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The Diet Pierre DietPierre Ducane – the brilliant nutritionist of France, who made his people abandon all kinds of edible delights. It is he the author-developer of the Pierre Ducane diet, which consists of four stages. The first stage, which is much harder to carry the rest, is the menacing title of “Attack.” During this period, the diet consists only of protein foods, which means you can eat fish, meat, skim milk products and eggs. Duration Everyone defines “attacks” based on how many kilograms need to reset. For example, if the excess weight is not more than ten kilogram, the first stage lasts three days; ten to twenty kilogram – five days; twenty to thirty days a week, and more than thirty kilograms – ten days. First stage advantage lies in a kind of permissiveness: permitted here products can be absorbed at any time and in any volume. During “Attacks” weight loss is from two to six kilograms. Due to the fact that Pierre Ducane’s diet is not only aimed at weight loss, but also on the formation of a certain lifestyle, already at the first stage, a prerequisite is daily twenty minute walk. The second stage of “Cruise” expands assortment of menus. Days of protein foods alternate with vegetable days. Compliance with the conditions of this stage lasts until Optimum weight achieved. All vegetables can be eaten raw, steamed, boiled and baked. However, any starchy crops (potatoes, beans, peas, avocados) should be excluded. In addition, it is recommended to include in the diet up to two tablespoons bran. The third stage of “Fastening” is accordingly aimed at consolidation of the achieved result. Calculate it the duration is very simple: every kilogram dropped is equal to ten days of the stage. Berries are added to protein and vegetable foods, fruits (excluding grapes, cherries and bananas). Moreover, in a day you can eat up to two slices of rye bread and forty gram of cheese. Twice a week you can treat yourself to potatoes, lentils, beans, pasta. The main condition is everything starchy foods should be cooked without oil. Such an expansion of the diet performs a preparatory function for subsequent transition to normal nutrition. However during the third period you need to leave one day only for protein food. It is the day of the protein that guarantees the maintenance of the achieved weight. AND, finally, the fourth stage of “Stabilization” offers a menu with the usual set of meals for a non-dieter. But however, the schedule still remains one protein day. Regardless of the stage, the necessary conditions for a diet are:

  1. Daily fluid intake of at least two liters.
  2. Daily walks of up to about thirty minutes.

In view of the fact that this diet has its drawbacks (dryness in oral cavity, constipation, migraine, bad breath, lack vitamins), you should not independently decide on her compliance. Pierre Ducane’s diet, like any other diet, effective only with a reasonable approach and prior medical consultation.

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