That from past lives accompanies different signsZodiac

That from past lives accompanies different signs Zodiac

According to experts, past lives are worth
take seriously. And it’s better to dismiss one of
the most incredible and mystical theories about the fate of man on earth,
than to perceive it as a piquant detail, allowing, for example,
make fun of fortune-telling about whether it had not happened before to be embodied in
Cleopatra’s body.

There is some validation theory that one
only accepting the fact that the current
life is neither the first nor the only, opens the “door”
into the otherworldly reality saving the burden of the past. And so what
he is in a particular case – not to understand without deep analysis of a specific

Strictly speaking, a man for understanding who he was in
past life and what imprint it imposes on his real
reality, it takes a lot of time and a number of techniques,
including specific techniques for viewing the past through mirrors and

But there is another possibility. The joint work of historians and
astrologers led to the emergence of a field of knowledge that allows
говорить о том, что живущим сегодня определенным знакам Zodiac в
past incarnations are likely to match
certain types of personalities and event lines of life. Having
great importance, as already mentioned, to the existence of these signs


That from past lives accompanies different signs Zodiac

In the era of great geographical discoveries, representatives of this
the sign flew in full sail to the new lands and overcame with
caravans of the desert. And in the XIX century were involved in the economic
the transformation of the largest cities. From there and they draw their strength
for a stormy activity, not always understandable to others, but
always passionate.

Hence the easy perception of losses – the world is changing –
so say the Aquarius and still provide us with a thousand


That from past lives accompanies different signs Zodiac

Многие Fish прожили совершенно обычную, даже скучную, но зато —
calm and well-fed (as far as it was possible
times) life in the Middle Ages all over the coast
The Mediterranean.

In part, this explains the sign’s desire to spend a vacation.
just in a lazy vacation by the sea, without

But if suddenly in the representative of the sign the passion wakes up all
throw and rush away to distant lands – no doubt, it’s
speaks of the “spirit” of the former incarnation, who became angry at the merchant
intrigue or just decided to find out whether it is true overseas live
real unicorns.


That from past lives accompanies different signs Zodiac

Caballero, alchemists, weavers, tax collectors – esoteric
say that representatives of this sign were noted in a variety of
classes from the XII to the XVIII century, and then suddenly seemed to decide
settle down and set off to build cities on that part of the planet that
on the south side of the equator.

Our age partly serves them as a mirror of the original period,
so that Aries bravely overcome obstacles, collecting under their
commanding banners accompanying and pouring their energy into what
allow them to feel alive (therefore in the family they
contraindicated routine).

But the repeated work and exact numbers are not alien to them, the main thing
that was a reason to show themselves the best.


That from past lives accompanies different signs Zodiac

The comprehensive ability of Taurus to love not only the heart, but also
the whole mind comes from a time when the difference in lifestyle and
the will of the older generation, society, severely interfered in
romantic relationship of two. Some artistry in relationships
and all-consuming jealousy, based on the desire to protect,
comes from these stories of the past when happiness burst into
the battle of the world, not recognizing the union of lovers.

Likely epochs – Ancient Rome of the times of Caesar, China and
Northern Europe III-XIV centuries.

As for the sign’s talent for dealing with plants, the origins of this
found in incarnations of herbalists, healers. therefore
no wonder that spicy plants flourish in Taurus gardens
(formerly prized and as medicines).



That from past lives accompanies different signs Zodiac

Amazing talent soaring in the clouds with the fact that the object of dreams
(thing or thing) could already be translated into reality and bring
benefit, went to the Twins in the “inheritance” from the “predecessors”,
inventors who are ahead of their time. But today a representative
the sign will be able to carry out his plan if right next to him

Although this sign has a tendency to challenge decisions
and, no matter how it goes first, end up in the position “I
I knew it from the very beginning! ”

And this is a legacy from the past as advisers when
the rulers of the Ancient East.


