The best expectorants – what drugchoose? An overview of the most powerful and effective tools forbronchitis

Ср, 04 июл 2018 Автор: Элла Борисюк

Coughing is a condition that is encountered in
life every person. For the treatment of such a symptom there are many
drugs that are made from natural ingredients
or with the addition of synthetic additives. Most popular
use expectorant medicines that are appropriate
use when coughing with liquid and viscous


Если использовать Mukaltin, как лучшее отхаркивающее средство,
Then the children dissolve the tablet in 50 ml of liquid. Adults drink
means 3-4 times a day. Course duration is up to 14.

The main substance of the drug is Althea herb, the effect of which
is to maintain the peristaltic of small and large bronhol.
Mukaltin кроме того, что оказывает разжижающий эффект, так же
has an antiphlogistic effect.

Mukaltin назначается при хронических и острых формах недугов
respiratory system in the event of viscous sputum and problems with its
breeding. These are such illnesses:

• pneumonia;

• tracheobronchitis;

• emphysema;

• obstructive bronchitis.

Do not use the drug when excessive
susceptibility to the active component.

Thermopsol tablets

Thermopsis has prominent expectorant properties. Everything
components included in the composition, actively affect the functioning
respiratory center. The composition of the drug is bicarbonate.
sodium, which increases the production of bronchial secretions. it
significantly reduces sputum viscosity and helps cough.

The tool acts as a combined expectorant,
which is characterized by parallel expectorant,
antiphlogistic, mucolytic effect. Components in the composition
have a powerful antiviral effect.

The tool is used for:

• трахеоbronchitis;

• bronchitis.

Drink one tablet three times a day. The duration of therapy to
пяти days. It is forbidden to use with excessive sensitivity
to the active ingredient, with gastric or duodenal ulcer


The drug is made in the form of syrup, soluble tablets,
powders. It is prescribed for such pathological processes:

• otitis media;

• laryngitis;

• pneumonia;

• stomatitis;

• acute bronchitis;

• obstructive bronchitis.

The tool effectively decreases the inflammatory process,
helps to cough. The drug significantly reduces the risk
exacerbation of the disease.

Drug to use after reception of food within a week.
Further admission is possible only after consulting a specialist.
It is forbidden to take during pregnancy, bronchial asthma,
renal and hepatic failure.


Highly effective drug characterized by antitussive and
expectorant effects. Maximum reception effect
observed at 2-5 days from the start of therapy. it средство возможно
use as an inhalation, and as a systemic drug.

Children drink three times a day, 2 mg of syrup from 2 to 6 years. For more
Older babies showed a dose of 8 mg. Adults give 8-16 mg.
Inhalations are carried out twice a day. The drug combines with
saline in a ratio of 1 to 1.

It is forbidden to use the product during pregnancy and feeding.
breastfeeding and in case of excessive sensitivity to active


it средство, имеющее растительное происхождение.
It is characterized by expectorant action and helps well with
chronic and acute forms of bronchitis. The drug is shown for half an hour
before meals:

• children over 10 years old should be given up to 120 mg up to five times a day;

• adults 300 mg up to four times in 24 hours.

With the additional reception of funds before bedtime dosage of 300 mg
You can greatly facilitate the discharge of sputum in the morning. During
Therapies for the patient may manifest such side reactions as
abdominal pain, an allergic reaction either
stimulation of the movement of stones in the gall bladder and kidneys.

Bronhikum With

At the heart of the drug is thyme herb, which is excellent
expectorant drug. Besides this property, also
characterized by anti-pain, antimicrobial action.

The tool is prescribed for diseases, a symptom of which is
приступообразный кашель с трудноотделяемой sputum Is shown
препарат при bronchitis, пневмонии.

It is taken only after a meal. It is forbidden to hold
therapy for gastrointestinal ulcers, allergies
and gastritis.


itт медикамент показан при болезнях дыхательных путей, которые
accompanied by the appearance of viscous, difficult sputum. it
can be:

• bronchitis;

• pneumonia;

• bronchial asthma;

• chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

It is forbidden to take the tool in case of personal intolerance.
component as part of the drug, convulsive syndrome, and
stomach ulcers.

The duration of therapy is usually several weeks.
The dosage of the drug depends on the age of the patient. If later
a week after the start of therapy, shifts did not happen, then
turn to to the doctor.


The drug is related to the expectorant drug, which
appointed with a wet cough. It helps to increase the volume
sputum, due to which it becomes liquid and is facilitated by its

The drug can be used by both adults and children. Before
direct use drops must be diluted with a solution
sodium chloride. Adults are recommended to dilute means
saline in the ratio of 1 to 1. Inhalations are carried out twice in


The drug when released into the respiratory tract dilutes the thick
bronchial secret. It is also possible to receive at a cold and
Rhinopharyngitis. It is important to know that this drug is incompatible with
antibiotics and significantly reduces the effectiveness

For the most positive result, take
strictly according to the instructions. Adults will need 3 ml of funds for
one inhalation. On the day to perform two procedures.

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