The best remedies for hemorrhoids for men and women.Review of the most effective and inexpensive drugs

Пт, 06 июл 2018 Автор: Элла Борисюк

Hemorrhoids are a very common disease.
which gives a lot of inconvenience and discomfort. Produced very
a lot of drugs to solve the problem in the form of ointments, candles,
oral medications. Properly matched candles are possible.
use even for pregnant women. But best of all
use the combined method of therapy, including reception
immediately several types of medicines.



The main component of the drug is shark liver oil.
This natural ingredient is characterized by such actions:

• wound healing;

• immunostimulating;

• haemostatic.

Also in the composition of the medication is adrenomimetikphenylefrin, which
characterized by vasoconstrictor effects. This means
appointed when there are cracks in the anus, internal and
external hemorrhoids, acute inflammatory processes of the rectum.

This means должно с особой осторожностью использоваться при
hypertension, hyperthyroidism,, prostate adenoma,
nursing and breastfeeding. When drawing means on
the inner surface must use an applicator,
which comes in a set. Use four times a day.
The duration of therapy is a week.

Heparin ointment

It is a very affordable product that is characterized by
following properties:

• vasodilator;

• antithrombotic;

• pain medication.

The main substances are sodium heparin, benzocaine,
benzyl nicotinate. The drug is prescribed for chronic hemorrhoids in
acute stages and thrombophlebitis. It is forbidden to use
tool for low blood clotting, necrotic processes,
presence of open wounds.

Ointment must be applied to the swab and gently enter it into
anus. Alternatively, apply to the fabric bandage, attach
to the sore spot and fix the bandage. Use the drug before
three times a day until all symptoms disappear, but not
more than 10 days.


The tool is available not only in the form of ointment, but also in the form of capsules.
The main component is the flavonoid troxerutin. He is capable
Beneficial effect on veins. The drug protects them,
helps to strengthen the venous walls, reduces fragility and
vascular permeability. When used locally, the agent has
such actions:

• antiphlogistic;

• decongestant;

• antioxidant.

Used medication for various diseases of the veins. It can
be thrombophlebitis, periphlebitis, chronic venous
failure. Effectively use the drug in the treatment
chronic hemorrhoids. Particular effectiveness is noticeable with large
hemorrhoidal nodes.

The drug does not have a large number of contraindications. But
it cannot be used with open wounds, blood flow. Also
You should not resort to treatment if you are overly sensitive to
components in the composition. The drug is best applied after
bowel movements and bedtime. Recommended application
on a cotton swab and apply it to the affected area.


This ointment serves as a vaccine against a bacterial infection. After her
tissue applications begin to intensively develop immunity. AT
The composition of the drug is inactivated bacterial cells.
The activity of phagocytes increases due to metabolites. it
leads to a decrease in the inflammatory process, accelerating
wound healing and cell repair.

The drug is prescribed for hemorrhoids, anal fissures, eczema in
anal area. It is forbidden to use при чрезмерной
sensitivity to the components in the composition of the drug.

The remedy must be applied to the affected area.
twice a day. It is advisable to carry out the procedure in the morning and before bedtime.
If you need to handle the inside, then use
attached applicator.


The main component of candles is belladonna extract. She is
has the following effects:

• anti-inflammatory;

• disinfecting;

• anesthetic;

• drying;

• antispasmodic.

Belladonna extract enhances muscular activity
anal valve. For therapy with hemorrhoids, 1-2 candles are enough.
day. The drug can not be used for patients suffering.
diseases of the cardiovascular system, with intestinal atony,
myasthenia. Also не следует применять при вынашивании малыша и

Hepatrombin G

it лучшее средство от геморроя, которое часто используется для
preparation before surgical treatment of this disease. Also
actively used in the recovery period. AT состав препарата
includes such substances that have the following effects:

• eliminate the acute inflammatory process;

• prevent the formation of blood clots;

• anesthetize;

• characterized by vasoconstrictor action.

It is allowed to use while carrying a baby, but only
from the third trimester. Ставить до двух свечей в day.
Duration of a course no more than two weeks. It is forbidden to resort
to therapy with neoplasms on the dermis, lesions of the dermis
infections, syphilis, tuberculosis, excessive sensitivity.
Sometimes after using the drug, redness of the skin occurs.


AT составе медикамента есть лидокаин, который оказывает
analgesic effect. Prednisizolone is characterized
anti-inflammatory properties, and heparin is responsible for reducing
thrombosis and promotes the resorption of blood clots.

Per day use no more than two candles. Duration of therapy
makes no more than two weeks. It is forbidden to use
medication for bleeding disorders, personal
intolerance component in the composition of the remedy, syphilis,
tuberculosis, skin infections of fungal, viral or bacterial
of nature.

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