That from past lives accompanies different signs Zodiac

A life земледельцев во многих землях менялась с веками довольно
slowly and the fates of those who labor economically in their own lands,
научили сегодняшних Crayfishов осмотрительности и упрямству в следовании
chosen reliable (in terms of “fruiting”) path. And also indicated
to them that “a bird is better in the hands than a crane in the sky”.

Representatives of this sign also put a lot of hands to
cultural heritage of the Italian Renaissance.

Today they love professions and hobbies where everything is created by their
hard with a minimum technologies. Family traditions, friends are dear to them
и любимых Crayfishи выбирают раз и навсегда.


a lion

That from past lives accompanies different signs Zodiac

A passion for cooking, sometimes found in Lions, comes from
since the time when the badge owned a tavern, it surprised guests at the roman feast,
baked bread for the citizens of Siberia of the XIX century …

Diligence of the modern Leo can hold not only
on wanting to just be the best, but also flourishes the most magnificent
цветом, если a lion, как когда-то, будет для кого-то очень
is important.

It is possible to discover as a heritage and a talent artist,
moreover, the sure sign of this will be the rejection of all that is possible
describe how not everyone understands contemporary art …



That from past lives accompanies different signs Zodiac

Past incarnations of this sign are surprisingly secretive, that is,
it’s incredibly difficult to define them exactly, but every time it’s
surprising surprise for the researcher.

The past hides the shadows of commanders and blacksmiths, guards
law and the masters of court intrigue …

In any case, from all of them, this sign readily accepts
inner strength of mind, as well as stubbornness and talent to perform
conceived clearly according to plan. And also the ability to work alone,
taking others into citizenship only under the condition that they will



That from past lives accompanies different signs Zodiac

Accuracy and moderation of many representatives of this sign
today has nothing to do with what happened to them in
the past.

Tulip fever and excitement with Spanish emeralds –
там отметились многие Libra.

therefore и сегодня у них — есть нешуточный риск ввязаться в нечто
risky, albeit within the law. But the thirst for travel
противостоять не нужно — из таких приключений Libra неизбежно
bring something new – inspiration, the ability to communicate with different
people, rethinking values ​​… the origins of this are in
expeditions of travelers around the world, where



That from past lives accompanies different signs Zodiac

An amazing variety is found in the rows of this sign.
philosophers and adventure seekers, individuals equally
similar and opposite, but invariably passionate

Those who are patronized by this sign are peculiar
�“Catch the tailwind” and meticulously choose friends.

They are not afraid of dangers and, unfortunately, fearlessness sometimes
brings them, turning, under the influence of the inability to find out exactly
your past, in nonchalance. Faithful to keep afloat
for such people are books on motivation and personal growth.



That from past lives accompanies different signs Zodiac

When independence and aspiration is clearly manifested in this sign
do things that are not just important, but change the life of the world around,
albeit little by little, it is most likely that life responds
где Sagittarius был врачом, быть может, боролся даже с чумой.

The second frequent incarnation – the nobility of the XVIII century, but it
does not respond with idleness – in those days, to keep on
afloat their position, aristocrats had to be economists and
experts in all areas.

From here at Sagittarius thirst for knowledge. True, sometimes all the same cramped
passion and thirst for entertainment.



That from past lives accompanies different signs Zodiac

In the incarnation of the sign you can find a lot of military, noble
patrons of artists and sculptors, as well as foresters.

Сегодняшние Capricornи умеют командовать и хотя может
to think others, so that in this they take upon themselves a lot,
it often turns out that the whole thing was only possible thanks to the control

A temper can be a passion for solitude and meditation,
respect for nature. With a penchant for collecting
objects of art, if only there is an opportunity – it is worth developing
an occupation that may determine the lifestyle of one of the past
incarnations. And the brightest advantage of the subconscious “memory” of such
the collector may be the ability to see beyond many experts
and critics, to identify things that are still to be
exalted (in terms of public evaluation), it doesn’t matter what happens
it is in a month or a hundred years.

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