The benefits of shark oil: a unique composition. To whomcontraindicated to use?

Ср, 30 май 2018 Автор: Элла Борисюк

Shark oil is available in the form of creams, ointments, capsules. is he
has a lot of useful properties, is rich in vitamins and other
beneficial substances that are needed by the body. That is why
shark oil is used to treat a variety of diseases. Despite
all benefits can also be harmed by shark oil,
if you do not read the contraindications.


The benefits of shark oil: a unique composition

Fat is extracted from shark liver. is he содержит массу необходимых
vitamin and various minerals, such as vitamins A, E, D. also
There are many fatty acids that work well on the whole
an organism. If you constantly resort to the use of fat, you can
to normalize health, get rid of acute inflammatory
processes, strengthen the immune system, gain beauty and extend

If the place has outdoor use, then with the help of the product
You can adjust the condition of the skin, eliminate bags under
eyes, swelling, and also get rid of small wrinkles. Fat composition
includes such nutrients and vitamins:

1. Vitamin E. It is the strongest antioxidant. is he
dulls the aging process, prevents the occurrence of blood clots.
Also helps strengthen the walls of blood vessels.

2. Vitamin A. renews the cells of the epidermis. Performing strong
An antioxidant that slows down the aging process of the epidermis.

3. Vitamin D. Improves the appearance of the dermis, fills the cells
dermis useful nutrients. Thanks to this cover
smooths and significantly improves the complexion.

4. Squalene. This is a natural antibiotic that has the same
properties as ampicillin. Has a beneficial effect on
весь an organism. Helps to eliminate acute inflammatory processes
whole body. Squalene copes with infections and can even kill
survivable pathogenic fungal spores.

5. Alkiglitserol. This substance strengthens the immune system.
It has a good effect on blood formation processes. Helps
fight bacteria and viruses. It even helps to suspend
cancer cell growth.

The benefits of shark oil: indications

The benefits of taking the product are huge, and can save the whole
a number of ailments. Shark oil is indicated to take with such illnesses:

1. Dermatological diseases. With the help of fat treat long
lingering wounds, burns, rashes.

2. Rheumatism, arthritis. When using the product is possible
get rid of pain and speed up the processes

3. Diseases of the liver and kidneys. Fat helps to start cleaning these
organs. This leads to an improvement in their functionality.

4. Assigned for pressure problems.

In addition to these diseases, shark oil is well reflected in
state of health, improving metabolism. If the patient suffered
allergies, she will go away. Can also handle
with asthma, capillary work is getting better.

The benefits of shark oil: how to use natural medicine

Due to the wide range of applications of the natural product,
treat not only many diseases, but also get rid of
cosmetic defects. But it is important not to use the substance in pure
form, especially for outdoor use.

It is recommended not to put on the skin substance in a clean
form, as it has a rather dense texture. Fat need
mix with face cream in the ratio of 1 to 1.

This tool should not be used every day, but only 2 or 3
times a week. The fat is dense enough and suitable for more dense
skin. Women who have oily skin can use fat.
to improve the condition of the dermis. But in this case add substance
cream should be much less and use a cosmetic product
не более одного times a week.

If you need to cope with a dry derma on the heels, then
undiluted fat is allowed. Applied
a product not only in cosmetology, but also in medicine. In cold weather
years – this is an excellent tool to strengthen the immune system.

The benefits of shark oil: cream and ointment based on the product

There are many recipes for ointments and creams, based on
shark fat lies. The most effective recipes:

1. Cream with sabelnik and formic acid. That’s great
drug to eliminate problems with the musculoskeletal system.
The use of this cream helps to cope with inflammation of the joints.
After use, swelling passes, pain is eliminated
syndrome. Due to the unique composition of the salt is derived and speeds up
tissue repair process.

2. Ointment with chondroitin. This tool is actively used for
fractures and broken joints. Healing effects based on
the body’s ability to increase chondroitin production. Thanks
this reduces pain, the joints become more flexible
and mobile. Thanks уникальному составу налаживается
microcirculation of blood, nutrition of joints and ligaments. When exposed
healing remedies are enhanced regeneration processes damaged

3. Means for joints with honey and mustard. It is complex
An ointment that contains healing ingredients. Arnica added
and burdock. is heи играют роль анальгетика, устраняют болевой синдром при
diseases of the joints and bones. Honey along with essential oils speeds up
cartilage repair. Camphor and mustard establish blood flow
thanks to the warming property. After applying the pain passes and
puffiness All together gives anti-inflammatory and analgesic

4. Cream with schungite. This tool leads to normal
blood supply and nourishes sick joints. Further
their destruction is prevented, mobility is restored. This
the cream can be used in almost all diseases
хрящевой и костной tissues. After applying to the affected area
eliminates pain, as is the impact on
focus of inflammation. Проходит puffiness

Before use, be sure to consult with
specialist to avoid aggravations and complications. Regimen
this or that remedy will also be prompted by the attending physician, depending on
from the testimony and the patient’s health.

Harm of shark oil: when not to apply?

Despite на то, что продукт обладает массой полезных веществ,
Shark oil may be harmful to health. This продукт не
it is recommended to use or use with extreme caution
in the presence of allergic reactions to seafood and in general any

Do not eat shark oil in children, during pregnancy and in
breastfeeding period. Fetus women and lactating
You can use creams and ointments, as they are safer for

Take extra care with shark oil.
hypotensive. When using the medication strictly observe
prescribed by the doctor, the dosage, in order not to harm shark oil.
A prolonged and erratic reception can provoke an exacerbation.
cardiovascular diseases, obesity, pancreatitis, increased
triglyceride levels and even the progression of diabetes.

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