The benefits of celandine: treatment with plants.Harm of celandine: contraindications

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Celandine is a poisonous plant, but people have found its use and
derive enormous benefits for themselves. Subject to all
recommendations of experts when taking drugs prepared from
plants, you can stop the progression of cancer,
cure diseases of internal organs, improve skin condition
cover. Failure to comply with the rules can cause significant harm.

The benefits of celandine: the properties of the plant

This plant has a lot of useful properties.

These include:

1. Diuretic, choleretic, analgesic, antiphlogistic
properties. Therefore, celandine is useful in diseases such as
cholecystitis, hepatitis, pancreatitis, gastric polyposis, gallbladder,
digestive tract organs. It is used for pain in case of burns.

2. Celandine is often used in primary forms of tuberculosis.
epidermis, polyps in the colon, pleurisy, pneumonia. it
due to the fact that the plant can quickly heal wounds,
eliminate pathogenic microbes.

3. The herb is used for influenza, infectious and colds.
diseases. The herb helps relieve inflammation and is
antiviral medication.

4. Celandine is characterized by expectorant properties due to
what is used when coughing. Due to diuretic effects
used in gout and kidney disease.

5. Herb properties help with spastic pathologies in
stomach, with headaches, dizziness, feeling of weakness.

6. The plant is also shown to be ingested. it делается при
allergies, bronchial asthma, rheumatic pain
character Actively used in metabolic disorders, red
lupus, diabetes, thyroid abnormalities,
antritis, food poisoning, hypertension, heart problems.

7. Characterized by antitumor property. After taking
grass stops the growth of neoplasms, slows down
progression of cancer.

The benefits of celandine: grass treatment

The use of grass juice can be shown not only in the composition
complex treatment, but also as an independent drug. AT
in some cases only ingestion is shown, in others it is shown
outdoor reception. If you have problem areas of the skin, then
the juice of celandine is applied on them. This technique is great
for the elimination of warts, kandilom, papilom. There will be enough of all
several times apply juice of celandine with progressive
herpes to eliminate all unpleasant symptoms.

What can help celandine juice? He helps
eliminate various fungal diseases, liver diseases, burns,
psoriasis, problems with the work of the gallbladder, sinusitis,
nasal congestion and nasal congestion.

In order to cope with the fungus, including the nail,
It is necessary daily to process a fresh zone with a fresh juice.
The procedure is performed 3-4 times a day at intervals of five minutes.
In psoriasis, lubricate the painful areas of the epidermis twice in
day. After two weeks there will be no trace of

The herb is actively used for the treatment of frostbite and burns.
You just need to apply the juice on the affected areas of the body. More often
carry out the processing throughout the day, the more
Absorb the healing agent into the epidermis. Thanks to this you can
much more likely to get a positive result.

Celandine juice is also used for acne. Healing
liquid is smeared on the face instead of a mask. Leave for a third of the hour.
After that, wash with warm water. Similar application may be
with mastitis and nipple cracks in nursing mothers. ATремя сеанса
reduced from a quarter of an hour to a few minutes.

Plant juice is used for ailments of internal organs. If
human polyps are found in the rectum then should be done
microclysters with the addition of juice. At 50 ml of fluid add 7
droplets of grass juice. AT чистом виде состав можно капать в носовые
the aisles. AT каждый проход капать по пипетке. But this procedure
divided into several hits on a pair of drops. With the ailments of organs
the gastrointestinal tract prescribes the use of juice three times per
24 hours. The first time to drink a teaspoon, after use by

Celandine is indicated for bleeding gums. To do this, rinse
mouth cavity with fresh grass juice. Keep liquid in mouth in
for a third of an hour. ATозможно сократить время, но не более 20 минут.
After spitting out and rinse with water. Procedure to perform up to three
раз в day. Badly healing wounds are processed thrice in

The use of celandine in oncology

Herbal juice is often used to cure cancer.
If a cancer disease is diagnosed in its early
stages, the plant’s juice helps to eliminate malignant cells.
After that, the process of their progression stops and
multiplication. In severe forms of the disease, juice is used to
stopping the growth of tumors. In cancer of the epidermis should
смачивать дерму соком чистотела три раза в day. It does not
It is worth stopping at one procedure. They should not be
less than two. It is recommended to make highly effective healing baths.
On 35 liters to liquid 100 ml of juice. ATанну принимать от 10 до
15 minutes. Heat strongly impossible.

If человека обнаружено раковое заболевание внутренних
organs, the juice of celandine is used along with milk. Scheme
therapy involves the use of a drop of juice in the first day, two
the second and so on up to 2 drops. After that, every day, drop one by one.

AT случае рака печенки сок растения разводится с водкой в
proportions 1 to 1. Such a composition to take on a small spoon three times in
day. With this disease, drink juice is not milk, and the usual

Harm of celandine: contraindications

Despite all the positive properties, benefits for the body,
может быть нанесен вред celandine ATажно правильно готовить
means. After taking травы могут проявляться такие сторонние

1. Changing the work of the digestive tract. Grass can
provoke irritation and inflammation of the mucous membranes. it проявляется в
nausea, diarrhea and vomiting.

2. The plant provokes a decrease in pressure marks.

3. In case of overdose with products containing celandine,
hallucinations and loss of consciousness appear.

Celandine must not be used for the treatment of nursing children
mothers, pregnant women. Contraindicated grass due to the fact
that there are alkaloids in the composition. Not recommended for use
people who suffer from psychosis, strong mental
disorders, epilepsy.

Absolute contraindications are dangerous heart ailments.
These include:

• angina pectoris;

• decompensation of cardiac activity.

When using the outside of celandine juice
so that he was not on the pure dermis. Grass juice can cause
severe burns, especially undiluted. With severe
dysbacteriosis and chronic constipation use of celandine may
only aggravate the problem. Useful properties of celandine harm not
will cause only in case of compliance with all dosages.

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