The drug Fitomutsil for soft weight loss

For many women and girls, the problem of “losing weight without dieting and
gym “- one of the most pressing. In the course are miracle pills from
most different manufacturers. But here is one of the most recognized
effective – drug Canadian manufacturer PharmaMed –
phytomucil. It was developed as a medicine for cleaning the intestines, but
very effective and when losing excess weight.

The drug Fitomutsil for soft weight loss


  • Drug efficacy
  • Composition and properties
  • How to apply / use
  • Contraindications
  • special instructions
  • Side effects
  • Opinion nutritionists and losing weight
  • Storage conditions
  • Price and analogues

Drug efficacy

The basis of phytomucil is special fibers, for the first time this term
applied in 1953, and now this concept covers nutrient
components of plants, the characteristic manifestations of which – adsorption in
gastrointestinal tract. The drug consists of two types

  1. Soluble. Absorbs liquid, forms a gel that
    softens the stool.
  2. Insoluble. Stimulates the intestines to waste.

Fitomucil contains 4 times more fiber than bran,
affects the intestinal contents and its shell
at the same time, removes constipation, bloating, removes toxic
substances that, in combination, helps to significantly reduce weight.
It is also a good prevention of dysbiosis.

Fiber properties:

  • form the volume of intestinal contents;
  • cause a feeling of satiety;
  • promote the secretion of digestive juice;
  • improve the digestibility of food;
  • deduce the end products of exchange.

Composition and properties

Studies have shown that 2 reasons provoke excess weight:
appetite and slags in the body. The gut cannot always free itself
from ballast substances alone, and needs help. Often
this stagnation is caused by a lack of fiber. It compensates for her
Fitomutsil, 40 minutes after taking the drug, its contents in
the stomach turns into a special gel that fills the volume. Right away
2 goals are achieved: appetite is reduced and intestines are cleaned.

Available in powder form, packaged in cans and in
bags. Each bag contains 5 g of psyllium seed husks and
1 g home plums.

PharmaMed provides several types of phytomucil for
recovery figures: “Norm”, “Slim Smart” and “Cholestenorm”,
each has its own characteristics that should be considered.

1. «Butрм». Of the special additives contains
home plum, which is a good laxative, and more
includes a good supply of vitamins. Reduces appetite and creates
feeling of fullness.

Properties of the drug:

  • comfortably frees the intestines;
  • removes toxins;
  • adjusts microflora.

Фитомуцил Butрм

2. «Слим Смарт». Supplemented with glucomannan,
derived from konjak root, it has long been used in Chinese
medicine. Contains a lot of fiber, combining with water
increases almost 100 times. It absorbs not only water, but also
unhealthy substances, greatly reduces the appetite.

Properties of the drug:

  • reduces fat absorption;
  • reduces calorie foods;
  • removes toxins;
  • cleans the intestines.

Фитомуцил Слим

3. «Холестенорм». Valuable
auxiliary component – phytosterols or plant sterols.
Belong to steroid alcohols that are present in plants,
reduces cholesterol and its absorption.

Properties of the drug:

  • adsorbs and removes fats;
  • regulates blood sugar;
  • controls weight.

Фитомуцил Холестенорм

How to apply / use

If the drug is packaged in bags, the portion is one
bag. If the powder in the bank, then 1 tbsp. spoon diluted with water
juice or kefir. During the day you need to take the drug three times

1 time. Half an hour before breakfast.

2 times. Half an hour before lunch.

3 times. Instead of dinner.

In the pauses you can eat, but only – low-fat food, drink a lot
liquids: water, any tea, juice. The effect appears after 10-12
hours The course is from 1 to 4 weeks. Then you need to do
a break so that the intestines continue to function on its own.

You need to try with 1 sachet per day, increase the amount
servings are possible only after 5 days.


With all the positive properties of the drug, there are some
contraindications. Given the naturalness of the components, pregnant and
lactating mothers can drink phytomucil, but it is advisable to consult with
a doctor.

The drug is prohibited when:

  1. Individual intolerance to the components.
  2. Inflammatory diseases in the acute stage.
  3. Obstruction of the gastrointestinal tract.
  4. Taking oral contraceptives.

special instructions

Fitomucil – a natural drug that does not contain senna, therefore
sharp urge to the toilet does not cause. But even in this situation
discomfort may occur, which is manifested in increased
sweating, impaired water balance in the body.

It is important to consider such recommendations:

  1. You need to drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day.
  2. Exclude sweet fruits, nuts, seeds, animal fats,
    baking, sugar, smoked products, fatty dairy products.
  3. Take time to physical exertion.

If you need to take vitamins or medicines, drink them.
allowed only an hour after taking phytomucil.

Side effects

The creators of the drug note that such manifestations
unlikely, but with the wrong technique – quite are possible. Or
if you exceed the dosage.

These symptoms may occur:

  • nausea;
  • dizziness;
  • allergy.

Побочные действия

Opinion nutritionists and losing weight

Nutritionists note that of all the drugs developed for
slimming, fitomucil – the safest, thanks to herbal
constituents. It can be taken to reduce appetite or during
diet time, but only under the condition that there are no contraindications. But
the course can not be drunk for more than a month, otherwise the drug will lose its
efficiency, and the intestines unlearn how to work independently.

Women taking the drug have a good effect, a result
there is already a couple of weeks. Attracts and the fact that the composition –
natural, not synthetic. And most importantly – the feeling is dulled
starvation, excess fluid comes out, weight drops slowly and does not
is returning.

But есть и негативные отзывы, большей частью, от тех, кто не
tired of physical exertion. With a sedentary image
life efficiency phytomucil significantly lower. As with
failure to observe proper nutrition while taking the drug, if
continue to lean on sweet, flour and fast food, weight loss
will be hardly noticeable.

Storage conditions

Fitomucil recommended to store at a temperature not exceeding 24
degrees, in the original packaging, in a dry place where there is no sun

Price and analogues

Medicines from PharmaMed are distributed through online pharmacies and
Internet shops, standardly 1 pack is designed for 30 doses,
in each – 5 g of the mixture. Price depends on the number of pills.

�Slim Smart – from 800 to 1100 rubles.

«Butрм» — около 570 рублей.

�”Cholestenorm” – 650 rubles.

The company does not offer other structural analogues, for more
modest money really buy hay or buckthorn tincture
the warden. They have a laxative effect, remove slags and
help lose a few pounds.

Analogs on effects:

  1. Сибирская клетчатка. Restores work
    intestines, lowers cholesterol, absorbs toxic substances.
    The main composition – bran, auxiliary – herbal, pieces
    fruits, nuts, rice cereals or millet. Price – from 160 to
    400 rubles, depending on the packaging.
  2. Гарциния форте. Reduces appetite, reduces
    the size of the stomach, increases the energy level. Basically
    composition – garcinia extract, vitamin C, chromium, from auxiliary
    substances – kelp, magnesium stearate, starch, fucus, silica.
    Price – 370 rubles.

Fitomucil significantly helps to lose weight, but is not
a panacea. If you lie on the couch and absorb sweets along with
addition, the desired effect will not be. Proper nutrition
loads, more natural juices – all recommendations are important
follow. And do not get involved in the drug, since the increase in dose
fraught with unpleasant consequences.

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