The benefits and harms of the bath: can we go to the steam room and witha broom? How to visit the bath with health benefits and without harm toof the body

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Despite the fact that many people associate a sauna with
Russia, it first appeared in those times when even Russia had not yet
It was.

The first mentions of it appear in the territories of the Ancient
East and China.

Subsequently, after many conquests of Alexander of Macedon,
her idea was transferred to Greece, and then she was used in the Roman

There are many types of baths – on the principle of their
works, buildings, etc. But this article will only indicate the general
information that applies equally to each species. Will be
described their benefits and possible harm to health.

Bath: what it is and how to apply

In Russia, the bath is of paramount importance as a cultural
heritage and custom. Despite the fact that it appeared a long time ago,
it not only does not lose popularity, but vice versa, it becomes
more in demand around the world. In ancient times, a bath
used as the only way to keep your body in
cleanliness. Even in the absence of various soaps and shampoos, visits
baths could keep the body clean and prevent many
diseases. Поэтому, изначально она являлась привилегией
высших слоев общества

Сегодня же, она используется в основном как место для
«морального отдыха»
, однако все еще популярна в деревнях и
villages of our country. Russian bath stands out from the rest in
First of all, the high temperature prevails in it. Than
больше температура — тем больше потеешь, и тем больше из of the body
goes harmful substances and salts.

Despite the fact that trips to the bath often take place in
intoxicated, do it categorically not
recommended. At high temperatures, our heart is experiencing
tremendous stress, and additional intoxication can cause loss
consciousness, and even death. Therefore, you should be very careful about
to this.

Russian bath is a small structure, which is often
just built from trees: aspen, linden, birch, spruce, larch,
pine or cedar. Inside the bath is a stove, which are laid
stones Under this stove a fire is kindled, which heats
stones When water is splashed onto the stones, it quickly evaporates, and
there is a large amount of steam and heat. When building a bath
it makes special, high thresholds at the entrance to the cold
the air was harder to get inside. As a rule, in this
the structure is placed and a dressing room in which clothes are left and
bath accessories.

Баня: в чем польза для of the body?

Польза бани поистине невероятна. Especially this
became apparent in the Middle Ages, in times of widespread
распространенности чумы и других подобных diseases. According to statistics,
the least spread of these diseases were in those areas
where bathing was actively used. She copes well with
any infectious diseases, and allows you to keep the body in
cleanliness. So what is the use of a bath, and why is it so popular? there is
a few reasons:

• First, the bath allows you to relax both physically and
mentally. It gets rid of stress, and
remove excess stress from the muscles. High temperature and steam
избавляют мышцы от гипертонуса, что позволяет
избежать многих болезней и неполадок в работе of the body. She is
reduces pain in tired muscles, and its use
recommended even to people who suffer from diseases
musculoskeletal system. Heavy sweating allows
remove all toxins and lactic acid from tired muscles
which takes much less time to relax the muscles. It is active
used by many athletes and therefore saunas are now
are present in many gyms. Healthy sleep after
a visit to a good bath will allow you to recover in two or even three
times faster.

• Secondly, a bath can help with a number of “male” diseases, in
including sexual dysfunction. If it is correct to alternate shifts
temperatures, going from cold to heat, this will prevent
diseases, and besides, strengthen the immune system. Our body is capable
to harden in the same way as metals – moving from a state of high
temperatures to low you train your body, make it stronger, and
more resistant to infections and bacteria.

• Many men and women suffer from problems with blood vessels and
atherosclerosis. In the bath there is an expansion of blood vessels, due to what
улучшается кровообращение. And it will already be useful.
for any person – the faster the blood is pumped, the more
nutrients and oxygen gets every cell.

• Due to hardening in combination with the use of special
brooms, you can improve and strengthen the vascular system. Exactly
therefore, a bath visit becomes part of the treatment of many people with
similar problems.

• Bath visits help to improve skin condition. With
exposure to high temperatures increases perspiration,
pores open and toxins are removed from the skin and slags. Hot bath
allows you to exfoliate the upper layers of the skin, and remove the “dead” tissue,
за счет чего кожа станет более мягкой и

• Using brooms in the bath is like a good massage.
Muscles relax, skin becomes firmer and better.
copes with external adverse effects. Besides,
brooms allow you to get rid of joint pain and manifestations
radiculitis Never thought: why village grandfathers are
healthy and strong despite the hard work in the fields? Fresh air
– this is of course good, but in combination with a bath, it renders truly
incredible effect.

• Bath can have a positive effect on the body
pregnant mother. It should be said immediately – it is worth pregnant
be in a bath at relatively low temperatures, and
much less time. And on the bill of benefit – the bath allows
улучшить эластичность связок of the body, что сможет облегчить
birth process. But you should not visit the bath for pregnant after the first

• The Russian bath, and in particular the black sauna, allows
get rid of and prevent many diseases. Especially this
concerns various infectious diseases like flu, acute respiratory infections and
others. Bath by its sterility can be compared with surgical
Chamber – this is due to the fact that the burnt wood
produces tar that kills most bacteria and

Bath: what is the harm to health?

Despite the huge number of useful properties, the bath can
prove to be unhealthy. In which cases is this rule

• Bath should not be in any case to visit when using
alcoholic beverages. Too much stress on the heart can
play with you a cruel joke, especially if you decide to go to the bathhouse
alone Besides, это может ухудшить работу вашего сердца и
vessel further.

• there is некоторые противопоказания, которые не стоит нарушать:
tuberculosis, ischemic heart disease, hypertension, tumors,
diabetes, atherosclerosis.

• Before visiting the bath should not get too much. Unpleasant
heaviness in the abdomen will be further burdened by dizziness,
which your body will experience. The body spends quite a lot
the amount of energy to digest food, and in combination with the load
in the bath it will be very difficult to handle.

• Do not sit in the bath for too long. What is good – in the bath
each can determine his own rate. Begin unpleasant
sensations: dizzy, it becomes difficult to breathe, heaviness in the body
and so on. If you feel it, then it’s time to go out
Baths – do not sit through the force. With посещении бани используйте
special hats that will allow your head to be in
relative coolness. Remember – precisely because of overheating of the head
dizziness begins, so you should take care of her
in advance.

• Do not allow children, old people, and persons in alcoholic
intoxication to change the temperature dramatically. That is, do not need a bath
jump in the ice pool or snowdrift. In that case, because of the sharp
temperature changes can stop the heart, or at best
пойти носовое кровотечение, как следствие перенапряжения of the body
and vessels.

• Do not wet your head before visiting the bath. Water is much
enhances heat conduction, resulting in obtaining thermal
hitting becomes more likely.

Bath for children: useful or harmful

Bath does not have much harm to children, but here
use one rule. Do not take children with you.
under 5 years old, and from the age of 5 to 10 they are better off
stay in the bath no more than 10 minutes. In other cases, the bath
actively used to strengthen the general well-being of the child.
She is способна закалить тело ребенка, и укрепить его иммунную
the system. Since at an early age children are very often exposed
different kinds of diseases, visiting the bath will not be for them

If you teach your child to visit the bath in the early
age, it will be much less prone to disease,
compared with other children. The baby will develop very
strong immunity, and besides, it will improve his overall
physical and mental condition.

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