The dead in our dreams: the causes, signs,effects

The dead in our dreams: the causes, signs, effects

The world of dreams from ancient times always beckoned, scared and
fascinated man with his mystery, mystery and
incomprehensibility. People from ancient times tried to comprehend the laws of dreams,
Aware that dreams contain answers to almost all
concerns of the person. Some dreams pass
without a trace, while others leave in our memory and life the strongest
imprint. For example, dreams about those who are no longer with us are always
cause a storm of emotions, most often negative.

After all, the human brain is not able to perceive and accept
the appearance of the deceased, even in unreal space.  After
such dreams, we often wake up exhausted, morally broken,
depressed and all day can be in a depressed state. But
not always dead in a dream is a terrible, bad sign.

It is necessary to understand: why the dead are dropping into our
dreams and remind us of yourself? What to expect if a dream showed up
dead person?

If dreamed of the dead

Many researchers agree that the dead are almost
never appear in our dreams without a reason. They always try
bring something to us. They want to warn about the important, about what we
do not see, do not feel, seek to protect from the terrible pictures
future or, conversely, lead us to them.

It was widely believed that if you dreamed
dead, then we can expect weather changes for the worse.
«Усопший снится к дождям, ветру или грозе», —  утверждали
the elders, and in this was a grain of truth.

It was believed that the souls of the dead feel acutely the changes in
weather and appear at the moment of sudden changes in it, especially
in the autumn season.

The greatest number of people who have dreamed of dreams with the dead
falls precisely in the fall. To properly extract sleep with
dead, you need to remember it as best you can and capture
in the soul of the emotions caused by him.

After all, emotions are the main clue to these dreams.

Why do dead relatives dream

Most often people dream of their dead (parents, grandmothers,
grandfathers, children). Some dreams are signs for the one who saw them,
and others help to learn more about the dead man (what he is now, in
what state is his soul that she is experiencing at this
moment). For example, the dead often appear after their
of death.

Psychologists are trying to explain this fact by saying that a person is still
morally not ready to accept the fact of departure from the life of a loved one
relative, but people think differently.

People who suffer a lot and cry for the dead, often
dreams with the dead, in serious condition.

He appears before them weeping, sinking, carrying on
heavy buckets of water.

These dreams show that it is time to release the dead and allow
he has to go in peace. After all, the tears that a person sheds on him
become for the deceased a heavy burden that he has to
worn on their shoulders.

If the late relative says something in a dream, you should
listen carefully and remember his words.

The dead are rarely spoken in a dream directly and openly, most often their
words have to be interpreted, analyzed in detail, but always
they carry important information.

If the father, who is no longer alive, came to the sleeping child and
talking to him, he is trying to warn him about hanging over
the danger associated with the environment of the sleeper. Most likely,
sleeping enemies wound up.

Dead mothers always try to save or
warn living children about the deterioration of their health, serious
diseases that are still hidden.

A deceased brother as well as a friend may dream of a man. Such dreams
they say that someone badly needs a sleeping person, he needs
to help someone.

People also believe that the joyful dead – to the emergency
death of someone close. Thus, his soul rejoices that
that another native person will be with him.

When the dead predict death

The elders advise not to go anywhere with a dead man,
not to succumb to his requests and persuasion, for example, to go
somewhere. If a man went on a journey with a dead man, above him
Soon deadly threat. It is impossible in dreams also
to give or stretch something to a dead relative. Such dreams
также предупреждают спящего о его of death.

On the contrary, if the dead person himself decided to share something with
living relative, then you can safely expect well-being
material and spiritual, addition, improvement affairs.

If a person notices that dreams are with the same dead person
repeated, he needs to analyze the relationship with the deceased
by man.

What were they like? Does the sleeper have any debts
Unfulfilled promises? Perhaps the deceased is trying
tell the sleeper that it is time to put an end to the relationship – to give
debts, fulfill promises, forgive, if necessary.

How to pay debts to a person who is no longer there? In no case
you can not live with debts that a person did not have time to give to death
of the deceased. Such debts will bring evil, destruction, woe to him
on whom they hang. The elders in this case were advised to distribute to the poor.
exactly the amount that was borrowed from the dead. Then
the burden of duty will be lifted, and the person – freed from the grave
consequences. If the dead person comes to sleep every night in a dream,
which there is no obligation towards him, it is recommended
dead man to remember. Then, скорее всего, он исчезнет.

Often with the dead dream of various attributes associated with
death: coffin, graveyard, grave. The coffin is always
bad sign.
He says that the sleeper is expected
any damage. His affairs will not go up the hill.

The coffin is also interpreted as death, collapse of plans, loss of life
strength, friends, deteriorating health and relationships with relatives. Important to be
attentive and remember the dreams in which the dead appear. They
help a person to hear what he does not hear, to see what he is
does not see, and protect him from a lot of trouble. After all, the dead
never just do not remind of themselves.

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