The benefits of vibroplatform for the human body.The presence of contraindications when using vibroplatform forslimming

ATт, 21 ноя 2017 BUTвтор: Евгения Ледяева

Today, outlets represent
A large number of simulators of various types, among which are quite
demand is vibroplatform.

The judgments about it are very contradictory, so you should give
simulator an objective assessment in order to determine the


About the principle of vibroplatform

This simulator is based on the effect of vibration:
impact affects muscle contraction and relaxation
man on the principle of miostimulyatorov. These fluctuations increase
muscle performance, which improves the condition

This technology affects bones, tendons and
blood vessels. Vibration is active throughout the body. The
no less, she alone will not get rid of those extra pounds;
for the desired result requires active work, not passive
stand on the platform.

Vibroplatform and its health benefits

This product addresses the problem of cellulite and excess
kilograms. Such settings are associated with the effect of massage on tissue.
system, giving oxygen saturation, which has a positive effect on
their work, and on appearance.

The device vibroplatform eliminates the risk of increased loads on
a heart. The person does not experience fatigue, even doing long
hours that will attract the attention of those who, due to health reasons, do not
should be under appropriate loads.

In any case, the person exposes the body of a certain activity,
without which weight loss can not start.

What harm can the use of vibroplatform

Of course, the biomechanical vibration platform brings
benefit with its proper use. However, negative
moments are also present, and they are associated with the presence of a person
certain states:

1. Перенесенная операция. Impact of fluctuations
on internal organs prohibit training on the simulator during
rehabilitation. There is also a potential risk of divergence.

2. Ожидание ребенка и его кормление грудью.
Training on such a platform can affect the possible
exfoliation of the placenta and future miscarriage. And after the woman
gave birth to a child, she needs to abstain from classes three more
of the month. It is also not advised to use the device during lactation because of its
possible negative effect on hormonal production.

3. При наличии шунтирования использование
vibroplatform eliminates its positive effect on
an organism.

4. Для больных эпилепсией существуют все риск
appearance of seizures.

5. Если у человека есть замены каких-то органов на
, то возможны проблемы с их функционированием
or even their complete failure.

6. При наличии протезов их обязательно снимают.
And owners of metal products in the body can experience tissue
damage, feel greater brittleness of the bones and some deformation
joints. The device is also contraindicated in artificial joints.

7. Давая полную нагрузку на мышцы, больные
провоцируют сильные скачки сахара в крови.

8. Присутствие различных опухолей, воспалений и
повышенной температуры
также делают использование прибора
impossible, because when they are warming up in any form is prohibited.

9. При наличии камней в почках и желчном пузыре
You can provoke the negative impact of channel blockage.

10. Категорически запрещено применение изделия при
хрупких костях

11. ATажно не заниматься людям, перенесшим инфаркт или
или имеющим проблемы с тромбозным состоянием.

12. При наличии грыжи занятия усугубят

13. У тех, кто страдает мигренью или менструальными
, виброплатформа спровоцируют более частые и
painful attacks during workouts. Moreover, known
случаи, когда во время занятий происходил разрыв кисты

14. Если у человека есть проблемы с глазной
, то при занятиях есть риск ее отслоения, то при
certain neglect will result in loss of vision.

15. При наличии повреждений кожи поверхность
simulator can be a provocateur of further progression

Therefore, before wanting to work on a new figure, you must
consult with experts.

About the specifics of occupations on a vibroplatform

Engage in the simulator can be different. At the first stage
introductory plan – a quarter of an hour of active action. BUT
real useful occupation – full half an hour with the frequency mode
from 30 Hz.

Option and load leisurely type. With such
platform, you can engage in meditative sports. At all
exercises of the functional plan with the effect of vibration amplification give
The benefits are many times greater, affecting the work of all muscles.

The following are selected as examples

1. Climb the socks in a leisurely way to work
thighs and shins.

2. Slowly squat and simultaneously raise your arms up.

3. Bend to the side to work out the oblique muscles.

4. To carry out push-ups.

It is recommended to learn the basics of classic exercises on semi and
further transfer them to the simulator. For classes it is important to cook
clean socks and shoes with thin soles. For greater effect
it is advisable to warm up in the form of squats and bends and
place the simulator in a convenient place with enough space
to perform workouts.

So, is it possible to avoid exercise by applying
vibroplatform? If you want to lose weight this will not succeed, but if
need only toning, then the use of the product is possible only with
passive finding. There is also a massage mode, which is convenient.
body position gives deep relaxation and feeling

It is also important to understand that with one vibroplatform the problems of excess
weight is impossible to solve. Classes do not benefit without healthy
food, and slim figure – this is work in the complex, where
the definition of fitness “for the lazy” is inappropriate.

Surely we will someday witness the discovery of capsules.
harmony for the rapid transformation of the figure. BUT пока необходимо
follow the wise rule: food is less and movement is more. AT
last you just help vibroplatform.

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