The circus in bed: the experience of scaringthe men

Пт, 05 июн 2015 Автор: Катерина Орлова

My sex life began at age 18. And somewhere around the age of 22
I thought that sex in relationships is the most
the main thing. Что умениями и навыками в постели женщина the menу может
hold with 100% confidence. I always told all my friends one
the phrase: “The night-time cuckoo perekukuet day!” Now I’m 28 and I
I understand – I was a fool, not a guru of sex. I was greatly mistaken and
только отпугивала the men.

It is worth mentioning a couple of facts about me. First, I am bright
pronounced choleric. Because temperament and violent reaction, as in
life, and in bed, more than enough. Secondly, I welcome
self-study. And with the advent of the Internet, you can learn anything,
as for the intimate sphere of life. Thirdly, I am a supporter
откровенных разговоров с the menой и обсуждений что кому нравится,
since we are not on the “guess the melody” program.

And here I am all so temperamental, well-read and watched in
интернете, начинаю как гейша угождать каждому the menе, с которым у
I start a relationship.

What phrases I just did not hear! For example, one said:
�”Oh, how much you know how much … You must be so experienced …” At this moment
I wanted to turn into a log and say: “And now I look
Innocent and immaculate – do you like it better? ”And I understood that
in this relationship I had a consumer relationship with frequency
once a month … Apart from sex, we never spent time together
no way. And none of us particularly wanted this. After all, feelings from
sex does not appear.

It suited me, because no one needs a physiological need
отменял и уж лучше так, чем no way. But then I did not understand that
lack of feelings in sex is very beats on its quality. After all, after
a good night, a woman should want to whiten the ceiling, but not curtailed
little ball and cry, turned to the wall. One word ended
this relationship is because he fell in love with a new employee and ours
periodic meetings have stopped.

Another fan said that for a girl like me, he –
bad lover: “I am as I am …” As a result, in my background
he developed complexes and he threw me. What is not hiding
reasons: in sex, I can and I know much more than he. And this is exactly
его унижает как the menу в его же собственных глазах.

The third did not listen to me in bed, that is, the game was one
gate: he asks – I do, I ask – they ignore me. Although my
the requests were much smaller and more innocent than his … but I tolerated, because
he called me in marriage … I thought that sooner or later he would hear me,
but … his birthday came … I put on my lace underwear and
black transparent peignoir (bought specially for the occasion). I am waiting for him
from work under the slogan: “Where do not lick, where do not smell, everything is

Something like this … :)

She set the table, turned off the light, with a cake and candles go out to him
from the kitchen to the hallway. I go to meet and think: “Here he comes, and I have little
the fact that the mistress, so also an inventor. He has such a tower
will carry Perhaps he will start to appreciate me even more. ” But … life is
what happens to us when we plan something completely different. He is with
absolutely imperturbable look and tone arrogantly teacher, said: “And
I knew you would think of something like that … ”Turned around, went to
bedroom and turned on the TV … It is not difficult to guess that it was ours
last meeting … Moreover, it was he who left me a week later,
and not vice versa.

The moral of this fable is simple and consists of two parts: the first part –
On any circus performer there is an even more skillful circus performer. And the second is
value in relationships first and foremost yourself.

Потому что, оказывается, в отношениях the menу удерживает не
sex, and the feelings that he feels for a woman out of bed.

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