The evil eye pin: how to pin andwear charm

The evil eye pin: how to pin and wear charm

Apprenticeships have long been used in
magical rituals, conspiracies, building damage, as well as in
defensive magic. A pin is one of the most common. For the first
glance, this is the most common item used for domestic purposes.
However, many generations have already used a pin for energy

 Surely you have often seen someone from
friends pinned on clothes, somewhere in the house, for example, on
tablecloths, pin. She can really protect the owner from
evil eye, defacement, malice. However, it’s not just important
attach a pin and wear with full confidence in their protection.
Like any protective amulet, the pin must be charged, correctly
to attach.

Magic properties of pins

Usually for protection they wear talismans, amulets, jewelry
And so on. At the same time, special symbols, signs,
Special materials for manufacturing are used. In this plan
the pin is ready for use in its original form, it needs
just charge.

The pin can be made of any metal, other materials.
unsuitable. With proper preparation, it will be reliable.
protector from the negative impact, starting from the evil promise,
if someone just wished bad, ending with damage or
a curse.

INTERESTING! Pin shape allows you to pass through
bad and good energy. Therefore, it is often used not only
for protection, and for targeting damage.

The form of the spiral not only absorbs the negative, seals
inside. It is believed that the bad energy will move
in a closed circle, without harming the owner.

Pins and needles speak and hide in the house of the one whom they want
to jinx or curse, they are stuck into the threshold of the dwelling, put under
beds or just put in a secluded place. So you can
hurt a lot. If you find a pin or needle in an unusual
you know that they didn’t put her there, you found
stuck in the threshold of the house – you have a serious ill-wisher.

Important: Do not touch such a pin or needle.
with bare hands. Wear gloves, sweep with a broom and preferably
burn immediately.

Ideally, you should read the defensive prayer, then
conduct energy cleaning of the entire house.

As we can see, the pin is a powerful magic item used
for different purposes. We will examine in detail how to protect ourselves and our
family with the help of this subject and simple actions.

How to choose a pin to protect against the evil eye

Как говорилось выше, булавка может быть сделана из
любого металла
, например, золота, серебра или стали.
The cost does not affect the protective properties, so you can
to be guided by the taste and financial opportunities. but
the durability of the material depends on the selected material.

Например, если использовать стальную булавку,
it will have a small energy resource, it needs
will be more likely to clean up the accumulated negative. Or it will need
just throw it away – in which cases it needs to be done, we will tell
just below.

Серебро – идеальный материал для защитных
charms, it is used for these purposes since ancient times.
Silver is particularly effective against protection from energy vampires and
evil eye.

Что касается золота, его преимущество
is only in appearance, no additional
This material does not possess properties.

How to wear a pin against the evil eye

This protective charm can be worn in different ways. In the old pin
secured on the inside of clothing, away from outsiders
eye. At the same time they tried to pin more close to the hem, they didn’t shoot until
completing the lunar cycle. Also pin attached to shirts with
the inner side, where the heart is located. It was believed that
protective amulet should not attract other people’s attention, cause
desire to break through this defense.

Sometimes a pin is decorated with beads, beads, pendants, threads
or even ribbons. In this case, it is worn outside the clothes or
pinned anywhere in the house in a prominent place. In this case,
the amulet specifically attracts attention, as if taking away a bad
look from the owner to yourself.

For example, you can attach such charms as: Nazar, Hamsa
The Eye of Fatima, the Palm of Fatima, it is called the Palm Miriam among the Jews. it
may be any known small-sized amulet worn on
pin. Perfect Slavic mascots, Celtic,
pagan, muslim, depending on faith and preferences.

The traditional way is considered wearing inside clothes,
away from the gaze of others.

It is very important to attach a pin correctly. It is usually worn in
horizontal position however this is wrong this way
absolutely not suitable for protective purposes. The pin becomes
defender against the evil eye only when fixing head down. Only
so she will save her owner from all the negativity that
she took over and saved.

Interesting: Slavs believed that everything bad accumulated
a charm pin goes down into the ground there and

The evil eye pin: how to pin and wear charm

When a pin needs to be thrown away

When wearing a charm pin, you must periodically
check it, carefully evaluate the appearance. If you noticed
that the needle tip is darkened, so it’s time to remove the pin – she
has accumulated in itself too much negativity, can not cope with
its function.

Usually, this applies to steel and silver pins. It happens that
there was a very strong negative impact on the owner,
then the pin can darken very quickly. We remove it, then
we dig into the ground or burn it.

If your pin is made of precious material or
you just feel like throwing away, do the cleaning
with salt.

Put the object in the salt so that it is not visible, leave it on
three days. Then rinse with running water and bury the salt. With
This, in order to pin the pin again, you need to re-activate
its protective properties.

How to activate a pin for protection

It is very important to correctly activate the protective properties of pins when
special ritual and conspiracy. Special words are pronounced
in the case of a pin purchase or before its use as
talisman, also for purification from the accumulated negative energy
after prolonged use or darkening.

The very first plot is to activate the protective properties,
programming according to your goals. There is a lot of conspiracy
we consider the most common.

The first two – an appeal to the guardian angel.

The evil eye pin: how to pin and wear charm

The evil eye pin: how to pin and wear charm

You can also use this option

The evil eye pin: how to pin and wear charm

These two conspiracies can be called universal, they fit
people of all ages, men and women. Some prayers and
conspiracies can only be used by adherents of a certain
faith. Some are meant for specific purposes or situations.
There are conspiracies aimed at helping on an important day, protecting
from evil people. Например, можно защитить невесту в день
, приколов заговоренную булавку в укромное место на
dress, saying the following:

The evil eye pin: how to pin and wear charm

Both newlyweds can be protected using the following
the words:

The evil eye pin: how to pin and wear charm

Все же чаще всего булавки используют для индивидуальной
защиты, защиты семьи и родных
. In such cases, you can
use this plot:

The evil eye pin: how to pin and wear charm

These words are repeated three times, then the pin hides in the table,
chest of drawers with personal clothes or attached to the curtains so that it is not
it is seen.

The pin can speak for good luck:

The evil eye pin: how to pin and wear charm

There is an interesting conspiracy suitable for married women. is he
helps maintain good family relationships or vice versa
improve them, remove problems and misunderstandings.

The evil eye pin: how to pin and wear charm

Самая мощная защита получается при чтении «Отче
и «Псалом 90». Texts can be found in
original source or on the Internet.

So we figured out the properties of a pin, like
Choose, wear and activate. The main thing is not to forget
monitor the condition of the ward, carry out energy cleansing or
throw it out, replacing it with a new one. Let protection be powerful and help
to you in all matters.

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