opinion and defend it. Are able
defend yourself and become a worthy opponent.

Scorpions – дамы очень последовательны, упрямы и
persistent, besides they are big activists. Of them
get successful business woman.

But women – scorpions – are real owners. If they
tied up with a man, then he must continue to look
exclusively on your soul mate and in all before her report.
A woman should be aware of all his affairs, without her permission partner
can’t step one step. Otherwise scorpion is fast
loses his temper and does not hide his destructive forces.


The main advantages and disadvantages of women zodiac sign

Ladies – archers are so lucky and lucky that many others
the signs are openly jealous of them. Luck seems to be following their tail. For what
no matter what the archers took – ladies, everything works out for them. Another bright
the dignity of women – archers – they have an incredible sense of humor,
which chains people to them as to a magnet. Never
despondent, always looking at life with humor, archers rarely
fall into depression and are killed.

The main disadvantage of women – Streltsov – is selfishness, which
sometimes goes beyond the boundaries of reason.

For a woman archer always and in all cases in the first place
she herself and her personal interests and only then family, children,


The main advantages and disadvantages of women zodiac sign

Natural leaders are women – Capricorns. And this
Quality is one of their greatest virtues. From an early age
Capricorn girl directs, directs, organizes, leads
by myself. She can make her listen and hear.

Dame – Capricorn – the perfect boss.

Arrogance is the negative quality of Capricorns. It’s hard for them
build close ties with people because of their arrogance. Habit
to put oneself above everyone and everything usually leads to nothing


The main advantages and disadvantages of women zodiac sign

Aquarius – женщины обладают одним из самых ценных качеств –
the ability to understand people well. They с первого взгляда могут
determine the energy of a person and feel its essence,
Therefore, Aquarius is extremely selective and few people are allowed to come near.
They are rarely deceived, betrayed.

Ведь проницательные женщины – Aquarius заранее чувствуют
any trick.

Straightness can be called a lack of women – Aquarius. They не
They will think about what a person who has heard from them may experience
often unpleasant truth. Aquarius все говорят в глаза и порой
hurt with words more painful than a knife.


The main advantages and disadvantages of women zodiac sign

Fish – женщины очень щедры. They, не раздумывая, поделятся с
other last slice of bread. They have a sensitive, kind heart,
which is also quite vulnerable.

Fish не могут оставаться равнодушными к человеческому
grief and sincerely engaged in charity.

Но женщины – Fish иногда бывают слишком доверчивыми. They склонны
quickly believe people, not seek evidence of their words. therefore
communication with others often brings them frustration and pain.

They say that loved ones always seem to us
perfect. Their disadvantages are erased, and the advantages, on the contrary,
triple. therefore можно смело утверждать, что каждый знак
zodiac, no matter what, is absolutely perfect when he

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